I stay at the Retreat so far has been good. Everyone is friendly here, but there seems to be a problem with the wifi quite often. But other than that the Retreat is a fine place to stay.

I really like the facilities that are offered and the size of the house. The air conditioning is great. WiFi is my only complaint as it goes in and out sometimes. The staff is great with quick responses and helping achieve the full happiness of the customer

It is very good, however, the internet does not work a lot. Other than that, it is clean and kept up very nicely. The pool is always nice and fun

The review of the apartment was great. The staff was friendly and neighborhood was pleasant. I enjoyed the nicely greets that the staff gave to me and my family at the time of the visit.

I have really enjoyed live at the retreat. The amenities are really nice. However the maintenance repair and request sometimes take way to long to be fulfilled. All in all it’s a great friendly environment to live at.

Living here is fine, I don't really have issues. only thing to improve on is maybe making the middle pool a hotub and to have more parking spaces maybe.

My decision to live at the retreat was great! I love all the people that work here and hanging out at the pool and using the gym. The one thing that I wish would be done is cleaning the gym more often and updating the equipment because a lot of it is broken.

I love living at the retreat! there is always something to do and the community that the retreat creates is very welcoming! Also, I always love hanging out a the pool with my friends!

For the most part it is a nice place to live. I’ve lived here since 2016 with my 4 other roommates and we like it fine. Maintence requests take too long and the office staff seems to never know what is actually going on but that’s okay they are students like me.

I love the retreat. It’s an amazing place to be and I absolutely love the pool! The cottages are very updated and they feel like you’re At home!

I loved my experience. The property is so nice and the amenities are awesome. I wish the tanning beds had new bulbs but other than that I can tell they are improving!

Living here at the retreat has been amazing. Everywhere you turn there is always a smiling face and friends having fun. Not only are people having fun but also taking care of each other!

The Retreat at Oxford was a decent place to live. Maintenance was generally helpful whenever I had issues, and there were A LOT of issues. When I arrived, my bedroom didn't have a door, fire alarms were missing, and there was an old couch in the living room that they never ended up coming to get, among other issues. The amenities were nice and the events put on by the Retreat were fun, but overall I would not recommend living here.

The apartments are cheaply made and not kept up very well. Every room in our house had water damage. None of the doors shut properly due to being uneven. The staff never does what they say they will. I have had to call multiple times on different occasions just to get them to put my correct email on my account.

It has been a great experience living here! Great houses and designs/layouts. It works so well for me and my roommates! We ended up re-signing our lease. I wish maintence staff was more available when issues arise and that the houses were better cleaned before move in.

Everything is great except for maintenance not coming in a decent amount of time, laziness from workers, and our apartment not being fixed, kept up with, or cleaned properly before move in. Also the gym and computer lab are in need of repairmenrs! Most people at the front desk are nice though. Only SOME people never know what they’re talking about and give terrible house advice/effort. Other than that I love it

I absolutely love this community. I wouldn’t live anywhere else in oxford besides The Retreat. It’s the very best place to be. When asked where to live in Oxford, The Retreat is always my answer!

great place to stay but needs more maintenace help. also we haven’t gotten anything for signing our lease. other than that we have 5 houses here at it’s been a great location

Great. Looks nice hopefully the stay will be nice.The Retreat is going to be like paradise for me I can see it going a mile away. My Name is Trendarius Bland an it is a pleasure to be here with you guys thanks so much

Best place to live in Oxford!! The pool is awesome, the fitness centers are great, and the study rooms are perfect for finals. Wouldn’t live anywhere else!

I have lived here for my sophmore year and the retreat at oxford has been great. I renewed my lease for another year and i am excited to see what the next year here brings!

Faciltiies are nice but the inexperience of the young staff is frustrating. It takes several attempts for management to reply. Because of age, some repairs are often overlooked.

I did not enjoy living at the Retreat. I felt like it was ran by people my age, and I am not old enough to run a living complex. I also paid a lot to do a little. I never used the amenities, so it just wasn’t worth it.

Living at the retreat has been a good decision so far. I enjoy the open houses they have and the taco Tuesday's and all the amenities they off. Retreat workers are also very generous and are always asking us if we need anything additional.

I enjoy living here, the amenities are a huge perk! The location is close to campus and makes it easy to get to class. The maintenance should be worked on.