I love living at the retreat, the only thing is that over that works a lot of trash can accumulate outside, but other than that the people who live and work at the retreat are nice.

It's a nice place to live!! It's fun how the houses are different sizes and different colors! It can be kind of expensive but includes all amenities.

The neighborhood has great facilities and the staff is always ready to help whenever you need it. Highly suggest living here if you get the chance.

Good I love it here. I renewed my lease for another year and I'm excited about it. I wish I was moving into a new cottage though because they do look really nice! :)

I have loved living at the Retreat! It gives a very comfortable vibe with very nice people who work at the front desk. Definitely renewed. You can't find a more generous living area!

I've had nothing but great experiences with every staff member. I just renewed yesterday, and couldn't be happier. The pool is great, the gym and basketball court are great. This place is perfect.

I do not really stay here much at all. So I can not honestly rate the place. All I can say is when I have stayed here the pool was not open a lot of the times while we were able to use it and the walls are very thin I can hear everything that goes on in my house

We were so excited to move into our place. The unit itself is very pretty, spacious & for the most part nicely upgraded compared to what else is out there.

Amazing cottages for a good price. It's priced reasonable for the area and the amenities, bus route stop, new parking spots show that they respond to the community.

The Retreat is a great place to live. If anything is wrong in your house maintenance is always right on it. The amenities are alway very useful.

I have lived at the Retreat at Oxford for 4 months now and have no complaints whatsoever. Any problem I have had, the people at the Retreat have helped immediately. The accommodations have also been very helpful when either trying to relax or study for a test.

Everybody is always friendly around at the Retreat! I always get the help needed since I moved in! You can always count on the Retreat at all times!

The Retreat at Oxford is a great place to live! I love the spacious living room/ kitchen and my huge closet! It can get loud Thursday-Saturday night outside.

Very organized, and very good about packages. Community grounds always look good and clean and the two men that look over the grounds are so nice and helpful

I love living at the retreat. i am strongly considering living here next year. I just wish y'all had a community fire pit near the clubhouse or a hot tub like the hub.

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I've really enjoyed my time here! The staff has been super friendly and always helpful. The living experience here is perfect for college students.

So friendly when I pick up packages. They even jokes with me once because I had like 5 packages in a day haha. All the staff and management is amazinf

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The wifi still needs improving, but I am satisfied with the rest of my experience. The front desk is always manned, and I get mail and assistance there in a very timely manner.

You are doing pretty good. The wifi could be a lot better and the furniture could be in a lot better condition that what it is but so far it's pretty good.

The Retreat is a great option for students who want to live off campus in Oxford. I have really enjoyed living in here and highly recommend it!

I really enjoy living at the retreat. It's close enough to campus I can walk or ride a bike, but far enough that I'm not living in a dorm. It's a fun experience.

The retreat is a fun and interesting place to live. The people in the community and makes it a fun place to party, the fines and trash are a little excessive but besides that all the amenities make it worthwhile.

I really like living here at the retreat. It is the best place for a college student to live in all of oxford. Come in today and be apart of our family.

I have been living here for about a year, and it has been great. The facilities including the pool and gym are amazing and so convenient. Also, I love having a queen size bed.

I have no complaints, but I feel like the study areas in the clubhouse will get too crowded once the new houses are built. The study areas are already often full.