I like the registry. Though I think it's sometimes crazy that you can't talk to the leasing managers without talking to the people who work at the desk. Other than that I would say it was okay.

Honestly I like living here because of location and price but the registry should invest in newer appliances and new furniture, especially for the living area for the regular apartments like in building b. Overall, it's a nice place, good space in the rooms, maintenance is great, and I love having a pet.

I'm doing pretty great just about ready to get out to Kentucky and start enjoying the good old sweet life. I can't wait to move in to my apartment

It is extremely hard to get in contact with management if you have a problem. As a resident I should be able to get questions and concerns answered and that simply isn't the case.

You guys are doing Great, the information you guy provide for me helped me out a lot with all the questions i had. I can't wait to get started with you guys.

The registry is a great living complex with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms . With a living room to relax, a laundry machine and a customized kitchen .

You everyone helps me a lot. You are very patient when I ask you questions. Living here is very convenient for me. Thank you all very much for all.

This is the second year I have lived at the registry. I have had much more repairs to complete this year as we switched to building D. Are apartment was clearly not ready for someone to live in it.

Everything is good, make me very happy everyday. It like a real home and my roommate is my family. We have our own kitchen, I can cook by myself, cook the things I like.

Had a lot of issues at move in. I also didn't receive my debit card or checks for almost a month because they didn't even have me registered as a currently resident yet.

My experience at the registry has been great! I think The Registry has a reputation of being "sketch" but I have yet to witness anything that would make me feel unsafe.

I have had an enjoyable experience, the location has been one of the best parts to the apartments. The living area has been satisfying and enjoyable.

Move in day was awful but now I am enjoying living here. The location is very convenient since I am a student. Maintenance requests also get fulfilled very quickly.

If the location wasn't so nice, I'd definitely find a way out of my lease. Its been problem after problem and management does minimum to fix it.

I love living here! It's co close to campus, just a short walk. Having your own bathroom is the best. Plus you get your own room. This place beats dorms for sure. No more smelly drunk roommates!

I love it. Apartments are nice and so close to campus. Everyone that works here is so nice. It's super convient having a gym and tanning open anytime also the pool is great!

This is my first year in the USA, I studied in the UK last year, a I lived in a please just like The Registry, but it was very expensive and messy. The registry is good in Bowling Green, it is cheap, near by the campus, and nice.!!

The place is clean and well kept, we don't have many problems! Pet friendly also, which is really good. Nice having a reserved parking spot as well!!

Management is unorganized, unprofessional, and unhelpful. I would not recommend living here. The only thing that I like about The Registry is how close it is to campus.

The room is good. It is convenient to go to the Western Kentucky University, you just take about 2-3 minutes to go the school. There are a large parking lot for those have cars

The staff is very friendly and helpful no matter the problemor situation. The location to campus as well as Bowling Green in general is great compared to the other college style apartments.

Living so close to campus is great. I like being able to submit work orders online, especially because the office can be really hectic and packed at times.

I've had a fairly pleasant experience at the Registry so far. The staff here is so nice and helpful! Move in day was a little rougher than expected, but my experience here has been good.

Great place to live if you want to walk to school. Train passing by can be annoying at first but you get used to it. Staff is always friendly and willing to help.

The registery is an excellent place to live at with it being quite most of the times. But thre is a dog below me that I can hear when I am trying to study but that is the only real down fall.