River Edge has been a perfect place for me in Boise! I love how close it is to Downtown - a quick walk to the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and to Alive After 5 Wednesday evenings for live music and food!

Making the move to Riveredge was one of the best decisions. I like that a lot of the athletes live there, the staff is great. They always have great attitudes and are also very helpful. The complimentary coffee is a plus!

Super friendly community! Just what I was looking for. The staff and residents are always helpful and stay connected. There are so many activities planned as well.

The service so far has been great. The only frustrating thing is that I’m moving in on the day school starts, and that’s not bueno. Other than that the staff has been friendly and helpful, and their responses to any questions or calls are quick.

Good but have less room inspections-we like to be trusted. Sometimes you are busy and the people just come in. Sometimes it’s when I’m not even home and I was never ok with that.

Riveredge has great amenities that really make it easy and convenient to live there. Staff is great too my friend got super sick in the hallway and the staff helped us clean it up, with no negative attitude as much as it sucks to clean up a mess. The security guards are always really friendly and make me feel safe living at Riveredge.

The complex is very clean and the residents are very welcoming. Great access to the park and river. Staff at the front desk are very helpful and the process for signing a lease is very easy.

Awesome!!!! I absolutely loved living here! It was fun, clean & I always felt safe and at home!! Although the parking situation was very hard!

i loved living at river edge. i love the staff, my neighbors and all of the amenities offered. glad i chose to live here, i couldn’t have asked for a better place!

Great experience with lots of benefits. Free food Friday always rocks and the front desk staff is always on point and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend signing or resisgning!

clean, friendly staff, my unit was in good condition when I moved in and I've had great experiences with maintenance. Parking is a challenge, and I found mine a half mile away

It’s been great so far, especially as someone who just moved from Austin. The community is great and it’s only 5 minutes away from downtown. A five minute walk, that is!

I love the people and vibe that river edge has. When you walk in it’s clean and homey and doesn’t make you uncomfortable! Plus the resdidents arenpretry good and it doesn’t get too wild!

Apartments are nice and you get nice privacy with 4 seperate bedrooms. Staff are very friendly and helpful. All the residents I’ve met have been very friendly. Lots of ammenities for everyone.

I love all of the amenities (such as the gym and hot tub) and how close it is to campus! Also the staff at the front desk are so nice and welcoming.

So far it seems like a very cool, and calm place to be especially when it needs to be. Other complexes like Vista west are always loud and gross 24/7, RE has a good level of everything in moderation

There was an aweful alarm that went off for a week straight that no one cared to fix or send out information on. Thankfully it is off now but it is a good location so I can't complain.

They are very helpful and are able to answer any and all questions while being thorough and quick. Every time i go to the building it is very clean and well maintained.

We are charged a lot for rent and then they are charging us even more for electricity when we pay $550+ for rent its ridiculous to charge extra for electricity when its included. Also we've had some super rude neighbors who are constantly playing their music too loud at crazy hours and security hasn't been much help.

Every thing here has been great ! The staff and management have been very nice and helpful .My apartment is very comfortable . Parking is a pain !

The staff, location, and community in this building are amazing. Sometimes it can be a little noisy but you actually know your neighbors and floor mates.

Great place to live and meet new people!! Clean and fun! I would definitely recommend living here if you’re a current student. The people working are so helpful and sweet! Overall great!

River Edge is a nice place to live because of the location. Also, maintenance has always completed my work orders quickly and efficiently. The people at the front desk are so really helpful. However, there are some drawbacks, as there are with any community. River Edge is extremely close to campus, but it’s also close to La Pointe, which is extremely noisy. Additionally, I’ve heard several stories (never experienced any myself) of River Edge acting unprofessional in certain situations regarding residents. Overall, I personally like living at River Edge.

River Edge is amazing! The staff is friendly and helpful. There are tons of great amenities such as the gym, jacuzzi, computer room and lounge!

Becoming a part of RiverEdge is one of the best experiences that I have ever had. The utilities are so great and staffs are so friendly. My life in RiverEdge is being supported by state-of-the-art facilities and the location of RiverEdge is easy to go to different places! I like living here!