I like living at The Ranch. The Folks in the office are great and do their best to make sure the property and the residents are taken care of

Wonderful and absolutely brilliant I hope to see more community activities but overall the ranch is doing an absolute. Rilliant job and keep up the hard work!

S/O to the maintence team for always looking out. They've fixed up so much stuff and they are super quick. Can't really say the same about the Wi-Fi and shuttle though. They could use an update

I think the ranch is a great place to live. it's far out which makes it a quiet environment and the office really works with me when needed.

I'm still trying to figure out the layout, but I think this is a good idea. However, you need an app for android. I can't get this on my Samsung Galaxy.

It's a great complex, but my downstairs neighbor is so loud and someone is almost always in my assigned parking spot. But the front desk staff is super helpful and happy.

So far it's been fine! A little rocky on move in day, but the management has made up for it in spades. All my maintenance requests have been quickly followed up on and I love the vibes here that you're living in a great community. I'll for sure be renewing 👍🏼

Great so Far fun environment to live in havent had any problems so far living here. pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I love living here, I just wish my neighbors weren't as loud as they are, it takes some getting used to. I love the little things, like free wi-fi , and the staff is always so approachable and friendly!

To escape the city and campus, the ranch can make you feel at ease and stress free ! I always feel safe and satisfied with the privileges here!

Love the ranch, a lot of things to do and it is a really nice area compared to other places in Tucson. Sometimes the noise is super loud but other than that great job!

I enjoy the atmosphere it has. It seems that the majority of the people here are college students; which is great. Also, I love all the services the Ranch has to offer and it is a very secure place to live.

It is very well maintained, but the staff may be very annoying. It is a good place overall and living here is very convenient. The pool is nice, the people are friendly, and there is always coffee in the office for us.

The Ranch is okay. People are friendly and the staff is quick and responsive. I haven't encountered any major problems here so far. The wifi could use some improvment.

I personally enjoy living here at the ranch! I wish the mailing system could be a bit more effective, because I've had packages here for a while and there's never any telling when id receive them, but good nonetheless.

Pretty happy with how the living is great events and always friendly people around. The apartments are good at repairing things when they break at a fast speed

I really enjoy these apartments. The staff is great and I love the layout for the 4 by 4 apartments. I haven't had any problems with people here.

The maintenance staff is awesome, and the location of the Ranch is beautiful! Lately there have been problems with the shuttle, but the Ranch always has solutions to make sure that there is always a shuttle available for service.

You've been doing good. Although I've been having some trouble with my electricity bill and changing companies and all but that's on my own terms

I think The Ranch is good place to live if you like a quieter scene away from the craziness of campus. There are a lot of resources to take advantage of while living here.

So far everything has been good. The lit pool party had great catering, it was delicious. My apartment is next to the pool so sometimes people are a bit too lound late at night.

Great service. Everyone is so nice and helpful. The Pool Party was incredible and all the services you offer... ❤️❤️❤️❤️ You are making my college experience amazing 😉

As my first apartment, I really like my choice in picking The Ranch. Signing my lease and getting my keys was quick and easy. I like the amenities and my room is a great size. I love it.

Although the move-in process was just too much to deal with for a first apartment, I appreciate you all trying to make up for it! It just shows how genuine you all are. The employees up front are always sweet too!

Very nice facilities, and the staff are excellent. They are friendly, and I feel welcomed. There have been some issues with buses not working, but they've made sure that the shuttle still runs each hour.