Next year is going to be the absolute greatest! I will be living with my three best friends in some amazing apartments! I can't wait to be surrounded by amazing people in a great community!

I have had amazing customer service so far before move in! I am beyond excited to move in with my room mate Megan and start out my life here!

I am beyond excited to live at River Edge and move in!!! It's going to be so much fun to finally be on my own and away from the tiny dorms on campus.

So far, I've had an amazing time with River Edge! Everybody who works there is so friendly and helpful! I am excited to live in the apartments this fall!

I'm so excited to move into River Edge apartments! I can't wait to use the gym, spa, and tanning booths. I also love that it is right on the green belt, giving me easy access to campus and to go on morning runs before class!

I am excited to be living with my best friends but still have a cute apartment. Not a run down gross apartment that fits within a college budget. I am also excited to have the privacy of my own room. After living in the dorms for a year having my own room sounds amazing.

I can't wait to live at River Edge! Hot tub, granite counters, free printing, washer/dryer in unit, close to campus, utilities included, furnished, close to the Boise River and more.... I couldn't ask for a better place to start living on my own!

So Excited!! My friends and I have a Group Message where literally all we talk about is how excited we are to move in and all the memories we are prepared to make.

SO EXCITED! Can't wait to live in a great place with my best friends. Still can't believe I get to live right on the Boise River for such a great price.

I am so excited to be living with my two best friends in River Edge. I had the toughest time finding an apartment for the 2015-2016 school year, so I am glad I found River Edge.

Can't wait to get into the apartments and have a bunch of fun! The place looks great so far and I hope it lives up to all of my expectations!

I'm really excited to be moving into River Edge in the fall, not only because it's brand-new and an amazing apartment but also because I have my own bathroom!!

I am excited to live in a brand new building! I have been counting down the days for move in day! As the buildings are being worked on I have driven by the construction to see the progress!

I am so excited to move into River Edge Apartments! I love how close to campus we are and with all the amenities that come with live here, it'll be even better.

So far, River Edge has been so amazing, kind, and helpful to me and everyone else. They have worked so hard to create such a family environment with their residents. Cannot wait until move-in in August!

Incredibly excited. They keep coming up with more and more great things for residents. They are allowing much more than most places with amenities, changes, opportunities, pets. I hope it lives up to the hype!

It was a rough first 2 weeks at RE. First, we were in a hotel, then a temporary apartment then our actual apartment. Then, things still were not done or working properly. It has all just seemed very unorganized and hasty. I know that it will be great when the kinks are figured out, but, it has been rough to be apart of that process.

Pretty awesome place! Big rooms with a bunch of cool perks. Love being on the greenbelt, makes for an easy walk to school, and quick access to the park.

it's been awesome just wish everything was ready on time! It's a great facility and the staff is friendly. I appreciate them doing what they can to make us happy

I was super excited because of the great location, amenities, and new construction. I also knew a lot of people but was excited to make new friends as well

When I first heard of the place, I thought that it sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately, it was! First and foremost, the office staff (all under 20) have absolutely no idea what is going on and are completely clueless when it comes to the information that they give you. For example, I was on the phone with somebody (because I lived too far away) when I filled out my lease information and one of the options was a purchasing a "reserved parking permit" for $35 per month. I asked what that was and was told by the staff member that it was a special permit for individuals that wanted their names on a parking spot so that nobody else could park there. I said that I didn't want that, but asked if I could still park in an open spot at the apartment and was told that there were several open parking spots that you could park in w/o purchasing that. Umm no. So you are required to purchase a parking permit if you want to park at the apartments at all...if you don't pay, you have to risk being towed or getting a ticket at some random parking lot nearby (oh and according to my new roommate, they don't tell you that they are now sold out of the parking permits until they hand you the keys after you sign the lease). In my lease, it states: Resident agrees to pay a onetime fee of $ per vehicle on or before 08/17/2015. In alternative resident agrees to pay $ monthly per vehicle due on or before the 1st day of the month. If no amount is filled in parking shall be free for properly registered and authorized vehicles. If you notice, there is no fee listed and in the lease it states that parking will be free so no amount is filled in. We will see how this goes. We were also promised a $400 gift card if we signed during a certain time period. In the summer, I was told that we would receive a Visa gift card that could be used towards rent or whatever else we wanted. When speaking with the manager right before we moved in, I was told that we would actually just receive a credit on our account to use for rent. Then on the day of move-in, I asked about it once more and was told that the computers weren't able to process that and so we would be getting a check. What is actually going to happen is anybody's guess as it has been a month and I still haven't received anything. Since this is specifically about moving in, let me tell you how unprepared they were! First. our move-in date all summer had been 8/17. We even received a Welcome letter just the week before moving in stating this and then just a few days before I got a phone call saying that it had been pushed back until 8/21. I was moving from over 6 hours away and had already made plans. Also, I am attending school and it started on 8/18. So, I was told that I would get a $200 credit for the inconvenience. I then asked about our first month's rent since the lease states it is per month and how that would be adjusted. They said they made a mistake and the lease was supposed to stay it was per installment. I said that it didn't matter what it was suppose to say, but what mattered was what actually was put on the signed lease. They said they would look into it and let me know...I am still waiting. However, apparently depending on who you are, your rent for the August month was different. I had just the $200 taken off, others had to pay the full amount, and still other people didn't have to pay anything at all. They were so unprepared that the building wasn't even finished. I was never told that I had 2 temporary roommates while they were still finishing the construction on the 5th floor until one of the roommates contacted me because she got one of the semi-competent office workers that let her know (the other girl and myself were never informed by the staff). On actual move-in day was a complete disaster. First, when I was filling out my information and was given the keys, I wasn't on the "list" for a parking permit. I explained that I had spoken to the manager and was told that I would be receiving a parking permit and that I wouldn't have to pay for it for at least 3 months due to the mix-up when I signed the lease. I was told to come back later to talk to the manager to get the permit because she wasn't there. I went back several times that day and was continuously told that she was not there until about 10 minutes before they closed. I had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with an extremely rude and disrespectful person (actually the person I had originally dealt with in the morning) was very reluctant to even let me speak with Erin. After about 15 minutes, she finally led me back to get the manager's office and I got a parking permit. (Which only lasted a short while because they let somebody steal the folder with all of our information and the extra permits so we had to get new ones.) Did I mention this place was amazing and super efficient? No..oh, well hopefully nobody else will ever have to deal with these people again.

I really like Riveredge. I think you are worth more than $585 per month!! People who work as officer in Riveredge are really kind and always say hello to me, "Hi, Roy!". I felt really thankful about it.

extremely. Very. Exhilarated. Excited. Pumped. Ecstatic. On top of the world. Great location. Fantastic. Wonderful. Can't breathe. So excited.

I was really excited to move in! Especially since it was my first apartment. I really like how I have my own bedroom and bathroom. I also enjoy how it is student living so there are people around my age in the building

I really like all my neighbors and the staff is very nice. I am very disappointed in the fact that move in was late and that our apartment is still getting finished. The fact that our work orders never get done also makes me pretty angry.