I like living here, cool environment every one gets a long really, really, really, well. The pool is nice! I like to go up there usually after a work out

You guys are doing great I love living at the ranch it's fun clean and a very good environment, great people and nothing but great times here!

The Ranch is so incredible! I'm so glad my coaches told me about this place, I love it here. The pool and the hot tub are my favorite, I use them almost every day!

So far it's a been great. The people are cordial. Everything is nearby. The maintenance service is efficient. The wifi and cell network could use some work.

The beginning was a little bit hectic and messy. I had been matched with another 3 roommates that weren't exactly my age range. They were way older and I needed the change. Thankfully the office crew helped me get to the apartment I am in today and I am pretty content with it.

I like the area location and how well kept it is. It is also very quiet and peaceful for the most part. Everything is great, but maintenance is a bit slow

All the ammenities make the ranch super easy to live at. Love the pool and the people. Perfect in between of campus life and off campus housing!

It's a very safe place and everything works well, although my apartment wasn't very clean when I moved in, I like the gym and pool, everyone is very helpful.

I actually like living here is calm and haven't had a problem yet. I've enjoyed my stay so far. There were a couple of problems when I moved in but was fixed the same day and since then it's been pleasant.

Living at the ranch has been a nice experience. What I like best about living here is going to the lounge and playing ping pong. And going swimming at the pool is also a very relaxing experience here at The Ranch.

I really enjoy the stay here sometimes the maintenance is a little off but jelly and the staff are wonderful and super nice. Would like to see more parties for the ranchers. Also the ranch should update a few things with the rooms.

I don't have any complaints but one. Just that the apartments themselves are sometimes not kept up to par but other than that this place is nice. The staff is friendly and the amenities are nice.

Pretty nice living situation. Everybody in the office was very helpful with the application process and the move! Love the pool area- super relaxing and well kept.

Everything has been going good, clean, not a bad area people are chill. The experience could not have been better and I'm happy I chose to stay at ranch.

Everything is pretty good except the transportation. I think there should be another bus running for the ranch half the people never get to make it on the bus and it really sucks. Atleast UA kids should get priority on a spot on the bus since we cant walk to school like the Pima kids can.

The ranch at star pass is an Amazing. love this place, way better then the gateway. Honestly should of moved here in the beginning of last year instead of gateway!

Great staff. Everyone is very helpful and kind. Everyone was knowledgeable about what is going on. The events held are fun and help network to meet people who live in the area

The apartment itself is in great condition and has great amenities. The staff has been really nice and helpful. The front office, gym, and pool are always clean.

Since I have moved in I have really enjoyed myself. My roommates are great and the apartments are pretty nice. Overall I think you guys are doing a pretty good job running this place and keeping things in shape.

Great staff, great living community and even better apartments. I love living here! Especially with all the events for residents. Such as the pool parties and free movie runs.

The staff is very friendly. The apartment complex is beautiful. Great amenities like free wifi, gym, movie theater, study lounge and game room.

I haven't moved in yet, but I am very excited to! I've had no issues thus far and it looks like a great place to live. The pool looks amazing and I really like that it is a gated community.

My sister lived at The Ranch for a couple years and loved it! So now I am very excited to live here! I love the pool and the apartment set up! Really looking forward to moving in!

I haven't yet experienced anything bad with The Ranch, but this is going to be my first year living at the ranch and I am so excited. Can't wait to get to know more people in the community.

Awesome app!😁👍🏼 didn't really understand it at first but started working with it and got a small gift card ! why not? It's so easy to do so ! I'm already getting the benefit of this app.!😁