So far everything has been great! Everything has been fixed by maintenance within a reasonable amount of time. I really like how close it is to campus!

when moving in it was dirtier than I would have liked it to be and maintenance is a little slow on somethings, but other than those things it’s in an extremely convenient area, and the staff are super nice!!

It’s an okay apartment complex and it’s nice to have your own bathroom. I love that it’s pet friendly, but most of the dog owners do not pick up their dogs feces from the grass. Every time I leave my apartment that’s all I smell.

Maintenance has been fast and helpful but we are disappointed to not have hardwood floors. We've also heard that the cameras aren't working and that is scary to me.

Living at the Registry has been great! It is such an easy walk to campus and the free visitor parking is awesome. All the amenities that come with living here is also a plus.

The Registry is a good place if you’re looking somewhere to start out, but I wouldn’t stay more than a year. The amenities aren’t up to date, the neighbors party all the time and smoke, and the stairways up to your apartment are full of trash and spiders. The staff, however, have been nothing but kind to me and have helped with all my problems.

It is a great location and we love the amenities and furnishings. We adore our space so my roommates and I renewed our leases for this year! However, since allowing dogs the lawn has began to get messy as many dog owners do not clean up after their pets.

It has been a very nice stay so far at The Registry. I enjoy many things about living here. The apartments are very nicely put together and to have all the amenities and utilities pretty much included is a nice touch. The community itself seems very nice and safe.

The Registry is a great place to live. The staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I have not had any issues so far! I would definitely recommend this apartment to a friend.

It’s been good so far. The couch was dirty when we first moved in, it gets cold sometimes and the water pressure isn’t great but it’s nothing to complain about.

The apartment could have been cleaner when we moved in and the desks in the rooms could be more convenient. The wifi could be stronger. Pet fees are ridiculous

The registry is definitely a great place to live. Everything is so convenient and the location is the best thing yet. No complaints what so ever.

Overall I’ve enjoyed living here but there are two things that really make me want to move. One is that the compactor is always full. It’s too small for five buildings to be using and it is not compacted regularly enough. Then, the complex fines you if you trash falls out or is left next to the machine but out of the way of traffic when it’s full by going through the bags to figure out whose it is. The second is they don’t send mail pickup on Saturdays. I have important medication that sometimes gets delivered on Saturday but I can’t get it until Monday because no one goes to the post office to pick up the mail. I have to go an entire weekend without medication that I need to survive.

I really like living at the registry. They’re super nice apartments, in a great location, and you can’t beat the price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Great place to live when going to wku! Close to campus and only takes about 5 minutes to get to class. Having your own rooms and own bathrooms is always a great plus to.

Some of the stuff in the kitchen isn’t the nicest and the carpet is kind of gross but it pretty much has everything another apartment would. It’s nice to be able to walk to campus. Even though some of the other people that live here are a bit spooky and not students, you’re fine as long as you don’t have a random!

This place is definitely an upgrade from living in the dorms on campus. Love having a washer and dryer in my apartment. Having my own room is great! Having a kitchen so easily accessible. Also, having free parking is a huge plus. And it’s so close to campus. But a couple things kinda suck. The pool is only open when the office is open. So it closes by 5 or 6pm. I had a maintenance request to happen when I got there but the maintenance guy didn’t show up for almost a whole month. So in conclusion it’s great living in an apartment in general. But this apartment in particular isn’t perfect. But it’s pretty great for the price we are paying for it. Also having ur own bathroom is pretty great too! Hope this review helped. Definitely would recommend to people if u care for little annoyances here and there

So far it’s been good! The apartment location is really convenient and the apartment conditions aren’t too bad! The price isn’t too bad either

So far the registry has been great! Great amenities and excellent staff. Pricing is great and location is excellent for anyone going to wku!

Love the staff here, customer service is what really matters and they go above and beyond. Always going out of their way to help. Apartments are super nice and upgraded too.

My experience here has been great! I have really enjoyed living here so far. It feels like home! There is a wonderful staff with wonderful customer service!

Great :) good size rooms, the office staff is great and supperrrrr friendly ! Not clean when move in though sadly. And lied about basketball court but it’s cool. Smells like the West. Aka Cali.

I love it here at the Registry! Everyone is so nice and laid back in the office! My neighbors are pretty chill! I'm a student at Daymar, and it is still pretty close to campus! It's a great community!

The registry is a great place to stay. Awsome staff, cheap prices, and modern descent furniture. The only problem i had was a broken closet light.

The Registry is a nice place to live while going to college! I like the close proximity to campus and convenience of not being far from everything Bowling Green offers.