Love the registry. Workers are helpful. When in need of maintaince they are on time and help fix problems. Management is helpful aw wel. Only complaint is our carpets are dirty and certain appliances doesn't work.

Maintenance is really quick to fixing things that are wrong in your apartment. Unfortunately they aren't so quick to upkeep the pet waste areas. The office staff is really friendly and knowledgeable. The flooring and paint jobs could stand to be better as well as the countertops. Overall decent though.

Every time I have a problem it is fixed. The registry has a great environment and always lends a helping hand when needed from their residents.

I have had many problems with my apartment from the day I started living there. The floors and apartment were dirty when I moved in and the couches were torn up. Other than that, it has been a wonderful experience.

I don't really like livng here, the closeness to WKU is about the only good thing about this place. I would not recommend anyone to live here unless they want cheap and close to campus.

I have had a good expirence here at the registry. However there are some things that need improvement as far as cleaning the apartments before move in. Overall, my expirence has been good.

i kinda wish the stairwells were cleaned more regularly. a true example would be how some of the other residents have left broken glass bottles on the stairs, which is dangerous. otherwise, i'm content.

After the initial move in day I haven't had any issues. The space is nice, along with the cheaper rent, and closeness to WKU campus. I will be staying year throughout college as long as the company is still here.

Currently maintenance has been slacking, hallways are nasty and unkept. Also there is a gross odor g=coming form the garbage disposal area that spreads through the parking lot.

The registry needs to improve their office staff because they're always giving out different information, and a lot are false. I hate that they charge so much overage on utilities even tho its "included." The apartments are nice and having pets is good, but a lot needs to be fixed. Not sure if I want to renew again.

I have a good roommate and this place is clean , if you don't have house to live I think this is goo place I live in here almost one month I like here!

This is my favorite place to live! I've only lived in one other apartment and this is really great. The apartment is so nice and clean. Everyone is nice too!

the apartments, they're new, neat, clean, and everything you could ask for! Everyone gets their own bathroom, the place is fully furnished, the kitchens are great, and each apartment has a washer and dryer. It really is an ideal situation.

The Registry has been an amazing asset to me during my time at Western. All of the staff/managers have been extremely helpful toward many of the problems that I have encountered. I have made great relationships with residents and staff members while being able to juggle my school work, social life and work life. The Registry is the Best of the Hill and it is obvious when you visit the community

Not great. Bad management and slow response time have dampened the overall living experience. No one seems to care about issues unless they can fine you for something.

My work orders are always complete on time, staff is friendly. The first floor of D building is sorry most of the time. I think that can be improved. Also my bedroom is super tiny. But other than that I like the registry

There's some things that I love about The Registry. Like how close they are to campus, own bathrooms. But i hate how inconvenient the front office is. T

My apartment is so nice. Plenty of room an the kitchen is the best! Maintenance can be a problem but as long as you're there to tell them what's going on you'll get everything fixed!

The apartments are nice but management still needs to do a lot of work to make living here better. The best part is location and that pets are allowed.

The only issues I have ever had with the Registry is when we first moved in. The apartment hadn't been cleaned at all. But after a few days we got it all fixed and it has been great ever since

The registry is agreat place to live. Very spacious apartments to live in especially for someone's first apartment! During the summers the pool is fun as well.

Nice place and nice staff. You don't need to worry about if you have any problem because they will fix it very soon. It is also close to campus. Very convenient.

Honestly I like living here because of location and price but the registry should invest in newer appliances and new furniture, especially for the living area for the regular apartments like in building b. Overall, it's a nice place, good space in the rooms, maintenance is great, and I love having a pet.

Needs to except FedEx packages and needs updated/ new amenities. Also, needs to get wait time down in the lease office; sometimes you could be waiting 30 minutes to an hour.

Management is always very helpful and any problems I have are addressed as quickly as possible. Everything about my apartment is perfect and I would not want to live anywhere else.