Love how pet friendly it is. I don't see myself living anywhere else for the next two years I have here. The staff is great and seems to be very helpful.

I loved my experience. The property is so nice and the amenities are awesome. I wish the tanning beds had new bulbs but other than that I can tell they are improving!

The retreat at Oxford is a fun place to live with some great amenities offered. The pool is amazing and the fact that they have a personal bus to take you to the square is pretty awesome too.

they have great management! they are always there to help with whatever questions you may have, and the amenities are great and are kept very clean

My experience at the retreat has been fantastic. The bus system makes it easy to get to and from campus as well as the square on the weekends.

So far, I have had a great experience living at the Retreat! The staff is very friendly and the grounds are kept up very well. It is a great environment to live in!

I love the retreat. It’s an amazing place to be and I absolutely love the pool! The cottages are very updated and they feel like you’re At home!

Everything has been great living here the past 2 years, haven't had any problems what so ever. Would highly recommend living in the retreat to anyone!

I love living here, its the best place in Oxford for student housing. I love my home and the club house and have so much fun at the pool and the gym!

I really enjoy living at the retreat. It's close enough to campus I can walk or ride a bike, but far enough that I'm not living in a dorm. It's a fun experience.

I've certainly got my money's worth here at the Retreat at Oxford. The staff are all well-kind and considerate. It's a very friendly environment when it comes to hospitality.

Having a wonderful time. Everything is awesome. I love The Retreat so so so so so so so so so so so much. I love giving feedback because I like getting points.

I would like to be resident of the month. It is also my birth month so it really only makes sense for me to be the resident of the month. Thank you for your consideration.

really enjoy using this, very fun and rewarding. well put together, will definitely continue to use this throughout my stay at the retreat. the retreat offers so many great rewards and this is just one.

It is amazing! Everyone is nice and friendly. The pool is always fun on weekends. It makes me feel at home. There are little food events that are also nice to go because it’s free food.

I really enjoy living in the Retreat at Oxford. It is a great community with a lot of amazing amenities. The houses are so nice and it truly feels like home!

The apartment is really nice. The amenities like the pool, gym and tanning are really beneficial and make the retreat stand out from the other housing complexes in Oxford

So friendly when I pick up packages. They even jokes with me once because I had like 5 packages in a day haha. All the staff and management is amazinf

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Good I love it here. I renewed my lease for another year and I'm excited about it. I wish I was moving into a new cottage though because they do look really nice! :)

I've had nothing but great experiences with every staff member. I just renewed yesterday, and couldn't be happier. The pool is great, the gym and basketball court are great. This place is perfect.

The neighborhood has great facilities and the staff is always ready to help whenever you need it. Highly suggest living here if you get the chance.

I like how the management at the Retreat at Oxford is continuing to make strides to improve the infrastructure around the area. The lawn mowing and trash pick up also helps provide a clean atmosphere about the area.

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Love everything about living here and the maintence guys are the best. The location is a huge plus, and we have the best pool out of all the other places in oxford.

The Retreat provides its residents with nice houses in a great community. There are several options to choose from whether you are looking for a place to write a paper or have fun on a weekend.

The retreat is cool and fun, except it having the rates go up even though we renew our lease. It makes absolutely no sense. But great people and lots of fun