I was told that the first two weeks before move in date was for you guys to fix and clean everything but when I got here nothing was done! The Carpet was stained, the toilet was stained, air condition did not work, cracks in walls, wifi was not free (had to buy a router) kitchen cabinet was dangling off hinges, knuckle prints dents on refrigerator door and front door, walls above washer sweats and horrible water pressure.

We moved in and everything was wrong. Burners not on stove and missing metal plates. Missing a drawer in our kitchen. Dirty floors our feet turn black. There is no way anybody came in here after the last people moved out. This is a disgrace to apartment living and the whole building should be condemned.

First year at this complex. Despite cable being part of the rent we still Do NOT have cable in the living room despite multiple calls and ice maker still doesn't work despite multiple calls.

The rules in the registery system is not helpful to the residents. For example registery don't allowed the residents to move to different unit that is less than the old apt

Management is poor, facilities are dirty. My room has stains in it and holes in the wall and came will missing knobs. too close to the train

I still do not have a desk and paid two months of rent. It is sitting in pieces outside my door yet to be put together. The carpet in our apartment is also filthy and was not cleaned before we moved in.

Actually I would give this 0 stars because since Christmas break my experience has been absolutely atrocious. I put my long response in the "Rate your experience" section, please go read it and contact me. My roommates and I are fed up with Kourtney and we want her out now.

The comolex is really poorly taken care of. Garbage is everywhere. Our carpets we supposedly cleaned before we moved in and our feet turn black if you walk barefoot. WiFi is terrible. Inconsistent office hours. Upper management is rude and aggressive. It’s super loud even for student housing. It’s not worth the close walk to campus.

moved in with nails, carpet parts, paint stains, dust and debris all over my bed, floor, bathroom, and desk. highly recommend a deep clean BEFORE someone moves in and not when they get there. very disappointment in the cleanliness.

It’s gross here. They take way to long to get stuff done. Nothing was cleaned when we got here. It was all dirty and nothing was done to the place

Poor maintenance, Bad internet connection. When I moved in towel rack was broken and showerhad was missing. drip pans to stove were GONE. overall was bad.

Not great. Bad management and slow response time have dampened the overall living experience. No one seems to care about issues unless they can fine you for something.

I don't really like livng here, the closeness to WKU is about the only good thing about this place. I would not recommend anyone to live here unless they want cheap and close to campus.

I wish the registry management cared more about their residence. My roommates and I have complained on numerous occasions about a 5th roommate living with us and no action has ever been taken. I find this unacceptable and totally against the apartment contract. I also think the outdoor maintenance lacks severely. Mowers come weekly but barely trim the grass leaving the lawn extremely high by the time they come the following week. The registry also does not maintain the volleyball court, so it looks terrible. They also increased the reserved parking spots by nearly double from the previous year. Overall, the ONLY perk of this place is the location.

Reply from Registry at Bowling Green


My experience living here has not been pleasant. I only live here because it is cheap and close to campus. Every time I have moved in, the apartment was a wreck - it smelled bad, things were broken... it just was not good. There is constantly trash everywhere, I've never even been to the pool because it is always green, the office takes forever to get packages to you, and the gates are a nuisance. Just not a good place to live...

Your reasoning for not being able to move in was because of cleaning, but I’ve never been in a dirtier apartment. I’m a clean freak so there really disturbed me. When I walk into my kitchen there’s pans covered in grease and oil from who knows how long. There’s food from six months ago all still in my fridge, cabinets and freezer! The bar chairs were stacked randomly through the kitchen and living room. It was not organized at all, and considering the door and everything leading up to us moving in was about the cleaning process, I feel like someone didn’t do their job. Otherwise it’s been an okay experience.

Overall, I do not speak highly of these apartments. I have lived here two years and I preferred my first year over this current one. New management has raised prices for parking tags and much more. They also take much longer to respond to issues. One big problem is they put the responsibility of their residents to solve a 5 roommate in a 4 bedroom apartment issue. You would think they would want to get moremoney, not risk getting sued, and have bad ratings, but I guess not. Overall, the registry apartments are not good. The only benefit is they come furnished and are close to wku’s Campus.

Management is unorganized, unprofessional, and unhelpful. I would not recommend living here. The only thing that I like about The Registry is how close it is to campus.

My residence experience overall is sub-par. The registry apartments have more than doubled the price of a parking passes. Next, the furniture and appliances are old and outdated. Lastly, there was a complain filed for having two people living in one room and no action was taken. Overall I do not recommend these apartments. This is my second year living here and it is only for the location with respect to the WKU campus.

Overall, not a great experience. The apartment was filthy when we moved in. We were told the carpets were cleaned the week prior, our feet turn jet black when we walk barefoot around the apartment. Our sink and dishwasher regularly break and clog. We came into broken furniture and items covered with paint splatters.

Too expensive, the management is nice but theyre not helpful. Parking is inconvenient unless you never leave. so many upcharges that I never even asked for.

I think it is nice to be so close to campus, mantience & office staff don't feel like they care much about the community though. I hear parties every single night in the apartments above and around me.

Well first off i came into my apartment and it was horrible. stains on the floor, patchy paint, bugs, trash. I've never been so disappointed in my life. we didn't have an ice machine and we still dont have one now. stuff still needs to be done in this apartment. i will NOT be living here next year.

If the location wasn't so nice, I'd definitely find a way out of my lease. Its been problem after problem and management does minimum to fix it.

Amenities always breaking. Do not move in with people you have not lived with before or choose random roommates. The staff is nice and respectful. Maintenance is awesome!