Hopefully when I move in I'll have a lot more to say I've been on standby for about to months so my experience is not really a positive one at this point

I'm very upset over not being able to actually live in my apartment yet. I understand things happen but y'all really shouldn't have said it was going to be ready when it wasn't and still actually isn't ready.

The Pointe is the best apartment. Well known for construction expertise. I can't wait to move in! I'm looking forward to these gift cards as well.

It's been poor, I have been given money but it's my senior year and it's so frustrating that not only is this behind but it's TWO MONTHS behind. The staff has been great but the GM not so much

I don't know yet because we can't move in yet. So far though I am exited from the pictures that I have seen it's just been so stressful to not have a place to move into.

Friendly staff can't wait to see the complex itself Have been waiting a good while but its understandable that good things take time I'm sure they want everything just right before we all move in.

Should of finished on time and had more communication with us about delays. The construction site is looking good but I just want to move in asap. The hotel they put us in is nice the bus sucks, one of reasons I chose the pointe was so I didn't have to rely on a bus.

Whats done so far looks nice.. Besides the setbacks, I think I'll enjoy living there once actually moved in. I hope there will be community activities though.

Still not finished maybe if it was already finished by now then we would be able to actually move in and actually rate how the apartments are.

open up please! i really want to see my new apartment and start sleeping in my own bed. this whole sleeping on a couch thing is getting old in my opinion

I'm ready to move in! Hopefully it's as nice as they promised! I can't wait to see the pool and I'm also worried about the size of the closets bc I have a lot of clothes. I also heard there isn't enough parking and some people will have to park at the lot by Louie's on the square so I hope that's not the case.

So far I am unpleased as I still have not been able to move into the complex. Would've been nice for the delay information to be disclosed upon signing the lease.

I would like to have been moved in sooner but oh well at least I'm being compensated with money. Also instead of no updates as if we can't see how far behind construction is we should be given a timeline of when everything should be finished

You are making up for it not being completed by compensation, but still waiting for it to be done to know how great this complex truly is. :)

The pointe has made sure their residents are happy while there is a delay in move in. By either putting students and hotel and providing transportation

Great, friendly, and professional staff! Worked really well to help me find the perfect apartment and roommates. Very satisfied with my time at the Pointe.

I can't accurately rate my community due to the fact that I won't be able to move in until well over a month past the original move in date.

Excited to move in. Just not happy about the 3rd delay. Been a little inconvenience to get to school. Apartment looks great and management is nice.

Customer service has been great considering the move in situation. The gift cards and other free stuff is helping out a lot in the meantime.

Great customer service, even though the move in date has been pushed back. The hotel that was booked for me is nice with everything I need for now.

We are updated about anything going on and about special as well. With our current situation we were given great options to pick from and they are helpful with any questions we have

So far we have been delayed our move in 2 times. I have to order stuff online but find it difficult to have a place where it can be delivered since I'm going from couch to couch and don't know when we will move in. But on the other hand, we will be reimbursed. Don't live there yet so I cannot rate this place properly.

I am disappointed that the pointe was not ready in time for classes but staying here at the holiday inn has been nice so i very much appreciate this!

Not a bad place to live didn't really like how they have is in the hotel but it's whatever because we get free drinks and stuff so I don't really care

Unhappy with the move-in status, however I cannot wait to be living at the Pointe. The future looks promising, I just wish we could move in right now!