I love it here! The atmosphere is great. I'm surrounded by people who want to be successful and push themselves in order to accomplish success. Living among other students is the greatest thing about this place.

Since I've signed my lease, the ranch has been a nice place to live. I haven't really gotten to enjoy the extra perks but so far so good! An average experience.

The ranch is good place to live if you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place with very friendly neighbors. Management is not usually on top of their things though.

Maintenance needs to be better on fixing things but good. Liking it here so far. Neighbors are a bit loud but tolerable. Really like my roommates tho!

This is a great community and appreciate the extra service they do put forth in making the property look tidy and clean. In other words the upkeep is wonderful.

Love the environment and all the staff here! Everyone is very helpful and when something is needed help comes right away! I also enjoy all the activities this place offers!

Needs to be more cooperative with maintenance. We've been trying to get several things in our apartment fixed but no one has cooperated to help us

Very good! I have no complaints about The Ranch. Kelly Yarter who works in the front office is one of the nicest ladies I know :-) She makes great popcorn as well.

Great place to live! The shuttle is extremely helpful, as well as the staff in the office. The area is gorgeous and I like being a little out of the way.

I love the friendlyness of the staff and the cleanliness of the whole complex. But honestly I love how secluded the complex is and how we don't have to worry about outrages parties. In addition I love all the amenities.

Great place to live love the staff great pool totally the best place in tucson to live if you like a chill place to hangout and call home!!!

I've been living here for over a year now, and I haven't had any problems that weren't dealt with. The Ranch is very affordable and is great for college students!

Very good, I really enjoyed my stay here so far. I really think I am going to renew my stay here. Staff are very helpful and what I like the most is that when you place a work order, it gets fixed fast!

The apt. are very clean very nice, The Ranch also provides excellent amenities for all of its residents. The staff is very helpful and polite.

Great (and quiet) place to live! If you are clean you will have zero problems with rats/bugs (I have had none so far) and the locations is right alongside great areas for short hikes!

Really nice place! Quiet and great amenities like the pool! Appliances are fairly old and have a lot of problems but maintence is usually helpful and responds in a decent amount of time.

I love the Ranch, there is everything we need (pool, sport, cinema, barbecue), my roommates are very kind and for a french exchange student like me, it is the paradise !

Everything is really nice. The staff is always really sweet and attentive and the ranch is always clean and doesn't get too noisy. Very nice and I love living here

First year living here and so far a great experience. I love the property as well as our residents. Everyone here on the office staff team is so nice and helpful. Makes living on my own for the first time a great experience.

The ranch so far has been a great place to live at. The people living here are pretty cool and diverse. You get to experience different cultures and get to learn about other majors in college.

I enjoy living at The Ranch. This is the first apartment complex I have ever lived in. Overall, I am glad I chose The Ranch. Here, at The Ranch they are always trying to involve their residents and do different activities, which I like a lot. Keep up the good work!!

Always have activities, and events going on to keep the energy alive at the ranch. Always very attentive and all employees seem to usually genuinely care about what we have to say and handle our concerns

I have had a great experience so far! I'm a little peeved at the fact that a full rental installment is due the day of move-in, and yet another is due in just 10 days after. This was not made clear when signing the lease. However, I do look forward to my stay at the Ranch!

I have had a pleasant experience living here at the Ranch. The only thing I do wish they would add would be a shuttle on Saturdays that would take residents down to the University of Arizona,l for academic purposes and for sports games.

very happy to live here! Free coffee and other food or ice cream! Although the free printer was replaced, I still enjoy living here. Hope don't add more rent payment~ ^_^