I really enjoy living at the retreat. It's close enough to campus I can walk or ride a bike, but far enough that I'm not living in a dorm. It's a fun experience.

Everything has been great living here the past 2 years, haven't had any problems what so ever. Would highly recommend living in the retreat to anyone!

The retreat at Oxford is a fun place to live with some great amenities offered. The pool is amazing and the fact that they have a personal bus to take you to the square is pretty awesome too.

I have lived here for two years and it has been an overall, very nice experience. If something was wrong in the house, maintenance always showed up in a timely and friendly fashion. I used the free printing to my advantage and the people working the front desk were always nice and helpful when I came in to print off my assignments for school.

Great! Love living here! Could use a few tweaks, but over all I have enjoyed it. I would recommend anyone to live here. The pool is so fun!!

I absolutely love living at The Retreat. The atmosphere, housing, and amenities are all incredible. My only complaint is that it is poorly managed. Issues with fines or rent or electricity are never sorted out easily. The staff tries to be helpful but is filled with a bunch of college students just like the residents. If they were to bring in some senior leadership to help make sure that the place is run right and everything is handled correctly, they would get 5 Stars every time.

Management could be a little more understanding. Towing people on game day is also pretty mean. The place seems to have been built out of straw and the open door policy for allowing the police to dismantle parties during game weekends often leads to unnecessary arrests and alot of trouble. Hope this place can turn things around because it has alot of potentiel. The staff and management are just too rocky for me and my roomates to return though.

I did enjoy my stay, however it was disappointing that I could not opt out of my lease before I left. The place always stayed clean thanks the the great grounds crew.

Great place to live this is my 3rd year living in the same cottage. Pool is a blast and love the community when it comes to hanging out with friends

they have great management! they are always there to help with whatever questions you may have, and the amenities are great and are kept very clean

Coming back for more, preparing to move into my new house in the front of the neighborhood for year number two with The Retreat. Individuals are working hard just to get the house i am transferring in ready for my move so that I can concentrate on the accelerated course I am taking during August Intercession. There were workers there last night when I drove by at 10:30pm.

Retreat at Oxford has been everything I've wanted in the college experience. Made great friends and always have a good time as well have a strong community feel.

Appliances, furniture is only decent. Customer service is not great. Too many emails about unimportant things. Everything else is great though.

Great amenities, everyone in the office has been pleasant and helpful. Only down side is with all this eauitful weather and so many visitors to the pool I have limited parking at my house.

Doing a great job everything is clean and neat while also not having any other problems with neighbors. The trash situation could be better with only 1 dumpster in the complex.

I love it, the pool is great and I have a great location with good neighbors. Walls are thin, but overall I think it's great! There is always parking.

Move in process was not efficient. Carpets had still not been steamed, as well as the apartment still being dirty. Simple things such as vacuuming/mopping had not been done as well as many others.

So far everything at the retreat has been great! We've had one problem with appliances in our kitchen and the maintance guys got right on fixing it!

Out of all the housing complexes I've previously lived, The Retreat is by far the best housing community experience I've ever been a part of!

Had some troubles when we first moved in, but everything got fix immediately. Love the shuttle bus and the pool! Great apartment! Want to live here next year!

pretty well cant complain except for mail box key. the free transportation on game days is very helpfuly. also being allowed to have my pupppy

My overall experience at the retreat has been wonderful. I enjoy my living experience in my cottage with my roommates. We especially enjoy the pool and other amendities they have to offer. My parents think it's a lovely place as well.

This house is wonderful, the people at the desk in the clubhouse are always super nice, and all of my problems are solved quickly and professionally. Great place to live!

I've enjoyed living at the retreat. I would recommend it to my friends. I feel like it is a little pricey. Maintenance and management have worked well with me!

I enjoy living at The Retreat. The pool is nice and I have not had very many problems with our house. My main complaint is about the wifi and the fact that the pool was closed all weekend for Labor Day weekend. I did not think that was fair for paying residents.