Overall good experience. The major issue we've had over the years is the lack of parking. There are not enough spaces for the residents but the office has the nerve to set up portable restrooms outside in the parking lot! Someone's car will get hit one day parking illegally overnight due to the lack of space

We've been here since mid-February and it's been great. Of course there will always be a crazy resident you want to stay away from...and your kids to avoid, no matter where you live. Aside from that, it's quite, the maintenance people get everything done, the valet garbage is excellent (the guy who does it is very sweet!), the rent is extremely reasonable, and the location is very convenient to everything. You have a mix of people. Many people in transition to buying a home, here from out of town renting until they get adapted and the area they want to live. A lot of dogs live here, which is great. The pool area is so pretty!! We are very comfortable living here; my mom is selling her house, then moving here as well (referral fee at a nice $300). So, if you are looking for something short-term or long-term, Preston Pointe is a really nice place.

I really enjoy living here, and I could not be happier with my experience so far. The amenities are great and the people have been very friendly.

6 months in and so far so good. The grounds are well kept, and the units are spacious. My only concerns have been with parking if you get to the building after 10, and the dog waste station near my unit is getting overgrown by trees. Other than that, things have gone very well.

There are a lot of miscommunication issues with management. The main concern and upsetting situation is the community itself. Maintenance is great when asked for a certain task but when I first moved in there was still food residue on the stove top and microwave. I am two months in and the cabinets still have an awful smell to them. Clorox, baking soda or sprays have not been able to get that stench out. Also, the pool. It is always dirty. Adults are smoking inside the actual pool while kids are inside as well. There are cigarette butts all over the floor. It also is a huge inconvenience having the pool an entire day on Monday for "cleaning" but on Tuesday the pool is still dirty. The girls in the office as awesome and friendly but sadly no one seems to know any answers off hand or know whats going on with this new management company taking over. There has been rubbish outside the yard since the days I got the keys and has not been cleaned two months in. There price for the size of the apartment is great I hope that it either lowers to get the market competitive or remain the same. There is definitely room for improvement but for right now we are learning to be content with the community.

Great place to stay! Peaceful community with all modern amenities with proximity to local shopping areas. Great place to stay! Peaceful community with all modern amenities with proximity to local shopping areas.

It’s a very nice community and great value for dollar. I just wish the maintenance requests were performed in a reasonable time frame. Over all though no real big complaints.

I love it here .. clean and the staff is nice! Beautiful location and they maintain the place nicely. Pool area is very pretty and relaxing.

So far so good here. The apartment is spacious, pur neighbors are very friendly and we haven't had much of an issue with noise. We love the seclusion of the apartment and it's so close to everything!

I love the location ! Excellent schools and safe neighborhood to live. The units are spacious and the outdoor space is nice and clean. Closets are big.

Very good and very good service, nice and clean apartments , immediate service on call, and good with office , nice swimming area, good parking facility

It has been great. We have so far had great neighbors. Parking can sometimes get rough but neighbors are working together on that. Have not been to the pool yet but heard it was good. I live near the tennis court but i see it is not used well. The car wash is nice but need more then one

Beautiful community with friendly staff. The pool is stunning with plenty of space to lounge. The gym has everything you need to do a full workout. The neighbors are great too!!

the lady above me is about to drive me crazy with her child running around jumping up and down shaking the building from zero 6:30 a.m. till 11:30 p.m. complained to the office now six times and I have done nothing. I need to give me $500 just for the mental frustration my upstairs neighbor is causing me. LOL

My wife and I were just renewed out contract, and our situation changed and we needed to upgrade to a bigger place and the front office worked with us completely. They ensured it was easy and with minimal stress.

Mostly everything is great. However, our air conditioner doesn't work well and it's taking months to get a new one since the maintenance team is very behind. The maintenance team has let us know what's happening, but I'm still frustrated. Our electric bill is higher than when we lived in a house.

People are nice but poorly maintained . They don't take proper action about almost anything . Its really time consuming to every time tell them to fix something

My apartment is spacious but the kitchen counters are not the best if you actually like the cook. The parking is horrible. If you work late, forget finding a space near your building. If you work early, be careful backing out as many residents park illegally in the street. Also there have been several storage units and portable restrooms stored in spaces we could use for residents vehicles. Neighborhood is clean and most of the residents are nice

Our experience was very warm and inviting.The apartment is very nice and any issues that we had were fixed in a timely manner. We have had no problems so far

It's pretty quiet and peaceful. Neighbors are cool, n rent is at a great price for the space offered. They still haven't fixed my fridge but overall I'm still pleased.

Lived here for years and I have had no real problems. I wish I had a little more parking room and that the complex was a little quieter as I can frequently hear people on my staircase, but no real concerns.

I’ve been here for over two years now and I’m very happy with my decision to stay. The apartments are spacious and provide exactly what I need for my family!

Great location; nice, safe area. My unit is very spacious with generous closet and storage space. The appliances are dated and the fridge is too small to keep the things I normally do. The carpet needs to be replaced. I can see where the previous owners kept their couch. It was a sectional. The carpet there is much better. The maintenance department is fantastic and completes tasks in a timely manner. The trash service is totally worth the fee. Overall extremely pleased.

The last two years have been great. Quiet neighbors, nice community. Great pool! Saturdays at the pool are the place to be. Only thing is make sure they maintain AC units and change the locks when you move in. Most of the doonobs break.

Things have been good! Parking is sometimes not issue and so are bugs but that is to be expected. Quiet neighborhood and clean complex. Love the new amazing pickup locker.