The housing here is by far the nicest and roomiest for the price compared to other housing options around. Very helpful, friendly staff and great amenities! Staying here again next year😄

I really love it here. The staff, community, and house are great. I love the spacious environment. The house is big enough for my own space and I still get to live with my best friends. Love it!

Great place to live. Amenities are lacking because most is broke. Also only like 8 people a day can tan and it fills up fast but it’s a nice cheaper option

The location of The Retreat is great and the homes are very well built and "homey". The maintenance could use some work however. We've put in a couple orders that either took months for them to get to or never got fixed at all. Our AC fan still sounds like a Saw trap going off.

Living here again next year, love our 4 bedroom cottage. I've hardly seen any bugs but maintenance is somewhat slow. The gate codes don't work so getting visitors inside can be a challenge. The amenities are fantastic though. The pool and tanning bed is amazing.

My resident experience so far has been wonderful. The staff is always friendly and helpful along with the wonderful amenities and activities planned. My favorite thing about living at the Retreat is my sense of community

Love having my own house. Overall the living space at Retreat Columbia is really nice and very well maintained. The staff here is friendly and very helpful

I have had a pretty good experience at the retreat so far. I've enjoyed using the basketball court, pool, and weight room. All of my neighbors and the maintenance staff are very friendly as well.

The retreat is a college oriented super fun and relaxed place to live! It’s also very pretty. Just wish there was a better trash system and that the leash policy was enforced better.

A pretty decent experience. Takes a long time to fix things which is annoying. Other than that, the retreat has been a pretty enjoyable experience for me.

I the staff is super friendly and the amenities are a great addition to the college living experience. It’s great living here and I love my roommates.

Lived here for 2 years and I really have enjoyed it. It’s nice living in an actual house as opposed to an apartment and not having to worry about whether roommates pay or not is very convenient

Overall, I have enjoyed by time as a resident at The Retreat. The staff is always extremely friendly and helpful when I have needed assistance, and my maintenance request have always been fulfilled in a timely manner. I was initially concerned that noise may be an issue, but in my time being here this has not been an issue at all. I am very pleased that I made the decision to call The Retreat home!

I enjoy the Retreat, but I do wish the maintenance team was a little more responsive. I also did not appreciate how unclear the whole process of switching portals was (I read every e-mail but it was never clearly conveyed that the former auto-pay was going to be cancelled and I know multiple residents who had the same issue), but everything seems fine now.

I think the retreat is a great place to live, especially if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Columbia. The amenities are great and the staff is always so friendly and willing to help anyone.

So far I have generally enjoyed my time at The Retreat. In the beginning of the process of moving in I was a little upset about the degree in which the manager and employees conducted themselves during discussions. The bug problem in my cottage is also out of control during the warm months. Other than this I have enjoyed my community and the office has friendly employees. The constant breaking of the gates has negatively impacted me but it has been addressed in an email provided not long ago. Maintenance has always seemed helpful and pretty fast.

This is a great community to live in. I have lots of friends, the maintenance men are very prompt and nice to look at. Lack of communication with management is frustrating sometimes, but the people are nice.

I've enjoyed my time living at the retreat. Maintenance is always nice and prompt. Other than lack of communication with management it has been great.

I love living here, I love the atmosphere and the staff is always there to listen and accommodate to their residents. Will definitely be resigning my lease!

I love living at the retreat. Great amenities but our washer/dryer breaks all of the time. The staff is also really nice and does their best to help. Lots of events too!

While I still wish there was assigned parking per unit, they have improved. The new pest control actually works and the staff is mostly friendlier. However, maintenance is still a bit slow and the gate is still broken a lot.

Eh. Its a house. Its not expensive. I dont know what to expect really. Treatment is exactly as expected when paying 1-200 less than anywhere else. They mean well, but some of the issues are unreasonable

Amenities are great, but management could be better. We also have bugs everywhere and the pesticide doesn’t really do the job. Other than that, I’d recommend the retreat.

It took a whole semester for someone to take care of our yard and bushes but then we get fined for having a trash bag out for a day. This should be a two way street. Other than that, it has been a good experience.

I have enjoyed living here this year. It’s a lot better than previous places I have lived. The customer service is very good and the maintenance people are awesome. Normally come pretty quick when I put in a service request.