Its ok. They take forever to process Maintenance requests! However, for the price you pay it makes sense on how cheap the apartments are. I like how everything is included within the price.

I've enjoyed my stay. However, it is ... maintenance. There are ants, and a few rats outside and they refuse to do anything about it. The Gates NEVER work. This should not be a gated community. That is usually reserved for high-end places. I have friends that live in HELL of A LOT nicer apartments than this and they don't have to deal with the ... gates. Also, my tub is rotted and looks like it's about to fall though. I have told them about it and they don't do ... about it. You get what you pay for though.

The staff rocks, fun atmosphere! ! Easy access to stores, jobs, restraunts, and the freeways. Very reasonably priced for all the amenaties you receive.

Great price, so I have nothing to complain about. I have not had any problems living here so far. I am definitely considering renewing my lease for next year.

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The community is very nice and quiet. There are so many convenient locations around the corner that travel is very quick. As well as a bus that take you to and from school.

The Ridge is a good place to live, close to school and has a good bus system. Even though the place was kind of dirty when we moved in, it is not bad now, still need some resurfacing of bathtubs around, but overall a nice place

It's cheaper than other student living apts..most especially if you don't mind living with 4 other dudes or girls. Maintenance isn't gonna come unless you bug them everyday.

Though I like how inexpensive it is, I'm not a fan of how they say you have to clean up after your dog but don't give anyone a trash can outside other than the dumpsters. So no one cleans up after their dog so there is poop everywhere all the time and they dot even put sand down anymore.

beacuse it is affordable and pet friendly.. Also service is well people at office are friendly and understanding. Plus bus stops are near ones place and internet service is great

It is very affordable and the included amenities are very coordinated. The outdoor pool is also very fun and the closeness to school i also very helpful.

I like the reliability of the internet. Thats really all that I enjoy about living here the price of rent is good for what you get. But its mostly the internet

I like living here because it's a safe environment and I don't get disturbed by anyone. It is usually pretty quiet and calm. My neighbors are all nice

This is a good place to liv, they do their best. While they struggle at times they are always willing and happy to help with any of your problems.

Most of the workers in the front office are really helpful and nice except for like two girls, they're not the friendliest. But everything in general is pretty good!

i live there because it is cheap. i made some requests that have never been done. when i moved in, my bedroom did not have a chair. I asked for one and they never gave it to me. Also, i can feel the springs of my mattress on my back. i asked to have for another mattress, and they asked me to go buy a foam and put on top...My bathtub was not draining, and i had to take my shower in my roommate's bathroom for more than a week... so that is my experience at the ridge :(

I like living at the ridge because they offer affordable prices for living, and the environment is good, I also enjoy it because it's comfortable .

I love living here because you care to ask for feedback! In which case, appliances and furniture are out of date and break down a lot. They could be replaced.

The price and commodities here at the Ridge are great. My only complaint is maintenance. It usually takes a long time for anything to be completed once a request is submitted.

The rent is cheaper than most, it has a bus system to campus, and wicked pool. My last rent was $550 and it was ridiculous. I like the student living because most of the people go to UNT and it is easy to make friends

the area is good, and the amenities are nice for the price, but the maintenance staff never responds to requests and there are always loud parties going on and the bus that goes to campus from the apartment is really unreliable.

I enjoy living at The Ridge. It is definitely student living. Maintenance is normally always there to help and the staff are always attentive. I would recommend many people I know to come live here.

I dont. I only live here because of dirt cheap price. I couldnt/havent found anywhere else cheaper than The Ridge. I have to pay for myself so that's why I live here.

I like staying at the ridge because the prices are extremely reasonable, most student living apartments don't have carpet, and the fact that they are fully furnished is definitely a plus!