Other than the lack of maintance urgency I haven't had any problems with the registry. It's been okay. I wouldn't mind staying here another year

I've been living here for 4 years. The reason is, I love its convenience. The apartment is located near WKU campus, and it is nicely full-furnished.

Great location! Very close to campus and an easy walk to class. The staff is very helpful when needed, and is always there to answer questions.

I love the community. The staff is very helpful and committed to your comfort and residence life to insure you have the upmost enjoyable stay. They are very family oriented and throw little gatherings so people far away from home can still have some interaction. Overall a very nice place to stay.

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Nice place to live, super nice in the office, try their best to keep things clean and any issue taken care of. Units are in decent shape, nice to have your own bathroom.

It's a really nice environment the registry team are great and security is really good also they respond really fast to any problems I love living in the registry :) !

Registry appartments got everything that i need to live near campus . i love it because its quiet and close to my classes . i really love the enviroment in registry .

As an international student , coming for a first semester in an unfamiliar setting made me a bit nervous about how i would settle in, John did my lease and he was friendly. The registry staff are all friendly and that made me feel at home. For me, The Registry is definitely a home away from home. I also like the fact that there are always residence events and of course the free coffee to pep me up especially on Monday mornings when i have that horrible class. Lol You guys are awesome!

Moving as new person to America, it was challenging.The Registry has given me a home to stay and live in. People are genuinely nice, helpful and friendly, and that includes both, residents and staff.Thank you The Registry!

I can have my own bedroom with bathroom. Internet is available. Security is also very good. The location is convenient. I can walk to school.

Because its closed to campus and its safe. It got nice apartments with fully furnished. Then a pool with it. But hate one part the train though it helps to break the sleep in the morning.

The registry is a great place to stay. The apartments look great on the inside, and all of the appliances worked. They are great on customer service.

Needs a lot of improvement the units need to be clean before moving in, placing roommates together need to be done better, and also better management

Excited to part of the community! Can't wait to move in! The amenities included are amazing as well. Community Assistant Zuri Jones has been extremely helpful in getting my documents together!

I do like living at the registry I just wished when I go into the office they had more people available to help and kept the office more organized to void long waiting times.

I have had a few problems and for the most part they have been handled. I would say this is a very decent place to live as a college student!

We have had a lot of problem with the apartment not being clean when we arrived and also maintance issues. But overall not the worst experience but we have had a number of issues.

Decent place to live. I was misinformed about the rent renewal special, but thats about it. Its an affordable place and is an easy walk to campus

Few things not up to speed but it's not terrible. Stronger wifi is needed. Cable boxes are needed as well. But location is nice compared to any other.

Office seems a bit unorganized, but has followed through with making adjustments upon request. Overall the complex is clean and I feel safe living here. The parking structure is well-lit and parking has been awesome here.

This is an overall great place to love, but the service honestly sucks sometimes. My key fob still isn't working, I don't have a pin for the gate yet, maintenance is slow at fixing things, and the trash situation is awful. But other than those flaws, this is a wonderful place to live.

Alright... Staff is slow to help and waiting on maintenance can be doubtful. Other than that, it's a great place to live, as long as you get placed where you asked in the first place.

Living here is great. Got my own washroom and cool room mates. The only problem at times is the internet. Disturbs a lot which gets quite annoying.

The registery is an excellent place to live at with it being quite most of the times. But thre is a dog below me that I can hear when I am trying to study but that is the only real down fall.