The community at The Retreat is very nice. I like that people keep to themselves, but will help you if you need it. The Retreat offers many different services which is great.

So far everybody that works there has helped with anything I need. They always have events going on to try and keep everybody involved. You can always count on a smiling face when you walk in the office.

The retreat has a great location, busses that take you to the square and campus, and good amenities. The negatives are thy you have to go into the office multiple times before they will do something, the houses seem to be falling apart, and workers here let them selves into your house as they please.

I like it so far! The staff is very nice and the people here are great. The amenities offered are very convenient for me and I like that it is very accessible and close to me.

My experience at the Retreat has been great so far, though the walls are relatively thin and my placement has lots of cars passing in the morning.

I have no complaints! Everything here is great. I love my apartment and have no had a problem with maitnence or anything like that. I would recommend living here to other people

The retreat is really nice. The pool is fun and I love the basketball court. The gym needs free weights but is still usable. Play beer games in the grass

Apartment is nice, and the amenities are the best part. The internet is very slow and not what we were promised. The pool is well taken care of.

It’s great here at The Retreat! It’s a peaceful place yet so fun! The staff and the people around me are great. I have made a great decision in living her!

Great staff. Very helpful! All of the amenities are very useful and new. The maintenance responds quickly and has fixed our issues right away.

It’s great, love staying here. The neighbors are friendly, I can go relax at the pool whenever i want, chill with friends on the court or in the courthouse, and when i want privacy i can go in my own room and relax.

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Great place to live love the amenities and staff are always friendly ! We live close to the shuttle and the fact that it takes you to school, games and to the square is awesome

So great so nice very cool nice place cool couch happy nice very I want these points oh yeah gotta love the retreat dude I’m telling you it’s awesome

Your paying your own bills. You don’t have your momma to tell you to get up in the morning and you have to buy your own food your not a baby no more

overall great community and area to live, very accommodating. the only part thats bad is the internet is not very consistent and it takes a while to get back on and running

The apartment itself is nice but the internet causes more problems than it might be worth. Other than internet mishaps and odd blackouts this place is really nice.

It is amazing! Everyone is nice and friendly. The pool is always fun on weekends. It makes me feel at home. There are little food events that are also nice to go because it’s free food.

Living in the retreat is really cool. You have your own house that can you live with your best friends, you can do what you want to a certain extent and it’s jusy awesome

My experience at the retreat has been fantastic. The bus system makes it easy to get to and from campus as well as the square on the weekends.

So far everything has been great. The house is clean and very comfortable. Everything in the house works and we haven’t had any problems. Only bad thing is the WiFi goes out twice a week

Wifi is not the best, It keeps going in and out. Location is great. Staff should keep all the computer rooms updated and printer supplied with paper.

Moved in to a very clean apartment only a few minor damages. All appliances work perfectly as well as the air conditioning (although a little hot on third floor). Overall great place.

I stay at the Retreat so far has been good. Everyone is friendly here, but there seems to be a problem with the wifi quite often. But other than that the Retreat is a fine place to stay.

I really like the facilities that are offered and the size of the house. The air conditioning is great. WiFi is my only complaint as it goes in and out sometimes. The staff is great with quick responses and helping achieve the full happiness of the customer