Living here has been great, i’ve met a ton of new people. There is a nice pool in the summer and managment always works with you. it is close to campus which is honestly its best feature!

The internet is the worse internet I have ever used. The appartments aren't bad at all but I am a Computer Science major and I need good internet. I can't load Youtube videos sometimes and they have the best servers in the world. This is worse internet then my mom's house and she lives in the middle of BFE.

I’ve lived at the registry for two years now and it’s great for the price and distance from campus. They recently have allowed dogs which have been annoying because of the dog poop everywhere.

Living at the registry has been great! I will be sad to leave in May when I graduate. It is such a nice and easy walk to campus! I recommend it!!

I love it at the registry, they are friendly and they help whenever you need help. The best about It is that they are close to campus. But the problem is the train 🤦‍♂️

I love the area the registry is in! I love that I have the ability to walk to class and that many of my neighbors are fellow students. However, I wish the walkways/stairwells were somewhat cleaner.

It could be a lot cleaner in the hallways and staircases. I really like the location and closeness to school. They are pretty quick to respond to maintenance requests and I appreciate that.

I love living at the Registry Apartments! It is very nice to live in such a good complex right across the road from WKU’s campus. It’s so accessible and I really like it.

I love the Registry! If anything breaks, it is fixed quickly. It's close to campus and has visitor parking for your guests. The staff is friendly and always helpful. Recently the Registry has become dog friendly which is cool and all but people don’t seem to pick up after their dogs. So watch where you step!

The registry has been very convenient for me since I've moved here. Nothing's too far and campus is right across the street. Doesn't get better than that.

All the workers were very helpful during the loan process. The apartments are very clean and start at a great price. I would definitely recommend this place.

The best community ever! Especially with the lovely people in the office! That are very understanding, and you can go to them for anything!!

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed living at the registry for the past year and a half for the location and value. I really like having my own bathroom space and individual leases. My only complaint is that this past semester the stairwells and yard areas were very dirty. Dog hair and mold filled the stairs leading up to our apartment.

It’s good! Location is ideal. About 15 minute walk to any class on WKU campus. Neighbors are usually fine & my roommates & I are satisfied! Good!

Decent place to live close to campus & relatively nice IF you have good roommates. Roommates are make or break at the registry for sure. Overall, it’s fine

The Registry has been a great place to live! It is well maintained and the staff are all very friendly. I’ve recommended it to a few people already.

Well, It's been an amazing experience for me till now . I have been living here since 2018 and the staff have been really helpful throughout this time. I would highly recommend this place to my friends who might be looking for new places to stay. Thank you for everything and Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..!!

Living here has been a great experience overall. With a few minor inconveniences. However, management here is nice. They try to help you in any way possible. Maintenance is always here within one day of a work order.

I have really enjoyed living at the Registry! It has been a great experience. I love the convenience of living here and how close it is to everything in Bowling Green.

I love how close I am to campus, and you can't beat the price! The maintenance men are both very kind, as well as the front desk workers. My biggest complaint is the gym; some of the equipment doesn't work correctly.

It’s been nice. The staff is very friendly and the maintenance workers are always on top of their job. The price and quality of living is nice as well.

I love the location of the registry. It makes it easy for me to get to campus within 10 minutes when i need to go to class or anything on campus. I don’t think that the furniture could be updated as well as the appliances.

I enjoy living in the registry. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get to all of my classes and that was what I was looking for in an apartment. They have been good with maintenance request also.

the apartments are set up nicely unless you’re in a loft, there could better parking for people in C and D building but it’s in a location close to campus so that’s always good

The registry is in a convenient location and it is really close to campus. The staff is really helpful and friendly. I have really enjoyed living here!