Living on the ranch for 3 years has been a very satisfying experience. With excellent facilities. Very kind and respectful people. with security 24 hours a day.

I love living at the ranch. The staff and maintenance people are kind and helpful. The Ranch has added security you can contact if any noise or disruption. The Ranch is a clean property.

This place is the best! The office and maintenance are always attentive and willing to help you out on whatever issues you have. The maintenance team is awesome and always on top of anything you need to get fixed

Enjoy the amenities, the staff and maintenance are very nice. However, when something is broken (ex: treadmill, tennis court net, barbaque) it takes a while to fix.

I enjoy living here. The front office is always so helpful and nice. The location is not to bad and maintenance is great always so quick and helpful.

Living at The Ranch on Star pass has been great! The pool is amazing, the residents are very respectful of you and your space. Not to mention there’s a gym!! The apartments are good too

Great place to live at! Staff is friendly and living spaces are awesome. Definitely a wonderful place to live of you are not from the Tucson area.

I love the ranch because the staff is really nice. The outside is really beautiful too. Outside is very well taken care of, and the rooms are really nice.

I have enjoyed my stay at The Ranch so far. I have seen an improvement since the management change last year. Maintenance requests are answered quicker than before. The office events have been a lot of fun. I ould like to see more pool parties latter.

The staff here are really helpful! I love the pool and the gym. The apartments are nice and roomie. It’s very pet friendly. The noise level is not to high

In my experience they really care for there patrons and do the best they can to accomodate their needs. The location is excellent; close to lots of things and walking distance to Pima for easy travel to Downtown.

Management could be a bit more clear on moving out of the apartment. I wasn't informed about all the fees. Other than that it was a nice apartment to live in.

Great! Loved the staff and amenities, great place would recommend to everyone looking for a socialable yet private apartment to live in during the school year

Its sad that many students live in the dorms instead of having a perfect apartment with all utilities and the ability to meet other people, its an amazing place

Although it’s a little bit further away from campus, the multitude of amenities make up for that. There’s the shuttles that run hourly; gorgeous pool and clubhouse; and so much more.

Its nice and nature-y. It has some very cool features that need improvement, gym equipment, shuttles and the like but makes up for it with effectiveness.

Its a very good place to live at, everyone is friendly. I like that the staff is always trying to bring everyone together by doing events. I like that they that in count all the students and do fun stuff for them.

Honestly I haven’t had a bad experience at The Ranch. The staff is super nice and really prompt. I love my apartment the events are always fun and LOTS of free food and chances to receive incentives!

Very nice apartments, friendly office staff, AMAZING pool. Great maintenance staff, they have always fixed everything in a timely manner. My only complaint is sometimes it's hard to find parking, especially later at night.

Living at the Ranch has been pretty good. The property is well maintained, the community is very quiet, the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. My Maintenance request have always been answered in a timely manner. The only comment that I have is that the shuttle service could be more consistent. I wish we had shuttles that didn’t break down regularly. Other than that I have enjoyed living here.

First year staying here and it has been a pretty good experience. As a freshman, I’m glad I live here than the dorms. Their maintenance team is great and very responsive when you run into an issue. Only negative is that their shuttle isn’t always working so I drive instead to avoid that hassle.

The environment is subtle and calm but at times inconvenient with noise and need for better shuttle scheduling. Overall good location and great pricing.

Beautiful grounds. Kelly, Ruth, and Les are the best. The shuttle is very unreliable. Rates are very high and package reminders don’t always get put out

It's really nice here. Just felt personally that the kitchen was a little small for a 4x4. And there are a ton of road bumps getting inside.

I absolutely love the view of the mountains outside my window! The staff are really welcoming and helpful. Maintenance requests get completed fairly quickly. Wish the pool and hot tub were cleaned more often, and that the shuttles didn't break down so much.