The Retreat has been one of the most fun places that I have ever lived in. The people who work at the clubhouse are never rude and always willing to help

These apartments are very beautiful. They are extremely affordable. They residents are really friendly and will help you if you need any type of help.


generally, things get fixed really quickly and I love the pool! The people at the front desk are really nice and easy to work with. The lounge area and tanning beds are awesome

The convenience of the retreat has been an up side, but the houses are old and dirty. Also, the neighborhood is kind of rough when it comes to how rowdy people are and how loud my neighbors are.

I like living here but sometimes they are slow to make repairs. We've had our air go out twice this semester and it took nearly two days to get someone out here.

I love my apartments! They have awesome service at the front office. The maintenance crew always works hard make sure everything is taken care of in a timely matter. Also great amenities!

Great place to live with awesome pool and activities often at the Clubhouse. Very spacious living space with furnished apartments too. I love having my own bathroom.

fantastic but the houses are in need of cleaning like the carpet is so dirty and the stoves are herendous but other than that awesome, i love the amenities!

Loving living here so far. Only complaint I have is that one of my outlets didn't work and I put in a maintenance request and they came and "fixed" it but it still doesn't work.

Love this place!! Everyone is always so nice and helpful! Definitely live at the Retreat Oxford because they are the best! Everything from the amenities to maintence make this place awesome!

Love it!! I just renewed my lease for the third year in a row!! I have lived in the old, and new section and was happy with both. I love having the new study room and gym so close to my house!!

Security is not strict enough on who is allowed to enter the pool and basketball area. Most days there are tons of people out there who do not live here.

THE APARTMENT was a multi-award winner, perfectly cast from the top down, with Jack Lemmon sublimely conflicted as the passive and unassertive C.C. Baxter, a most untypical movie "hero." wonderful apartment!

Modern and fun place to live. Cultivates a prosperous environment. I always feel safe and welcomed. It has great amenities, especially the pool.

The retreat has great amenities. That's about all I enjoy. The walls of the houses are not built very well, you can hear EVERYTHING even people just talking in their rooms. The staff is not very friendly or helpful either.

I like living in the retreat. The only thing i do not like is the fact that you pay the exact same amount to live in the old section as the new section. Not sure why the rent for the old section doesn't go down after living here for a year.

top notch! this community is a vibrant example of everything you want in a college living community. The pol is hopping and beach volleyball is competitive

Great at keeping the residents updated on the building process and the awesome amenities Oxford Uncommon has to offer! So excited to live here next year.

I love living here at the retreat at oxford. The community is nice and quiet. If you are looking for somewhere to stay this fall come and see it for yourself.

The retreat is a friendly environment that is very reliable when needed. The amenities are probably the best you could find in student living housing in Oxford.

The retreat is a nice place to live! It has great amenities that are fun and for everyone! I am really excited to start living here! I have tons of friends who lived here and who have enjoyed it

the retreat is amazing and so fun! I love the staff and I am very excited to live here. I have a lot of friends that already live at the retreat and say how great it is and I can not wait to find out for myself!

I have heard nothing but great things about the retreat and cannot wait to live there next year. It seems like such a great community and is so pretty.

Living at the retreat was the best decision I made!! Loving sophomore year because of it! Having my own bedroom and bathroom with all the amentities is so nice!