Really nice place, love living here! If I ever have a problem, maintenance is done pretty quickly, and the people that work at the main office are very kind! I have had a great experience so far.

Overall I really like the reserve! I had a few problems moving in because we couldn't find my keys but overall my room was pretty clean and I'm satisfied

From the moment I signed my lease, I knew I would be signing with the best home accommodation in College Station! Everyone in the office is always welcoming me with a smile and willing to help with any situation!

The reserve was a really nice place to live at! The people working on the front could use a lot more training because no one knew the right answer to most questions.

I enjoy living here and the maintenance staff is great I just wish the air condition unit was better. Only about 2 of the 4 rooms get good airflow and the other 2 rooms are super duper hot.

Great/ nice houses. Fun and friendly people and environment! In a nice part of town, not right in the middle of everything but close enough that going into town isn't a pain.

Great place to live! Can be a little slow on maintenance requests. Also the shuttle bus is not always reliable. The rooms are huge, and a great space to live in.

Such a great app! I am a college student who can use extra money anywhere I can get it and this app offers a great and easy way to get it. J

I have viewed the grounds and the area I will be staying. I have determined that it will be a very great place to be. The service is great and have been helped great!

The reserve is amazing and so big size does matter! Love it! Can't wait to move in and get the full experience! Love the staff also! Very nice!

Community rewards rocks! It's super easy to use and has awesome rewards for everyone. I'm so glad my apartment complex uses community rewards

I love living at the Reserve. The houses are so spacious and I can get in to the fitness room 24 hours a day, it is great! Also, Roy is the best! :-)

Awesome staff and very helpful! Although I wish they would close the gates after business hours. The pool gets to crowded at night from people that don't like at the Reserve.

Everything is great! Kate is really helpful and we really loved meeting and interacting with her. The bedrooms are huge and the houses are updated and gorgeous.

The stat are really easy to work with. Trying to find a place for the year is a much easier experience when you do it at the reserve. best place in college station

I love The Reserve at College Station! They are always so sweet and so quick to help you with anything. Great customer service and I'm excited to be living here the next school year.

I love how big the houses are and how fast maintenance responds to problems reported. I also love the amenities offered to the residents. The overall atmosphere is great.

Things are getting better with management! Still waiting on getting my fence built but I am very proud of how well the property is taking care of getting things fixed at the reserve

Love the staff and the manager. The maintenance has gotten better over the past year! Love the space and the environment! Resigning because I love it so much!

I love the amenities and quaint atmosphere this community provides. The staff is very helpful and I look forward to moving here in the fall!

Maintenance is always on top of things. The yard people are late a lot we always have grass at our knees before they come. Community is friendly.

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Love it! Wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I feel completely at home. The amenities are the best around, like the beautiful pool, volley ball courts, basketball courts, and clubhouse. I love it here!

I absolutely LOVE living at the reserve! Such a great community, living here truly feels like a home away from home. The rooms are huge, the neighbors are friendly, it's the place to be hands down!

The Reserve is definitely the largest place to live in college station. So far I have loved living here and plan on living here again, it really is home

Love living here! It's such a great community with great houses. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I have had zero problems while living here. So excited for another year!!