the retreat is the best housing option here at UofSC. They have provided me with great experience when it comes to meeting new people through events.

Living space and layout is perfect, room was very clean when I moved in, maintenance is always ready to help, plenty of parking, great location, safe neighborhood, people in the office are helpful and nice, great amenities, whole complex is well kept, gate are really only problem sometimes as they are working on them a lot and stuff but nothing to bad, overall amazing

I have enjoyed living at the retreat for a lot of reasons. The transition from dorm room to house was fantastic and I love the freedom. Access to the shuttle is great, but the added time it takes to get to class can be difficult to work into a schedule. If you're up for walking, the trek to the tailgates on game day is bearable, but other than that you can be stuck at home or unable to drive back to the Retreat. I have enjoyed the amenities and living in this neighborhood so far, and would recommend it to those who are aware of the few problems.

Increase surveillance by just a little, people in phase two go mudding in the lot with the frisbee golf, and let their cars be way too loud for 2 am in the morning.

I like living at the retreat because of the amenities and the cottage style houses/apartments. I like living at the retreat because it is not far from campus.

I've really enjoyed living at The Retreat. The staff is very friendly and always fast in responding to problems. The amenities are very nice and always available for residents, and the clubhouse puts on some very fun events throughout the year that my roommates and I enjoy going to. I'm excited to live here again next year and have recommended it to all of my friends!

I have enjoyed the Retreat and the amenities the Retreat Offers. I also have had some not so positive experiences at the Retreat as well in regards to having to move houses after I already signed my lease in October and a couple charges that were applied to my account that were later dropped once I communicated with the manager. Although these experiences were aggravating and not the most time convenient, my experience has been a pretty good one at the Retreat.

The Retreat at Columbia is a great place to stay and create a home in. I have met so many new people by living here. there is always something going on. I love the location especially for game days. also, the amenities are all amazing. the maintenance staff are all prompt. very nice and they do a good job with the upkeep.

I have been living here for 2 years now and love it! The amenities here are amazing and they are constantly doing neat things that involve the residents!

It is a good environment but some areas definitely need improvement. I live in a five bedroom apartment and I feel as if it is furnished for a four bedroom. For example there is only four spot available the kitchen table therefore if we all wanted to eat dinner together one person would not have a spot. I have the same issue with couch area.

I love being at The Retreat! The house is great and we are very happy. However, maitnence takes forever and the gates are still giving us issues. I wish that was taken care of

Its ok. Honestly, we have a lot of issues that were never addressed. However, the comfy cottage feel is something we all adore. It has been a fine place to live sophomore year.

A lot has improved over this semester. Much better staff overall and more fun activities for the residents. They just repainted the houses over the summer and they look really nice! I'm really happy that I am living here for my second year!

I like the retreat! We have had our share of problems. Service is a sort of not infirmities when we come to the front office to ask questions about helping with our problems. Overall the retreat has been very compliant to help us thought. Overall I enjoy loving in the the community of the retreat

I previously lived an area that wasn't very populated by college students, and since moving to the retreat I feel comfortable walking around outside my home at night. I also love being a two minute walk from all of my friends,

Overall, I enjoy living here in the Retreat. I love my house and having my own room while being able to live with my best friends I met freshman year! Being in phase 2 allows for a great amount of privacy and I love being right across the street from the gym and pool!

I love the environment and the atmosphere but my roommates aren’t welcoming but it’s okay because the neighborhood and the Amenities make up for it.

Maintenance cane either be slow or fast but they always fix things well. Front office is very quick to answer and solve problems and are super helpful at answer questions and returning calls and text messages. Renewal rate is high than what I paid last year which could be better.

Location is far. Lots of bugs if you live with all the trees in your backyard. Front desk is awful at letting you know when your package arrives. I have called amazon to have them ship me the same item twice because it was sitting at the office and I was not notified.

Great place to live for the price! The houses make it feel like home and the neighbors are super friendly. Parking is sometimes hard to find.

The retreat is a beautiful neighborhood with great college housing. There is enough parking, a convenient shuttle service and awesome amenities. However, the staff and maintenance are very slack. You have to constantly hound them if you want something done in a timely manner or at all. They don't really take anything seriously and I've had some very serious issues here. Overall I don't feel listened to or valued but at least I have a nice place to live I guess. Wouldn't choose to live here again because of the management, unless out of other decent options.

Everything here at the retreat is awesome. I really appreciate the shuttle and the gyms (besides some of the broken equipment). I have had a lot of fun living here and I have met so many people. Thank you guys for an awesome first year in Columbia experience!

Love the apartment great place to hang out and meet new people the pool is so much fun too and it is close which is really cool and I have my own parking space with is lovely

I love living here with all my best friends. The staff have all been so nice and I love hanging out by the pool. My only complaint is the issues with the gates.

I really like the location of the place. And the people are all so far really nice. However, I have had some bug issues in my house as well as when I moved in the floors were nasty and are in need of being redone.