The retreat is a great place to live off campus, especially as a sophomore. It is close to campus and just minutes away from the square. Highly recommend.

The retreat has so many features, the most I found in Oxford. As a transfer student it has been easy to transition when the place you live is so nice.

Apartment amenities are great. Staff is well-managed. Good activities on site. Pool is awesome. Do not like the noise and some features of the apartment.

I had a good time. One if the great things about living in the retreat is that the landscape is very well maintained. The houses need to be reforced with stronger material. Otherwise the employees and facilities are great!

The Retreat is way to overpriced. It's really unfortunate that us broke college kids are having to pay what we do. It's like that everywhere in oxford though, something needs to happen

Our house is old and constantly looks dirty from the stains on the floor. I can hear my neighbors easily through the walls, and it can often be annoying/loud. The set up of our house is pretty inconvenient; I live in the four bedrooms, three floors one.

Overall good. Trash should not be as hard as it is. Every other community takes it out for the residents. Also houses are so cheaply built and then we get fined when things break through everyday use. Kinda crapy of you guys.

Nice community! Neighbors are great, the pool is amazing ! Love living here. Or just visiting a friend here is always fun. Definitely a place to live

I am excited to live at the retreat. I have been there many times and the buildings are very nice and the community feels very safe. Also the pool and the other ammenties are very up to date and nice.

The retreat is a great place to live! The grounds are always clean and always being improved. The employees are nice and the facilities are always clean.

I love living at the retreat! Every time I have had something go wrong in my house the maintenance team has been on top of it and I will forever be grateful for that!

Could be worse! It's really not that bad living at the retreat excep that something is dumb about this I write review for website and so I review the this heat we

I never got my amazon 50 dollar gift card after i clicked on the email link. I downloaded the app too from there, but the 50 dollar card didnt show up

I love living in the retreat. The ame retire are great, I love the tanning here and the mail system here is really great and easy. The maintenance people are the best.

Community rewards is a convenient and easy way to earn a little extra. I haven't yet reached the amount to get a reward but I am getting very close without using up my time

Love the rewards program, the platform is simple and easy to navigate. This has made referring others very easy and the process of earning points seems more like an appealing activity rather than a chore.

Maintenance takes too long to be completed. I love The community though. The basketball courts are kept clean. The pool is always clean. Just need better maintenance response

The walls are too thin. The flys are outrageous in the warmer weathers. The speed bump can mess up your cars (way to over the top steep). And the Maintainence takes forever to fix, on my initial move in evaluation I notified I needed my light in bathroom fixed and it never was.

So far you are doing well, I am just starting to get the hang of this site. I signed up because I got a gift card bonus for resigning my lease but there is some cool stuff on here too.

Really expensive for cheaply built houses in a college town. I think thank my $700 rent should be about half of that considering the quality and I'm a college student

I love living at the Retreat at Oxford! I have had such a great experience with everything. I have actually already renewed my lease for next year!

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The retreat is cool and fun, except it having the rates go up even though we renew our lease. It makes absolutely no sense. But great people and lots of fun

Love everything about living here and the maintence guys are the best. The location is a huge plus, and we have the best pool out of all the other places in oxford.

The retreat in oxford, Mississippi is one of the best places to live for the average college student. The rent is affordable and the houses are great.

Very nice living. Couldn't be more pleased with location of apartment. Only wish rent was cheaper for a 4 year old product where college kids lived in. Also have smaller room compared to other roommates with NO CLOSET!