Love my apartment, but have had things stolen on different occasions, I thought people in this gated community would respect more. Love our ladies in the office, always informative and gracious.

I love my complex, but have issues with the way it is run. My car has been broken into twice. The bird droppings are rarely cleaned up in the hallways, and I have yet to get the intercom set up after years of trying. I love my space in the building, and don’t want to give it up, but I don’t feel that the management is doing it’s best to create a luxury experience.

Great location, great neighbors, great community! I am looking forward to having things back to pre-fire status, and I know it will happen quickly!

I absolutely love living at Renaissance Square. Best apartment complex in the East Bay. It’s walking distance to many eateries, local park & coffee shops.

it’s home. the staff are very helpful and friendly. great location in downtown. only downside is some annoying neighbors and some outside riffraff in the area

I love living so close to restaurants. The community is kept up. I also like how maintenance repairs are quick. I enjoy being a Renaissance Square resident.

Fabulous apartment. Can't wait for the construction to be done. Looking forward to the expanded gym and community room. Staff is always responsive to issues raised.

We love it here and we want to tell all of our friends about our experienced living here at Renaissance Square Concord! Thanks Renaissance!

property is still the best around and will only get better with the new space. security has improved a lot but some neighbors are not great(but same as everywhere)

This is great place to live. Good location and great people to work with in the office. I location is safe and well kept. They communicate well with the tenants too.

Not bad. It could be better if it was cleanner and more secure. Staff ate great and very helpful. They are always available. If you have a pet you would be more comfortable.

Rents are not cheap, but it's probably the best apartments to live in in the area. There is some crime and noise, but that is probably everywhere in Concord.

This is a very good apartment in Concord because the apartment has a very good office to manage and also very quite and clean environment for residents to live.

The new gray delivery boxes in the lobby are ugly. They should be moved to another location. The ac unit located above my closet started leaking this summer ruining about 3 or 4 articles of clothing and books. The unit was repaired, but it would have been good to know that an ac unit is located above clothes/books.

Great place to live! Excellent management, clean premises. They have made it an enjoyable experience since our first visit when beginning the leasing process.

Everybody knows these are the best apartments in Concord. Clean, safe, great location, friendly staff, dog friendly, considerate neighbors, and all the amenities. This place truly feels like a home and not just another apartment complex. I literally have no complaints. I love this place so much it is worth the 1.5 hour commute I make every day from the east bay to the south bay. Also, I look forward to the new changes coming next year. Thank you Renaissance Square!

pet friendly, great staff and hands down the best in the area in my opinion. i just wish there were a bit more security at all hours vs just overnights

I had a very fast and smooth process. The staff was very friendly and very helpful. They answer all my questions. They made sure that I felt comfortable send in my information.

We have had a great experience so far. The staff are helpful and care about our needs . Overall community is safe, clean ,great location and love the square footage .

Pet friendly, convenient location, near shops and restaurants. Clean amenities, quiet, safe, friendly staff and neighbors. Would recommend to family.

overall pretty darn good. security has made a big difference around here and that's a huge deal for us. construction is kind of a pain but no huge issues

The leasing office and staff are great!However, the people are less than desirable.Pot smoking in the garage, dog poop in the stairwell yuck

Nice elegant place to live. Close to lots of stores and restaurants. Great maintenance service. The response for maintenance is quick. Office open until Sunday.

I feel management (Kelly and Yubi) and staff members here at Renaissance Square are friendly, accommodating and truly care about my concerns. Great staff! It's my home away from home here at RS!

The experience with staff and maintenance has been nothing short of exceptional. The community it's self is quite clean and presentable. Unfortunately, the only feedback that is negative is the amount of break-ins I've experienced in the garage in the last two years. Over that time frame my car has been broken into 5 times.