Over all it was okay. I think you need more cameras around the retreat and need to be more respectful, accommodating, and understanding when personal property is damage by a fellow resident. And also take more steps to figure out who did the damage.

This has been the best time of my life. I have met a ton of people who have helped me succeed in my collegiate career and cannot wait for the great times to come, especially here at the retreat. Greatest place to live and have recommended to many people.

The community is beautiful, college student-oriented and the cottages are spacey. I love living at the retreat and enjoying the amenities that come with it.

I’ve lived in the retreat for 3 years now and overal have had a good experience. The people are nice and helpful, the amenities are alright, and they fix things fast

Love the cottage atmosphere. Very spacious bedrooms with private bathrooms. I lived in a Brookshire with the huge walk-in closet which was great for all of my clothes and storage. The only reason I give it a 4/5 is that our particular unit had a few problems with the AC and heat and it took a while for it to be fixed because of how extensive the repairs were. Maintenance is good and really friendly. Not too loud of an environment, very dog friendly, and overall a good experience.

Nice place to live. We have had some issues in the past with the maintenance but they are always very nice and try to help out as quickly as they can

Expensive plus with utilities which isn’t worth it. The location is nice and all, but it’s far from campus. Not many problems inside our residence.

Living here is great and I love the environment. The houses are beautiful and are nicely spaced apart. The pool and things are very fun and inviting for everyone.

Good. Loved the idea of living at the Retreat in Columbia South Carolina. It will be fun and entertaining and I want to make a lot of friends. I want to swim in the pool

I have absolutely loved living here!! Great neighborhood, such friendly and helpful staff, and great amenities... the location is a little far but great for game days and worth it for the place

The retreat is so nice, it is peaceful and yet you can walk 5mins down the block, make new friends or even just go see friends that you've known. Being in a community is great and let's you meet so many new people.

one hundred and fourty character limit. thats as long as a tweet. I lived at the retreat and paid them rent money every month. it is an apartment complex

Love my little house with all my best friends!!! We have so much fun going to the pool and playing beach volleyball. Great place to love. Love!

Living here wasn’t a terrible experience but all of the houses were built in the cheapest way possible. The walls are paper thin and the appliances always break

Nice being around college kids. Pools are nice. Basketball courts could be better. Maintenance could be better. They take a long time to fulfill work orders.

They were very helpful and accommodating. My student loves the apartment. She can’t wait to move in with her new roommmated. It also seems to be a safe environment.

The retreat at Columbia has been a pleasure to be working with since the tour process. After seeing the sample house and driving around both phases, my friends and I fell in love with the neighborhood and community. All the things that come with house such as the pools, gyms, and tanning beds make the stay even better. All of the workers are super nice and accommodating as well.

Love the people I love with and our little house! The pool is awesome to go hang out with friends at especially on a hot day. I love using the gym.

great community to get to meet people. very nice and helpful staff. nice to have your own house and not worry about noise from neighbors. and great amenities

I am so happy to be living here! My move in experience was a bit of a hassle but the staff was incredible at making the move in easy. I've delt with a lot of crappy apartment staff at other places and I can honestly say these are some of the most helpful and kindest people I've encountered!

Great place to live if you have pets. Easy to find and not far from grocery stores. Only down side is the distance from the USC campus. I would recommend to friends.

For the most part I enjoy living here,At the beginning of the year my house was infested with cockroaches and I think more needed to be done

The gates have had trouble opening since we moved in, they are either fully broken or they don’t open enough to drive a car through. The office staff are nice.

The community is very spacious and a nice place to stay. The only main issue are the bugs in the spring and summer time. Other than that everything is great.

The best apts in Columbia,SC. This place is amazing and safe. We have so much space to do what we love. You will enjoy your time here. The people are so friendly.