I've had a wonderful time so far staying here. I enjoy the amenities and the affordability of the apartments. Being able play pool, swim in a pool, and/or play ball all at the same place is awesome.

I love living at The Retreat. The location is amazing. I can get to Walmart in less than 5 minutes. The only issue I would report is that the square is almost 10 minutes away.

Been great so far! Enjoying the pool and gym whenever I can, it’s pretty quiet. I haven’t had any issues with managements, neighbors, or roommates.

Great place! Pool is nice as well. Very helpful front office. Very close to Jackson Ave and it’s right in the middle of everything in oxford.

I enjoy living at The Retreat very much. It feels like I am literally at home. The pool is my favorite part about the place. I did not get to come to the first pool party but i will for sure attend the next one!

love the pool great time! everything is great but the appliances dont work all the time and it gets kind of annoying to have to call maintance all the time.

Amazing, well recommended. A good environment for college students. And a good place to socialize and study. Staff are very friendly. Been living here for 3 years.

The Retreat is the best place to live in Oxford! I love the pool, study rooms, shuttles, and the rest of the amenities. It is pet friendly too!

Really love the location, the cleanliness outside could be better(dog poop everywhere). The staff are super helpful and nice! Love the pool just wish it would be kept cleaner

The staff is really professional, the houses are still quite new, and all of the amenities are great and well kept. If you do decide to rent furniture, it is totally worth it with a Tempurpedic bed and a soft cushiony chair.

Good atmosphere. Pool is very nice & hardly crowded. Maintenance came super fast to fix a problem in my apartment. Nice for the most part. Just a bit expensive.

Great community to live in! Staff is friendly, nice, and always willing to help out the best they can! There are also a vast range amenities provided for great resident experience!

It has been great and I look forward to staying here long term. I have friends that also stay here and they agree with me that it is one of the best places to live in Oxford as a student

I really love the house and all of the events the complex does but it sometimes takes a while for maintenance to respond. Overall a good place to live though!

The office has proved to be very unhelpful. From getting the rent wrong to charging rent twice to running out of the floor plan which we payed for. Booking system here is sub par.

I love living here. There is friendly people that work here. It’s a very comfortable place to live. I would recommend anyone to live here. Come stay at the retreat.

Absolutely love it here , great people, staff is very respectful and helpful. Pools really nice gym is also pretty nice. Phase 2 gym is really nice as well

The places are alright, thin walls and can hear everything. Our air has not been working all that well and the wifi is very spotty. Everything was pretty clean when we moved in.

I love the location and how great the internet is! This is my first time having a queen size bed so that’s awesome too. The view from my balcony is beautiful . I enjoy staying here at the Retreat!

it's pretty cool. the design is so nice and nothing beats living with my absolute best friends. I love having the bus to use to get around and the overall layout and setting is great

Awesome place to live ! Lovely people. Their dog park on phase two never has poop bags, but other than that my dog loves it. The workout rooms are amazing.

My experience here has been above average so far. A few disappointments were when out house didn’t come with a dryer for a week and we don’t have a peephole that works

Communication has been extremely subpar, but the living quarters are very nice. The residence portal has some issues that really need to be worked out.

When I arrived I was given a different bed space than indicated originally. It a week+ to get the key to my room as my roommate was in the space they assigned me on arrival. She had attempted to correct her room assignment in the months previous as well. I am unable to place maintenance requests because the system does not reflect that I have moved in to an apartment. Some of the staff in the office aren’t very friendly, but rather off putting. No parking passes have been distributed as of yet. It’s a bit of a mess.

I like living here. Apps have been slow and not working right. My neighbors are party animals. It’s been fun but hard to sleep. I’m still missing a screen