Living at the retreat has been nothing less than a great experience! The staff is nice and always willing to help, and if there ever is a problem maintenance is one quick and easy call away!

Very nice living community. Service is very well. Maintanence comes when needed to be. My favorite place is the pool and clubhouse also the study rooms

I love the placement of my house because I am by the bus stop and club house and pool, but the workers don’t know what they’re doing half the time and maintenance doesn’t come for months to fix problems and loyal residents don’t get rewarded but those who sign last minute do

Great except it takes a while for maintenance requests take a while. It would be great if there was some kind of trash service, even if we had to pay extra each month. Great neighborhood and community feel though

The location and amenities are awesome but the maintaince request take forever ! I would live here again and I really enjoyed my lease here! Also some of the front management people are really nice and some act like they don’t care

It has been such a great experience living at the Retreat at Oxford! Great amenities, awesome pool, and a ton of good times! Thank you Retreat!

Definitely a college living community. Everyone here is a college student and goes to Ole Miss. A lot of fun but can also be a distraction. People here love to party

I have had such a great experience so far. We had a hard time getting someone to answer our emails at first, but once they did they helped a lot.

Great place to live for Ole Miss students. Amenities are great, and the staff is always friendly and ready to help with anything you need. Having a balcony is a great place to hang out or study on a nice day.

Overall I love living in the retreat but I do find there are many issues trying to get maintence issues solved and figured out. No one ever shows up.

This year at the retreat has been awesome. It’s a very lovely place and a great experience to meet many people and also have so many great opportunities for prizes and other things.

It’s a very nice loving and home like community you will really love they make you feel special. From the housing fair to move in the experience is amazing

The Retreat is a really nice place. The community is big and there’s a bunch to do. People are very friendly and nice. There’s a dog park for all the animal lovers .

I’ve been coming over the retreat for the past year now and it’s been a great experience and there’s a lot of things that have to over that residents can use.

I love the apartment it’s very spacious and it’s a nice neighborhood and i hat to have to leave i love to go swim it the biggest pool in Oxford

This is the best place to live in Oxford! The Retreat feels like a home away from home. It’s nice to know there is a community like The Retreat in Oxford when you are 6 hours from home.

The community is very lively and active. You will often see students walking their dogs or hanging out on their balconies or porches. Theres a great pool, dog park, and workout facilities as well as study rooms and computer lab. The staff is always available on call. The only downside might be the large greek life presence. The pre-furnsished furniture is also quite cheap as you would expect. The bathrooms and kitchens could have a nicer quality material.

I stay often at Residence Inn and am always impressed with Food Service - we meet smiling Rosalina that brings smiles to our inner being. Wonderful person providing exceptional service. Same can be said for the Front Desk young man named Plamen. Always ready to please, professional and courteous. Great service, clean accomodations.

Honestly this has been one of the most exciting years of my life and it’s half because of where I live. I’m closely connected to people and constantly have friends to see and access to amenities such as the pool, gym, tanning, and computers/study rooms for schoolwork. Although things can go wrong in the house and be a pain, the Oxford staff really do try to be nice.

Thank you so much for the card! Definitely a great reason to live at the retreat and y’all website was very easy to use user friendly! I can’t wait to use the card!

I love the retreat and all its amenities, i love the yoga classes that are online on the tv in the gym so i can do it whenever i am not in the mood to do anything else

The community is nice and safe, but come on there is no hot water. I think there are some small housekeeping things that need to be done to all homes. Carpet replacement and a fresh coat of paint on the walls would do nicely.

The amenitites are enjoyable. The rooms are decent. The house size is decent. The maintenance is not so good. I have waited many days for multiple things to be fixed.

I have found to really enjoy my experience here at the retreat! I love the people and all of the events that go on throughout the school year!

Lived here for two years and it is the quintessential college living houses in Oxford. The amenities alone are worth the cost of rent especially if you compare the cost of the living at the Retreat compared to houses in Oxford.