The Pointe is the best apartment. Well known for construction expertise. I can't wait to move in! I'm looking forward to these gift cards as well.

Friendly staff can't wait to see the complex itself Have been waiting a good while but its understandable that good things take time I'm sure they want everything just right before we all move in.

The pointe has made sure their residents are happy while there is a delay in move in. By either putting students and hotel and providing transportation

Great, friendly, and professional staff! Worked really well to help me find the perfect apartment and roommates. Very satisfied with my time at the Pointe.

Customer service has been great considering the move in situation. The gift cards and other free stuff is helping out a lot in the meantime.

Great customer service, even though the move in date has been pushed back. The hotel that was booked for me is nice with everything I need for now.

We are updated about anything going on and about special as well. With our current situation we were given great options to pick from and they are helpful with any questions we have

Very helpful staff ! Everyone is always willing to help and answer any questions residents may have. This will be a great complex and I can't wait to move in !

Great! They know how to keep their residents happy! The community is really great and nice to be in! I highly recommend this to everyone!!!!

The points has been a great experience thus far. The modern designs simulated through their online tour shows luxury college living. The service has also been more than helpful.