I love living at the Reserve, and I would most likely live here again. It's a quiet neighborhood, and is away from campus and all of the craziness.

I love living here. Maintenance is super fast and rent is affordable! Room size is my favorite thing and they are finally working on the gate which will mean it’s truly going to be a gated community!

Beautiful homes- very spacious yet cozy! Love the layout and the community. Awesome, very accessible amenities and friendly, helpful and caring staff!

Absolutely love living at The Reserve! There is such a neighborhood feel and the houses are adorable, and how could I forget the huge rooms and closets?!

I have lived here for the past year and a half and it has been great! The houses are huge and are overall very nice. Wish I would have lived here all four years!

I love not being right in the middle of town and I have such an amazing house! I love how big the house is! It doesn't get much better than this!

Great community! This place is very convenient and comfortable, it is always there when you need it. The community is quiet but exstreamly connected.

It is very nice living at The Reserve in College station. I love being far enough from the city but still not take to long to get places. The community is great here!

The people who work here are always so helpful and nice. They really put their residents first. If you ever have a problem they are always just a call away

The Reserve is great! All of the rooms have ample space and huge closets. The community is very welcoming and there’s always events to attend

The apartments are absolutely amazing. Awesome layouts and super spacious. The community looks adorable and kept super clean. Everyone is super respectful of another and the community. Great place to live

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I moved in during August and the only deal breaker is how far away it is from campus. Besides that, everything else is wonderful and I would not change a thing!

I have enjoyed living here. I love the amenities, spacious rooms, and being away from campus and high traffic areas. The staff is friendly and very helpful with anything you need.

So far I have enjoyed living here. It’s definitely a step up from the last place I lived. I really like how spacious the house is and how I have my own separate space.

Management is easy to work with and houses are very spacious! Lots of bang for your buck and worth the commute. Pricier than most places in the area but they do offer lower renewal rates.

At the reserve I feel very safe and that is one of the reasons I chose to live here. The staff is very nice and the amenities are usuable and nice as well.

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The Reserves is an awesome community. It's extremely quiet and relaxing being outside of college station. Very friendly neighborhood hood and dog friendly!

No roommate problems. My house is quiet and have no problems with the houses around me. Nothing negative about living here other than the gates are still broken and havent been fixed in over a year

The houses are great, and the staff is very friendly and wonderful at answering all questions. Also the maintenance staff are pretty quick at coming to fix whatever we need fixed.

It's good! I enjoy being at the reserves. It took months to receive this gift card but is is worth the wait. I have a nice big house and good roommates

The Reserve at College Station is a very friendly place to live and gives the students here a very open neighborhood that still gives that college living feel.

My experience has been wonderful besides the one time there was only 1 shuttle for two hours! The house was perfect when I moved in and they keep the lawn cut.

I love living at the reserves! It's a very nice neighborhood type setting. The houses are very big and more than enough space! It's a little far from campus but worth it!

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The community is really dog freindly. The houses are huge which is great. There is plenty of room for four roommates to live in the same house and not be all over each other. The yards are always clean cut and kept up with. When you drive through it's like the perfect little neighborhood.

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everything is good except maintenance doesn’t get to the situation very efficiently. when they do it takes multiple times for them to fix a little problem

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