Really fun place to live. A bunch of my friends are in my neighborhood and the gym is pretty cool too. Probably gonna love here again next year

Living here is great and convenient; however, garbage disposal should be made easier by adding more dumpsters. This will make it easier for individuals to throw away their trash without hauling it a mile in the heat.

It's very home-like. But home has a lot of problems including fixtures, cabinets, and spider webs. It's a good location, with a lots of living space.

awesome!!! love living near my pi phi sisters!!! love having such an awesome pool, work out space, tanning area, and community of awesome people!!!

Maintenance request hasn't been filled after almost a month and the trash compactor right next to my house doesn't get cleared enough, but other than that I can't complain

I have enjoyed living at The Retreat at Oxford thus far. The staff seem to be genuinely concerned with helping the residents have the best possible experience and are very accommodating.

Great idea but can't seem to keep it up. The package center is awful because I have to wait an extra day to get package. They take forever to do maintenance requests and it was like they never cleaned the house or checked it before we moved in

I have had a great experience at the retreat. They have great amenities and i love going to the pool. The golf simulators is one of my favorite things there

Likes: I feel the Retreat has a lot to offer. It has a very nice study facility with printers, a gym, tanning bed, and pool. It comes with individual leases, a private bathroom per person, and a bus system to make sure we can get to and from campus or the square. Dislikes: However, this is my second year living here, and I haven't been shown a whole lot of customer loyalty respect. I didn't receive any of my special requests on the leasing contract. I was placed with a random roommate and was never notified until 7:30 PM of move-in day. I am a female and they wouldn't give me his phone number to try and get in contact with him. I was staying at the house by myself. Also, I wasn't allowed to receive any type of promotional gift card, and I was treated very rudely by the office staff. I pay for this place myself, and I feel as a returning resident, it shouldn't be like this.

I love my apartment!! the community is amazing. I am so close to all of my friends and classmates. It is great that the Out bus picks up in the neighborhood because I do not have a car and would otherwise not have rides to campus! I love the amenities the community includes. The gym is so close to my home, the tanning was an unexpected surprise, the study rooms are perfect and the pool is so so fun!!

The retreat at oxford is a great student housing place to stay. It includes several amenities and also a nice place to live. I will continue staying here.

Solid! Best place to live in oxford. Things that suck tho- the size of my room, the frogs that are invading the community, the smell from the trash, and the increase in rent even if you already lived there

Great living, great amenities. Always someone available to help out. Furnished with great furniture. Great location, 5 miners from everything in town.

Very homy and safe. I love the carpet in the house. The pool is also very nice. I use the basketball court a lot too. The clubhouse is also a very helpful resource

So far I really like it at The Reteat. Our unit is really nice and we have good neighbors around us. I have used some of the amenities which are great. It is close to campus and a really nice place to live.

facilities are great and the property upkeep is great. However, the inside of my unit looked like it wasn't inspected too well before move in. There is damages too the uni, such as a crack in the front door, missing lightbulbs, and a broken closet door.

I love that every apartment is its own little house. It allows us to spread out and just be us in our place. The pool is really nice and it's an easy drive to campus.

Overall living in the retreat has been a good decision. Having the pool and basketball court have been huge perks as well as shuttle system to campus. Only thing that's been annoying is the time inbetween the busses coming and location where they pickup on campus.

When applying, I was impressed with the staff. Now--not so much. I like the amenities; however, the customer service and communication could use some work. Also, move-in day was awful, and my roommates and I never heard anything about "move-in week".

Such a perfect off campus house. The staff is amazing and responds in a timely manner. The houses are well made and perfect for my sophomore year.

IT IS pretty good, lots of activities are furnished by the community such as the swimming pool, game room, and basket ball courts which are all wwonderful to have in the community.

My experience at the retreat has been nothing but positive. The facility itself is amazing, but everyone that works in the office is always willing to help as well, which makes for an even better experience.

I love it here!! Would recommend living here to anyone who asks!! The management is so nice and helpful and it's just a very friendly community!

Had a little confusion with my apartment but had good communication with Brandon and we made it work. He was very nice and has answered all of our questions! Excited to live at The Retreat!

I think that if you are giving out free gifts you should advertise it more so that current tenants will know about it just like new possible tenants.