Not a "Luxury" building. Poor appliances, heat & sound insulation. NOT a non-smoking building. Violent non-residents allowed to stay on premises despite constant police visits regarding domestic sound insulation. Management has been beyond incompetent and disrespectful. First two managers under Greystar were a disaster, first manager under LPC was rightfully let go as she was condescending, ineffective, unhelpful, and ignored the issues listed above. I wish Andrea luck as she seems to know what she is doing and was friendly to us during our last two week. Leasing here for 17 months was the worst decision, moving wise, I have ever made in my life. Feels like I was lighting money on fire for a year and half because we didn't get what we paid for.

Actually we have a problem with the noise. The store shopride is front to my bedroom and theirs work almost all night long .we can't rest

Husband suddenly passed away and relocated back to NJ from Long Island. Apartment is nice however upstairs neighbor is horrible andf they make noice all day and night and early morning as well. I do not fell at home here.

Aesthetically the apartments are beautiful. But the construction that is going on for over a year has been hard On residents avoiding construction vehicles, debris and lots of dirt. There can be a lot of noise from apartments above you that can be annoying. property management is getting better

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Slow to respond to maintenance issues, but has gotten better. nice community events and staff. Need better parking and system for packages in lobby

Queensgate apartment living is great minus the noise from the ongoing construction of the newer apartments with the tractors, cement mixers, trucks, etc. I can't wait until the building is completed.

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It started off really nice, however it's having some issues now. I'm hoping things pick back up. I see the new community area being built hope it's really nice.

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So far the experience is good :) However, we have some missing packages since last year or packages have been delivered to wrong building several times which is very annoying.

So far so good. It's been a pleasant experience. Nice, quiet and clean community. Friendly neighbors and helpful staff. Hopefully it remains that way.

Love living here. Management team works hre to keep property in good shape. Wish we had a real security guard in the front and a pool on sit would be nice. But hey no complaints!!

Good job with communication and the service but the lack of semi gloss painting on some construction and water issues are currently present.

Queens Gate is an excellent community to live in. The staff is very nice and quickly responds to questions. The community is kept clean and safe. I would recommend Queens Gate to anyone looking for a new apartment.

I like the layout of my 2-bedroom apartment...the kitchen is large and has nice counters with plenty of cabinet space. Other than the construction noise/inconvenience, it's a fairly quiet environment. I love how close to work I am, right next to the grocery store, and close to the train and several decent restaurants. Count on private schooling for the kids. I'm looking forward to the opening of the clubhouse.

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Besides my blind slats falling down, it is a perfect apartment community. It is quiet, clean, safe and convenient to many stores and major highways.

Great place and location to live. The staff is friendly, helpful and efficient. Parking can get crowded and that gets annoying but other than that we love it here.

The building is beautiful and the amenities are beyond belief. As a new tenant I would definitely recommend this facility. The staff that I have had the pleasure of interacting with has been very attentive and friendly.

After a few initial problems with the dryer and other appliances, everything has been smooth sailing. The apartment itself is very enjoyable and all the problems have been resolved.

Good it is I would say. People are behaving themselves and they have no problem. I’m happy to be part of this community. This is the best Apartment so far I’ve been to.

The community and apartment are great. They are well maintained. Both the management staff and the tenants are quite friendly. The events are a big plus to get to know the neighbors. The online portal and support services could be better.

Apartment is lovely and building is clean and well kept. Construction vehicles blocking the garage are still a problem. Also even though it is supposed to be a smoke free building but I still sometimes see and smell people smoking in th garage.

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A bit expensive. Limited parking. Very friendly staff. Conveniently located. I do enjoy basketball very much but it seems like cost was an issue in many areas throughout the property. Overall a good place to live.

My only complaint the person who lives above me is a bit noisy...other than that I enjoy the community. It’s a convenient location, and happy to have a gym.

It has been an excellent experience living here at Queens Gate. The staff are very friendly and attentive to the community. I would recommend this location to anyone who is looking to live some where classy and comfortable.

We have been here for a month and everything has been great. Still learning the area but everyone in the complex has been awesome. If anything is needed they are quick to respond.

Great easy move in. People that work here are great and super helpful with everything and anything you need. Other people that live here always have a smile on their faces! Super happy vibes here at Queens Gate!