Absolutely love The Ranch! So many things to do and there's always fun little get togethers. I would highly recommend staying at The Ranch. There's a pool and tennis court and sand volleyball and basketball courts. It's so much fun!

It's a nice neighborhood and you get to meet new people. Plus love going to the pool and playing in the volleyball sand Court. For my first time living in the apartments.

I really love living here. The staff is really nice and easy to work with. Living here is very affordable and makes me feel at home. I would recommend to friends and family.

I have been living at The Ranch for a year now and I love it! The staff is incredibly helpful, the facilities are clean, and the apartment is very safe. I highly recommend The Ranch!

Very accommodating! The staff does there best to take care of the residents. Even the maintenance is incredibly nice and works extremely hard to make sure you have no problems

Helpfull in any way they can and fun place to live at! The landscape is pretty clean and there is always something fun to do at The Ranch. It's great!

My experience has been good so far. Moving in was the little crazy but after that I have no complaints. The facilities are really nice and clean.

Good! I love living at the ranch because even when I just walk into the office it's always smiling and friendly faces, not only the workers but the residents as well

It is amazing to leave here, it is a very nice place also. I recommend to leave in this apartments because the staff really help you when you need it

So far so good! Been here for about a month and it's been pretty good so far. Great Staff, awesome shuttle service, it feels like home away from home.

Move-in was kind of crazy but since then things have been great! The staff have been helpful and maintenance is awesome. Our fridge needed replaced and they took care of it quickly and efficiently.

We had a lot of problems with the cleanliness of our apartment upon move-in. I was put with a dog-owner when I am allergic to pets, and there was a person living in our apartment who was not supposed to be there. However, the office staff has worked with us to solve these problems. Overall, it is a beautiful place to live with a lot of amenities and fun activities.

I enjoy living here so far and have had no problems. The maintenance is very helpful as eell as the staff. The house is clean and everything functions well!

Living at the ranch has been amazing and I have not encountered any problems so far. I would recommend living in this establishment to any of my friends looking for a viable apartment.

I've lived here at the Ranch since January 2016 and I love it here. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. Also anytime I have a maintenance issue it is fixed within a day or two and they are super nice guys. Also you can't beat the ammenedies! I mean look at that pool!

I like living here, cool environment every one gets a long really, really, really, well. The pool is nice! I like to go up there usually after a work out

You guys are doing great I love living at the ranch it's fun clean and a very good environment, great people and nothing but great times here!

The Ranch is so incredible! I'm so glad my coaches told me about this place, I love it here. The pool and the hot tub are my favorite, I use them almost every day!

So far it's a been great. The people are cordial. Everything is nearby. The maintenance service is efficient. The wifi and cell network could use some work.

The beginning was a little bit hectic and messy. I had been matched with another 3 roommates that weren't exactly my age range. They were way older and I needed the change. Thankfully the office crew helped me get to the apartment I am in today and I am pretty content with it.

I like the area location and how well kept it is. It is also very quiet and peaceful for the most part. Everything is great, but maintenance is a bit slow

All the ammenities make the ranch super easy to live at. Love the pool and the people. Perfect in between of campus life and off campus housing!

It's a very safe place and everything works well, although my apartment wasn't very clean when I moved in, I like the gym and pool, everyone is very helpful.

I actually like living here is calm and haven't had a problem yet. I've enjoyed my stay so far. There were a couple of problems when I moved in but was fixed the same day and since then it's been pleasant.

Living at the ranch has been a nice experience. What I like best about living here is going to the lounge and playing ping pong. And going swimming at the pool is also a very relaxing experience here at The Ranch.