We just moved here last week and there are quite a few things have been requested to fix and now it’s been over a week with nothing done. Not impressed so far

Has been a very positive experience since moving in last week. I required a quick turnaround and the management was very helpful to me. Highly recommend

Awesome so far. We moved in recently and the experience has been all good. Looking forward to more unique days and adventures. We are also excited to brace the weather changes this location has.

I love my apartment, but many people in the community (especially my building) throw trash and cigarette butts everywhere. It's disgusting, and creates more work for the maintenance employees.

We are in a good area no traffic at all. Only problem is, you become restless at times Bec. The people above our unit are inconsiderate. Steps are loud as if you're hearing horses running.no quality time is respected any time of the day. Hoping that management would do something about it.

Beautiful , calm and quiet community. Excellent and very helpful staff. Clean and well maintained community. We moved in recently and the it has been an excellent experience so far.

The staff here is amazing, . I do wish there were less speed bumps and that we were given more notice when people are going to be in our apartment, the last 2 times we have had less than a day's notice

This is the first time living in an apartment it been a learning experience. I love the neighbors. It a nice area and I do not hear anything. Very easy commute to work and home. I feel safe when coming in late at night.

Hello....To whom it may concern. My experience thus far has not been very positive. I've been extremely patient and I've tried to not complain, but I can no longer. Let's start from the beginning. Less than 24 hours before I moved in my apartment it was not ready. There had been what seemed to be miscommunication with coordinating/scheduling, but thank God I called the day before to check on the apartment because that's when we realized the apartment was not complete. And to make matters worse, it still isn't complete although I've been here for a month now. I'm grateful maintenance as completed several things, but I still have several issues. Yet, aside from that I've had to call in again a couple of times to make sure my work order is truly on the list for completion. With my first work order I had to wait almost 2 weeks. I currently have a fridge that still leaks and black mold is forming underneath. Also, the master bath shower walls/ceiling area was skipped during painting and there is mold in that area with a missing shower towel holder. And lastly.......these bugs in this terrace area are absolutely ridiculous & creepy. I called in to be put on the list 2 weeks ago but no one ever showed up. I'm constantly being bit and I deal with lots of itching. I see insects in my apartment daily, although I spray to keep it to a minimum. I'm asking if the grounds outside the back can be treated with herbicides and pesticides. It's only been a month and I'm on my last leg

Everything is okay. We love here and we will stay more. The pool is great the people not so much. There are some issues with people at the pool. They are drunk and noisy! Otherwise is ok.

Very easy and good community to live in . Great schools and love all the amenities and yoga . We moved from Decatur and loved the area and would recommend it

Amazing people and housong, some bugs but nothing to major and the cabinets smelled horrible and "nothing could be done" other than that I am pleased

We've been living here since February. It's very comfortable in our apartment, great view of the woods; in fall/winter we can see glorious sunsets. We are happy living here. When I put in a work order for maintenance to fix non-emergencies, it's done quickly, within 24 hours, usually less. That has been a relief, not having to stress about things, knowing they're on it. The valet trash is wonderful! How convenient and again, something I don't have to stress over as it's right outside our door. The pool area is so nice, in fact it's so much prettier than subdivisions pools I've seen in Atlanta. It reminds me of a resort. I highly recommend Preston Pointe, whether you are renting short-term or long-term, it's a place that you can feel comfortable.

Gym was slightly smaller than expected and parking is rather unpleasant. It's to the point where people just park regardless if it's a designated parking spot or not.

Things have been good! Parking is sometimes not issue and so are bugs but that is to be expected. Quiet neighborhood and clean complex. Love the new amazing pickup locker.

The last two years have been great. Quiet neighbors, nice community. Great pool! Saturdays at the pool are the place to be. Only thing is make sure they maintain AC units and change the locks when you move in. Most of the doonobs break.

Great location; nice, safe area. My unit is very spacious with generous closet and storage space. The appliances are dated and the fridge is too small to keep the things I normally do. The carpet needs to be replaced. I can see where the previous owners kept their couch. It was a sectional. The carpet there is much better. The maintenance department is fantastic and completes tasks in a timely manner. The trash service is totally worth the fee. Overall extremely pleased.

I’ve been here for over two years now and I’m very happy with my decision to stay. The apartments are spacious and provide exactly what I need for my family!

Lived here for years and I have had no real problems. I wish I had a little more parking room and that the complex was a little quieter as I can frequently hear people on my staircase, but no real concerns.

It's pretty quiet and peaceful. Neighbors are cool, n rent is at a great price for the space offered. They still haven't fixed my fridge but overall I'm still pleased.

Our experience was very warm and inviting.The apartment is very nice and any issues that we had were fixed in a timely manner. We have had no problems so far

My apartment is spacious but the kitchen counters are not the best if you actually like the cook. The parking is horrible. If you work late, forget finding a space near your building. If you work early, be careful backing out as many residents park illegally in the street. Also there have been several storage units and portable restrooms stored in spaces we could use for residents vehicles. Neighborhood is clean and most of the residents are nice

People are nice but poorly maintained . They don't take proper action about almost anything . Its really time consuming to every time tell them to fix something

Mostly everything is great. However, our air conditioner doesn't work well and it's taking months to get a new one since the maintenance team is very behind. The maintenance team has let us know what's happening, but I'm still frustrated. Our electric bill is higher than when we lived in a house.

My wife and I were just renewed out contract, and our situation changed and we needed to upgrade to a bigger place and the front office worked with us completely. They ensured it was easy and with minimal stress.