Everything is great besides of the late move in which is a bit inconvenient. The apartment structure and location though is very much worth the wait and cannot wait to move in.

The points has been a great experience thus far. The modern designs simulated through their online tour shows luxury college living. The service has also been more than helpful.

I'm still homeless and it looks like the move in date is going to be pushed back again. The compensation is lacking and you've made this an uncomfortable experience.

Leaders, The following Marines have not completed Leading Marines; which is required PME. These Marines need to be enrolled at absolute minimum; and shouod be working to complete asap. I have been preaching this for months. Failure to complete will result in Non-Rec for promotion and poor Pro/Con marks. -I require you all as leaders to have your Marines 100% enrolled... this should be part of your check-in / new join process. I can not force them to finish, but we must push them to get enrolled.

Great! They know how to keep their residents happy! The community is really great and nice to be in! I highly recommend this to everyone!!!!

Embassy wifi sucks, manager never calls anyone back. We were never told about having roommates at the hotel. If my storage gets flooded this weekend because y'all can't finish construction on time there will be hell to pay

i was steered into this complex in assumption management and everything was done timely...not the case here. However, very nice people and i am exited to move in...when ever that it is

I am not happy with the move in date being changed so much. More being moved back till after school starts. If you promise someone a date then they pay for August you should keep your end up. But you did give us an option to stay in a hotel free of charge which helps not to be as angry. So good job there

So far, everything has been pretty good as far as customer service and their ability to efficiently answer questions with helpful information. Despite the apartment delays which are quite a problem, they're handling the situation quite nicely.

The apartments look great but the untimely delays in completion have been terrible. The apartment even tried to have residents share hotel rooms without telling anyone before check-in.

Move in has been delayed 3 weeks. I'm currently having to stay in Austin Texas. The apartment is trying to compensate the best they can, but this is still causing organization issues.

The move in delay has been a disaster. It has caused an unbelievable amount of problems, trying to move in from out-of-state. The Candlewood suite compensation isn't bad though.

Move in gets delayed twice. Some staff knows what's going on the rest know nothing. Only managers are helpful. When the hurricane hit San Marcos the workers left multiple balcony doors open so I can't even imagine how much longer it's going to be delayed. This apartment has been a living hell since I signed my lease.

Still havnt gotten to move in but the benefits I'm receiving will help me get through the semester financially, so thank yall very much!!!!!

Really wish we were moved in by now. But keep up the good work!! They'll be beautiful before we know it!! Love the fact that I'll be sleeping in a brand new unslept in bed

Move in delays after delays. Now I have to move after school started. They are compensating us for the delays but I honestly just want to be moved in already.

A little disappointed in the length of time it's being taken to finish the product but it does look like it's going to be really pretty!! Excited!

Very bad service, and not Sympathetic. I wish I was managed better because a lot of people might sue the pointe. And from what I’ve seen it could go bad for them

You have a very nice staff that seems to genuinely want to help. took a star off for the delays, I hate that move in was pushed further, but I will say that the 2 months off rent etc definitely helps ease the pain it's been to find alternative plans.

Very helpful staff ! Everyone is always willing to help and answer any questions residents may have. This will be a great complex and I can't wait to move in !

I wish Pointe was done. I'm not gonna talk bad about it though - I haven't seen it yet. But I still wish it was done. They're doing a great job compensating though!

Y'all are taking care of us for the delay pretty well, but I feel that y'all could have been more organized with the building and more realistic with the time line.

Unhappy with the move-in status, however I cannot wait to be living at the Pointe. The future looks promising, I just wish we could move in right now!

Not a bad place to live didn't really like how they have is in the hotel but it's whatever because we get free drinks and stuff so I don't really care

I am disappointed that the pointe was not ready in time for classes but staying here at the holiday inn has been nice so i very much appreciate this!