Maintenance takes a while usually. House is nice and the amenities are nice. Shuttle can be kind of annoying from time to time. The speed bumps are a lot.

I like it here and the people who live here are very nice, but sometimes management sucks. We have a couch that has been sitting outside for weeks that they were supposed to take away and it’s still here. In the rain. Bugs are bad too. I like Cody who works at the office though.

The retreat has been a great place to live. The staff have been friendly and helpful, the unit has been in excellent condition, and the property is clean.

It is very nice living here. There are many friendly people and staff. I have resigned for next year. It is very nice with all of the events y’all have.

I’ve had a great time at the retreat. My cottage really feels like home. Everyone is so friendly I’ve gotten to meet so many different people.

the place isn't terrible, great staff that is helpful, the maintenance is kinda slow as it took about 3 months for a service request to come in, but besides that, it's a decent place

Love the amenities except the gates don’t work usually. I love the houses and the neighborhood feel. Also it’s so pet friendly. Perfect neighborhood for animal lovers!

I have lived in the retreat for a year and a half and I have nothing bad to say. The staff is friendly and the amenities are good. I would recommend this complex to anyone

Overall a great place to live. Location isn’t a bad drive to campus the only thing I would like to see is a football game day shuttle as the walk is far.

I have lived here for the last two years and it has been great! The Retreat is very helpful, and completes all of my service requests in a timely manner.

very happy to be living here, enjoy having a house separated from others with no attached walls. after living in an apartment for the summer, I was very glad to get away from that

I like the retreat in general. It’s convenient for gamedays and the fair. I only have issues with the gates not working a lot and with my roommates specifically.

The community is great I love the cleanliness and look of the neighborhood. The office and maintenance staff could be more efficient. It sometimes will take 2 weeks to get an answer or to have a problem fixed. The gates and coolers also never seem to be working which can become annoying when you know you’re paying for those amenities to work.

really like it here- great staff, relatively good location not far from campus. houses are nice and big and clean with a lot of individual room for all residents

Space, location, and overall housing is great. Houses are not kept up-to-date in maintenance and many issues are reoccurring even "repairs". House was not clean upon arrival and many features feel rushed when the house was put together.

The retreat is an awesome please. Cool houses. Don’t have to worry about other people on the other side of your wall because they are free standing houses.

I have lived at the Retreat for three years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed living there. Any resident community with college students will have some issues, but the retreat does the best they can to make sure everyone has a good experience.

all good. but there always have some bugs. so if you don't afraid to the bugs, this is the best place. Also, retreat is best for the car student,

There are a lot of cockroaches. The maintenance services can be slow sometimes. The office does a good job of letting us know information through emails.

I have enjoyed living at the Retreat but the simple bills thing made things a little more complicated and expensive. Overall this is a great place to live for a college student.

The student workers are nice and helpful. Parking can be an issue and the trash is a long walk away but other than that, it is a good first place to live off campus but close enough.

Very nice staff but hard to get maintanence requests done. I have submitted 3 already to no avail. Nice place but kinda far. The shuttle is nice and usually dependable

I love it here makes me feel like I’m at home, everyone is so nice and welcoming.This place is a 10/10 would definitely recommend for future students.

Individual units are very nice. Awesome staff. Prive isn't too bad. Great for meeting people and hanging out with friends. Awesome place to have partys

Great community environment. Neighbors are friendly and cottage living with a yard is very nice. More parking would be nice. Quick responses to service requests.