I have not had a great experience here. The maintence takes forever and the utilities bill will shoot up after your 3rd payment while living here.

Though I like how inexpensive it is, I'm not a fan of how they say you have to clean up after your dog but don't give anyone a trash can outside other than the dumpsters. So no one cleans up after their dog so there is poop everywhere all the time and they dot even put sand down anymore.

The front desk is rude and not very knowledgable. You have policies, like no routers ,yet you allow people to keep even after other residents have complained that it is interfering with their use of the wifi and a representative from Airwave has come out to confirm it. Overall we have not enjoyed our experience and will be moving

Seriously cannot wait to move out.. 2 more days left. At first this place was great now has gone to crap, Thanks to management.. at least the rest of the staff is awesome.

To be honest, so far my stay at the ridge has not be how i thought it would be. Most of the things in my house has been broken/messed up and maitanence takes too long to come fix issues.

The repair staff is good at coming when there is an emergency, but when it comes to non-emergencies it takes a long time. It took my apartment 6 months to get our handles and we still don't have them on the bathroom cabinets.

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You get what you pay for. Maintenance does not fix things. We have had to three, maybe four work orders in for some things before giving up with them.

Nothing ever gets fixed. Maintenance either doesn’t come or whatever is broken breaks very soon after. Not all but some staff is mean and not helpful. Packages have been lost or misdelivered.

They could much better as far as maintaince, furniture, fitness room, and staff. Showroom needs to actually show what kind of apartment we're getting.

Nothing ever gets fixed, they tried to poison me, and now there’s bugs. They’ve come in to fix the washer 6 times and it has stayed broken. They couldn’t fix my stove. They didn’t update the bus schedule till late. There was mold in my vent and they poured bleach into it, resulting in inflamed lungs and dr visits. I hate it here.

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The place is way lower down than the model house... I consider it false advertising and the price is way too high for this kind of quality. I wouldn’t recommend this place to even my worse enemy

There are too many fees and unnecessary charges that are placed upon the resident . This must be changed but as we all know that will not happen with these greedy apartment complex owners .

There is no community. I have yet to speak to anyone that is not my roommate and we all literally share a bus to go to school. There is very little sense of community

Terrible. Nothing was ever orderly with staff or the apartments themselves. The only good thing about The Ridge was that they paired me with the people who are now my best friends.

While the rent at the ridge may be cheap. You get what is expected that comes with rent being cheap along with other surprises such as bugs, tattered furniture, mantience problems, etc. On the flip side, if your neighbors aren't rude, you can make some really good friends. Overall, stay at this place if you need cheap rent but be warned that it may come with some unexpected consequences. It is what you make of it.

Internet here could be a lot better, and living conditions aren't perfect but it's what you pay for I guess. On the extra utility expense, please give more detail about that as well so we don't go over our limits without knowing.

I've enjoyed my stay. However, it is ... maintenance. There are ants, and a few rats outside and they refuse to do anything about it. The Gates NEVER work. This should not be a gated community. That is usually reserved for high-end places. I have friends that live in HELL of A LOT nicer apartments than this and they don't have to deal with the ... gates. Also, my tub is rotted and looks like it's about to fall though. I have told them about it and they don't do ... about it. You get what you pay for though.

Very noticeable wear and tear that is ignored by management. Place is old. Hot tub needs to be fixed. I do not understand why the rent here is so expensive, considering that it's old.

Affordable nice apartments to live in. Only time I've been really disappointed is when my apartment flooded and they weren't even concern about it and would not provide us with any information of when we would be able to move back in...etc. Poor communication skills. We never even received a call from management to apologize for the inconvenience even though it was the apartments fault that caused the flood.

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So far I've been living here for 2 years, and have experienced a number of minor problems. I've also witnessed friends that live in the apartments as well have a number of maintenance issues that was handled poorly by the apartment complex

The ridge is a apartment complex ran by students with no knowledge of how management works. No one ever has any answers. Also they blame the residents for issues with the apartments even if you just moved in.

Its ok the room is a bit small and stuff could use some improvement. Overall the price match what you pay for and there isn't much to complain

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My stay at the ridge has not really been a very pleasant one. I made the mistake of renewing my lease for a second year and am looking forward to no longer living here. The people at the front desk have no idea what they're doing, neither does maintenance and the apartments aren't even that great. It is one of the cheapest places in Denton though so I guess you get what you pay for.

This is more for maintenance, but still an experience I had. I have filled out a work-order for the same problem in the kitchen twice now, and both times they have filed it as solved; yet, the problem still remains. I have contacted them and have gotten nothing. I would really like for the communication to be better between departments.

Wifi is horrible as a student living apartment complex this should be better, visitor parking should be close to all buildings bc my guest get very upset, other than that everything is ok.