I love the atmosphere at the Retreat. The only problem we have had is maintenance issues and bugs. Other than that everything has been great

the living conditions are good, a little pricey for what we have, but still good. the new manager is a lot better than the old one, but there's still a lot of dysfunction & unorganization.

Love how pet friendly it is. I don't see myself living anywhere else for the next two years I have here. The staff is great and seems to be very helpful.

The Retreat is awesome! Spacious and well designed cottages, friendly staff, and amazing amenities. Everyone should live at the retreat! Wish there was visitor parking in phase II though

Wish the electricity could be included in the rent and also don’t think I should have to pay insurance for the house. The company should do that. A little too expensive for what you get. Nice gym and pool though.

I've had no problems, and the staff is all really nice. Super easy to pay rent and electric. only thing that is annoying is that phase 2 has no guest parking

I love the retreat. It’s very spacious. It’s a real community. The gym facilities are amazing, though the touch screen on the ellipticals at the front don’t always work.

Comfortable houses but slow response to maintenance requests neighbors are mostly friendly but some are loud and the walls are really thin so you can hear everything through them

The neighborhood is beautiful. The neighbors are all friendly and I like that it is pet friendly. I have a courtyard and I rarely hear my direct neighbors.

I love living here at The Retreat! The stafff is amazing and always so helpful when I need help! Having my own little get away (RETREAT) is one thing that I enjoy the most! I definitely recommend living here!!

Love the pool! But move in is terrible and waiting for things to be fixed in your house takes FOREVER. The parking also stinks because they never tow.

Great place to live. Fun and inviting with great amenities. However the trash situation isn't the best. The houses are great they let you keep your privacy but still have a community.

This place is really nice. The amenities are great and the pool is the place to be. The cottage houses are in very good shape and have very nice appliances

Random Roomate option, was a terrible call. I was randomly given a Roomate who isn't even student at ole miss. He is an uber driver. I was sold on student housing not taxi drivers as roommates...

Terrible move in, machines in gym are constantly not working, pool has been closed several times. The apartment is in need of several repairs.

It’s a good housing complex with a good neighborhood and an ok built house but just everything in this house is always broken such as showers or sinks, and the maintenance takes forever to fix anything but it’s one of the better places to live in oxford as a student.

good cute housing but management needs work. we had a lot of problems moving in and some a still present but overall the amenities are really nice and the gym is awesome

The apartment wasn't clean on move in. In addition, it took several weeks for maintenance to process my requests, only doing so after I brought it to the attention of management. Otherwise, I'm satisfied with the community. The people are great and I love living near a really nice pool.

It is an okay place. There is a lot of damage from the previous tenants. Also the dishwasher doesn't dry dishes. I thought the pool would be deeper than it is but it's nice.

The retreat is a pretty great place to live. I love having my own house and the gym and pool are really awesome. The buses that take you to school are very helpful.

Living in the retreat has been a wonderful experience so far! It has been a fantastic community and the housing units themselves are fantastic. The only downside is that the walls are rather thin. I can hear everything in the living room from my bedroom downstairs. Aside from that, A+

Great people live here but houses are not put together right. We have had many problems inside of our house and have put in maintence requests that have take forever to go through

I love the different amenities that this community offers. The responsiveness of the staff is usually pretty quick. However, there were a few things in my apartment that were not up to par when I moved in.

I love living here. I get to be close to my friends and close to the community while still being in an atmosphere that I can learn and grow in.

It’s been great. I’ve gotten some hypocritical feedback on making payments though. And my cottage was not ready in move in day. But other than that it’s amazing. I love all of the amenities that we can use.