It’s a very nice loving and home like community you will really love they make you feel special. From the housing fair to move in the experience is amazing

The Retreat is a really nice place. The community is big and there’s a bunch to do. People are very friendly and nice. There’s a dog park for all the animal lovers .

I’ve been coming over the retreat for the past year now and it’s been a great experience and there’s a lot of things that have to over that residents can use.

Thank you so much for the card! Definitely a great reason to live at the retreat and y’all website was very easy to use user friendly! I can’t wait to use the card!

I love the retreat and all its amenities, i love the yoga classes that are online on the tv in the gym so i can do it whenever i am not in the mood to do anything else

I love it here. The atmosphere is awesome. A lot of my friends are residents here and we are having a blast. The house is beautiful and the grounds are amazing.

The Retreat at Oxford has been a great first year living off campus experience. From the amenities to the comfortability, I resigned for the same apartment for a reason. Although there are many other great places to live in Oxford, I really feel at home here.

Love living at the Retreat so much that I will be living here again next year. There is no better compliment than that. The amenities are great!

My resident experience has been a good one so far. Signing up for the retreat was an easy process and claiming the gifts that were promised came in quickly as well.

I have visited the Retreat at Oxford many times visiting friends and such. They have never complained and neither have I. The houses are nice and quiet but capable of a good time.

I absolutely love the retreat. The cottages are so cute because they're all different colors and the pool is super awesome. The tanning bed in the main building is so convenient

Staff at front desk is excellent, roomy bedrooms and variety of house styles to choose from. Been very happy in my two years here and plan on renewing for last year!

Good! I enjoy the staff at the retreat, the maintenance staff always comes around to fix any problems as soon as possible and it's amazing. Thank you!!

I like how the management at the Retreat at Oxford is continuing to make strides to improve the infrastructure around the area. The lawn mowing and trash pick up also helps provide a clean atmosphere about the area.

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I really enjoy living in the Retreat at Oxford. It is a great community with a lot of amazing amenities. The houses are so nice and it truly feels like home!

So far, I have had a great experience living at the Retreat! The staff is very friendly and the grounds are kept up very well. It is a great environment to live in!

I would like to be resident of the month. It is also my birth month so it really only makes sense for me to be the resident of the month. Thank you for your consideration.

Having a wonderful time. Everything is awesome. I love The Retreat so so so so so so so so so so so much. I love giving feedback because I like getting points.

I really enjoy living at the retreat. It's close enough to campus I can walk or ride a bike, but far enough that I'm not living in a dorm. It's a fun experience.

I love living here, its the best place in Oxford for student housing. I love my home and the club house and have so much fun at the pool and the gym!

Everything has been great living here the past 2 years, haven't had any problems what so ever. Would highly recommend living in the retreat to anyone!

they have great management! they are always there to help with whatever questions you may have, and the amenities are great and are kept very clean

The retreat at Oxford is a fun place to live with some great amenities offered. The pool is amazing and the fact that they have a personal bus to take you to the square is pretty awesome too.

Great! Love living here! Could use a few tweaks, but over all I have enjoyed it. I would recommend anyone to live here. The pool is so fun!!

I have had the best experience at the Retreat at Oxford over the past two years. They have great staff and facilities. I would not have wanted to live any where else during my time at Ole Miss.