I feel like the management just doesn't know basics, and that could be easily fixed, the people are nice, it just feels like everyone is not competent enough.

My apartment wasn't clean on move in day, but they quickly took care of it. So far it's been nice. Apartment is cute, the area and community are nice as well.

Rent is very reasonable for college student. They are very understandable if you having financial problem. These apartments are quiet in the evening.

everything is good except i have to wait pretty long for the maintenance request. the house is not clean enough and some furniture were broken when i first moved in.

I'm loving the apartment life here at the ridge. All of my roommates are great and my room is perfect. The pool and gym are great as well and I visit them quite often.

I like that I have my own bathroom in my 4x4 apartment. The one downside is that there is that the computer room closes early, and I wish we had a study area

Ok I guess,I'm Ive had a few problems with management but they where all resolved also the work order process is fine and I like that about the ridge

The Ridge is a good apartment complex for the great low prices they offer. Their maintenance however isn't as good and is quite slow. It's not bad overall.

There are better places to live nearby. Since living at the ridge I've had a flooded ceiling, many broken appliances, and a huge mold infestation in my apartment.

For the price that we pay to stay here, I must say the Ridge is fantastic! However, it is really hard to get a hold of maintenance and having problems that do not get resolved make my stay really frustrating.

I like the ridge, but I wish there were more lights outside. Other than that it has been a good experience so far. I can't wait to go to some of the events!

My experience here has been really good so far. The only complaint I have is that maintenance takes too long to work the work order claims.

Staff has been helpful and the rooms are pretty nice. The staff has made promises to make improvements that will make things a lot nicer, now they just need to act on them.

First moving in it was kind of bad then once we started getting everything fixed it got better. My roommates are not the best but what can you all do. Maintenance needs to do alot better ive put in two requests about my ceiling fan wire hanging out its been 3 weeks since then and all I ever see maintenance doing is sitting around so that needs to be improved.

I enjoy the community overall. I just wish there was more apartment activities. Something where everyone could meet and mingle, in a fun way

My experience here has been quite average. Could be better, could be worse. Everything is actually going pretty good. The only thing brining me down it's that I have bed bugs and they don't do much about it here.

People on social media say they take a long time for maintenance reports. So far I had put in 2 and they been taken care of in a week time period.

Great place to live with a great community. Love that there's a bus that goes from here to campus so I don't have to drive all of the time.

Living at the ridge so far has been great, the resources are close by so I don't need to go far if I want to go workout or print something out, and it is surrounded by stores which is so convenient! Love it so far!

Everything has been great and everyone is super nice! Thank you for being so accommodating. My favorite part is the pool and the hot tub! Thanks again!

horrible conditions and horrible customer service. the people in the front office don't really care about your problems or how you are doing.

Lots maintenance work needed inside the apartments, but otherwise great layout. Wish there was more parking available and that the parking lot and entrance were well lit.

The office isn't opened long enough. As well as, whenever I ask someone a question, they never seem to have an answer for me. Also, the representatives are usually rude.

Maintenance could be better and my apartment was (still is) a mess when I moved in, but I am getting what I paid for. Not a bad price at all.

The Ridge at North Texas is a great place to live!! It is only ten minutes from the TWU campus! It is also right by Taco Bell, Arbys, Mcdonalds and the Mall!