The retreat is cool and fun, except it having the rates go up even though we renew our lease. It makes absolutely no sense. But great people and lots of fun

Love everything about living here and the maintence guys are the best. The location is a huge plus, and we have the best pool out of all the other places in oxford.

The retreat in oxford, Mississippi is one of the best places to live for the average college student. The rent is affordable and the houses are great.

Very nice living. Couldn't be more pleased with location of apartment. Only wish rent was cheaper for a 4 year old product where college kids lived in. Also have smaller room compared to other roommates with NO CLOSET!

Doing well but things could always be better. The new section bathroom toilets suck though and the water pressure is garbage. Overall, good.

everything is very nice and the retreat, and all of the staff are very nice also! the only complaint I have is that when my roommates and I put in a maintenance request, we have received no response at all.

Having a wonderful time. Everything is awesome. I love The Retreat so so so so so so so so so so so much. I love giving feedback because I like getting points.

I would like to be resident of the month. It is also my birth month so it really only makes sense for me to be the resident of the month. Thank you for your consideration.

Awesome! Ammenities are great. Staff is professional and well trained and can help with anything. The community atmosphere and distance to campus are also preferred.

So far it's been such a fun place to live! Maintence is usually really helpful and the staff do what the can to help in any way. The facilities are a great addition to have!

I love the swimming pool and tanning beds. The beds could be updated though. The parking is bad at night and the speed bumps get old but I love the neighborhood and the bus that goes to campus!

So far, I have had a great experience living at the Retreat! The staff is very friendly and the grounds are kept up very well. It is a great environment to live in!

I really enjoy living in the Retreat at Oxford. It is a great community with a lot of amazing amenities. The houses are so nice and it truly feels like home!

I've only been here for 3 weeks, but so far so good. The only complaint I really have, so far, is that when I went to the pool the other weekend it was completely trashed (though it wasn't management's fault). Beer cans and cigarettes EVERYWHERE; even in the pool. I'm not sure if that's what the tenants do on a regular basis or if there was a party that particular day. But its unfortunate that we have such a nice complex with people that aren't concerned with keeping the space they live in clean. Other than that, everything has been good so far.

I love the retreat! They are so nice and it is a great community to live in. I think that everyone should live in the retreat! The pool is a fun place in the summer

Great community love living here so much fun. Enjoy the pool and the gym and other amenities. Staff is very helpful and rooms are spacious. Overall great

I think the units are a little cheaply made and that the maintenance is not very helpful but other than that it has been a good experience overall.

It was a fun time...what more can I say? There is no other place in Oxford that i would like to live. The pool parties were by far the best thing here

I like how the management at the Retreat at Oxford is continuing to make strides to improve the infrastructure around the area. The lawn mowing and trash pick up also helps provide a clean atmosphere about the area.

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Living here was alright. The materials the houses are built with are cheap and you can tel that the place was built in a rush. But the pool is nice.

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Overall I have really enjoyed living at The Retreat. I love how close it is to everything. Everyone is so friendly. I'm not crazy about how noisy it gets, but it's not too bad.

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Y'all are doing great! Keep up the good work. I've really enjoyed living at the retreat and I love all of the amenities it has to offer!!!!!

Good! I enjoy the staff at the retreat, the maintenance staff always comes around to fix any problems as soon as possible and it's amazing. Thank you!!

I have had the best experience at the Retreat at Oxford over the past two years. They have great staff and facilities. I would not have wanted to live any where else during my time at Ole Miss.

The houses are pretty decent, since they are still only a few years old they are little low in quality, could use some touching up on the walls. But overall they are pretty nice. The amenities are very useful, an expanded fitness center would be nice. With only a few machines and that small space it gets crowded quickly. The management are very helpful and always pleasant.