It is wonderful living there. The place is very well kept and managed. The leasing office staff is a pleasure to work with. The only negative I have is your move in procedure really sucks. You should allow the elevator to be booked at least for an hour. You should try moving in and/or out yourselves and feel the pain!

Too early to rate....only had 3 weeks under new management. First impressions are positive. The community has a diverse guests and it will take the management some time to fully understand in order to manage effectively.

Yes we see at night seqourty but Sunday and yesterday holiday time we sow people siting in tv room and we ask them do you have a key this building he sad no someone open my door but they were panicking we look around us to see one secourety non of them there we called main day say we Mack a not I com sistem I need to be a safe I have a teenager they go to t v room to do homework we need to be safe ...!!!!

Nise floor plan, inner courtyards are quiet and nicely landscaped. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Recycling is important to me and Renissance Square collects all types.

I've been here for 2 years now and still really like it. rent is. a little high but it feels like home and I think the best apt complex in the area by far

Very happy with the new management. They are more available and very pleasent. I would like to suggest that they implement the guest permits for guest parking in the garage. This is for the safety of the residents and their vehicles. I would also like to see more security cameras installed at the entrances and exits of the complex as well as inside the parking garage. Safety should be a number one priority for its residences.

Renaissance Square is a nice place to live and very close to downtown. It is safe and well maintained. Staff is very courteous and helpful.

We are disappointed the leasing office is no longer open until 7pm to get packages that are delivered. It makes it difficult when you don't return home from work until 6.

Renaissance Square is perfectly located in downtown Concord, literally a few minutes' walk to restaurants, movies, shopping, and BART. The building is interesting architecturally, and a manageable size. The grounds were beautifully maintained when we first moved in 3 years ago, but have been neglected recently. Hoping new owners will restore it to its former profile. Biggest drawback: lax security. We've had a bike stolen, both of our cars broken into, our storage bins tampered with; others have had cars stolen and encountered homeless people climbing the fences to use the bathrooms, showers, hot tub and pool. Perhaps the new owners will take steps previous owners refused to. We hope so.

More cleaning of the common areas and better control over the dogs so the elevator doesn't smell like a BART terminal. Which STINKS and smells like a toilet.