Great idea but can't seem to keep it up. The package center is awful because I have to wait an extra day to get package. They take forever to do maintenance requests and it was like they never cleaned the house or checked it before we moved in

its been a terrible experience living in the retreat. quality of homes are terrible and so is the staff and maintenance. I Would never recommend the retreat to anyone

If I could give this zero stars I would. Poor management. Dirty grounds. Disgusting units and awful maintenance. They can walk in whenever they please to your house. They take weeks even months to fix basic maintenance. People don’t clean up after their dogs. The trash is disgusting and causes the buildings to be infested with flies. The list goes on. I hated living here and can’t believe I paid 750 a month for this.

Move in process was not efficient. Carpets had still not been steamed, as well as the apartment still being dirty. Simple things such as vacuuming/mopping had not been done as well as many others.

No one has called me back or Andrews emails from me or my parents. Still have not received my placement. I wish things were more organized and that communication was better.

My experience has been horrible so far, the staff is inattentive and the houses are trashed when you move in. I’m trying to move somewhere else for next semester

Random Roomate option, was a terrible call. I was randomly given a Roomate who isn't even student at ole miss. He is an uber driver. I was sold on student housing not taxi drivers as roommates...

There is broken glass all over the walkways and everyone has been really rowdy. There are beer cans all over the grass areas and that's just trashy. My fridge has been broken for weeks and no one will come by to look at it. I'm very disappointed.

This place is awful. They never fix anything in a timely manner and they make everything much harder than it needs to be. The houses are cheaply built and break easily and they want you to pay for it.

I am having problems with my experience with community rewards because I am not able to pay a bill or send money through the cash app. So I’m not happy

A lot of things in house are broken and 5 months after putting in a mantaince request, everything is still broken. The rooms are pretty small and i never find myself using the amenities either. Parking is limited because everyone parks here to use the pool even when they don’t live here

I stayed at archive last year and it was trash. The house wasn’t what at they said it would they said it would be, the whole place was gross.

It’s a great idea but they don’t take care of anything. They don’t allow us to have trash on our pour here but the dumpsters are always over flowing. They also NEVER take care of maintenance requests unless a parent calls.

I have had my AC break 4 times since I have lived here. My house walls are painted in streaks of white and my stair rail never permanently dried.

Management could be a little more understanding. Towing people on game day is also pretty mean. The place seems to have been built out of straw and the open door policy for allowing the police to dismantle parties during game weekends often leads to unnecessary arrests and alot of trouble. Hope this place can turn things around because it has alot of potentiel. The staff and management are just too rocky for me and my roomates to return though.

I have had a very poor experience, due to the fact that my property has been damaged under the watch of the retreat, and no repercussions were taken. Files have also been lost on me, stating I don’t live here, even though I have been paying rent the last 9 months.

Charge you for basically everything under the sun. Maintenance men are the best thing about this place. Management is terrible and even took away our trash bin

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The staff cannot tell you anything useful. They usually hide in the back of the office if you need anything. My move in process was a hassle dealing with management.

Living at the retreat is a pleasure but there are a few things that are wrong. I think that you guys don’t give yourselfs enough time between renters to real clean up and fix the houses

I sleep here. Don't do anything else. Resigned for a Yeti and the Amazon gift card but I don't know how to claim the gift card. I enjoy living here but it does get frustrating.

I’ve lived here coming up to two years. Great place to live for your under classmen years. Once junior year hits the atmosphere becomes irritating.

It's very home-like. But home has a lot of problems including fixtures, cabinets, and spider webs. It's a good location, with a lots of living space.

Well where do I start. Not only is it my favorite place but its fun. Its a nice place to live and nice people work here. Hurry up and get your spot before its gone.

Wifi connection is terrible and maintenance request take a week Wifi connection is terrible and maintenance request take a week Wifi connection is terrible and maintenance request take a week

People in the office are nice, but sometimes they don't seem like they know what's going on/ one time they said they didn't have a package of mine and it had been there for weeks and I was never told