I was lead to believe that my apartment complex could be a community where I could trust those in charge. In reality we have been lied and deceived from the beginning. I hope once the unit is actually ready it will be enough to put this bad experience behind me.

Just a joke. This place has then forever and keeps promising us a move in date but keeps moving it forward. Maybe after move in I'll chance my mind.

I'm very upset over not being able to actually live in my apartment yet. I understand things happen but y'all really shouldn't have said it was going to be ready when it wasn't and still actually isn't ready.

Had to cancel my birthday trip because they didn't tell us til the day before that it was delayed. Instead of telling me a week before they told us less than 24 hours.

Delayed move in 4 times. Been living in a hotel for over 30 days because the management can not get their things together and get the apartments done. Worst leasing office staff in the history of student living. Inconsistent stories and poor communication has led their reputation down the drain.

Terrible place so far!! Y'all really kill me. I was looking forward to being close to school but it's really not worth anymore lmao u guys suck

This is the most stressful thing thats ever happened in my life. I wish I wouldve never signed with Pointe. Maybe I will come back after they get their complex together, but not anytime soon.

I haven't even moved in yet. Still waiting on it to be finish being built. They keep changing the move in date. New date is supposedly oct 13 but I guess we will see.

We were supposed to move in on August 15th and it's now October 2nd. I'm still living in a hotel with no idea when my apartment will be ready, so not exactly what I would call a great experience.

This is not a spam message. It’s weird how you guys would think down. Love the bad quality and the great service you do not provide. Thanks for that. Will not sign again

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So far it's terrible living in a hotel for over a month so good job on truly earning this half star. You honestly earned this half star in none entirety.

I just really want to move into the apartment already. I’m homeless and this is not something I need to worry about when school should be my primary focus.

If I could give zero stars I would! Signing with pointe has been the worse thing in my life. Management is horrible and they do not communicate effectively. I have yet to move in and I cannot wait to move out!!!!

I had a really bad experience the building is disgusting. The floor are not finished. The management is not efficient and only does work when they need to.

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So far not a great experience with upper management. CAs have been fantastic and helped explain the madness taking place very well and understood our concerns about living in a hotel for two months almost.

This place is a disaster. They never get anything done unless you physically go down to the office and tell them to get things done now. Half of my cabinets didn't have handles when I moved in, part of the wall under my counter is not painted, and they did not notify us about the flooding in the parking garage. The question isn't what's wrong with this place, the question is what ISN'T wrong with this place.

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Leaders, The following Marines have not completed Leading Marines; which is required PME. These Marines need to be enrolled at absolute minimum; and shouod be working to complete asap. I have been preaching this for months. Failure to complete will result in Non-Rec for promotion and poor Pro/Con marks. -I require you all as leaders to have your Marines 100% enrolled... this should be part of your check-in / new join process. I can not force them to finish, but we must push them to get enrolled.

People always leaving a mess everywhere. The elevators on the opposite side of Comanche are always filthy. The elevators by Comanche are always broken and it’s incredibly inconvenient.

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The parking garage isn’t built properly, the gate is never closed which doesn’t provide us with security. The elevator had been broken for about 5 months and had to use the stairs for grocery shopping. We almost got broken in. Not safe

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My "stay" at the pointe has been anything but pleasant. I've been couch hopping since August 15th, it's currently September 29th. Probably won't have an apartment finished anytime soon.

Embassy wifi sucks, manager never calls anyone back. We were never told about having roommates at the hotel. If my storage gets flooded this weekend because y'all can't finish construction on time there will be hell to pay

Still not finished maybe if it was already finished by now then we would be able to actually move in and actually rate how the apartments are.

The manager is rude and does not respond to emails. I have been hung up on by staff members. Communication regarding the move in delays has been beyond sub-par. I do not recommend Pointe San Marcos to anyone.

I'm sleeping on a couch rn but I also want a 20$ gift card to target so I can buy a cute blanket and a cute beanbag and a cute iPad I really need an iPad for school but they're super expensive

Y’all have been so vague and never telling us the correct information. You never answer or return my calls. I’d really appreciate more correct and honest jnformation given to every resident.