The staff is very friendly. The hot tub and gym are so easy to use and clean. The apartments are very open and have a big kitchen. I love living at RiverEdge

The community at River Edge is amazing! I’ve made some of my closest friends here and wouldn’t trade it for the world. We all ended up renewing our leases to stay together.

I love our neighbors and the overall energy of RE! It’s close to campus and nice. I just wish it was cleaned more often and maintenance was more responsive. I also really enjoyed free food Friday’s and I hope that continues

Riveredge is a clean, fun and social place to live for a student. I live with 3 other girls and we have made so many new friends in the riveredge community and neighborhood.

Love living in Riveredge, it’s close to my work and school and tons of activities. You’re always surrounded by other students so it’s easy to meet new people.

This place is pretty nice and I'm glad to be here. My roommates are very respectful and the people who I share the building with are kind. The neighborhood makes it really accessible to many things in town.

It was awesome to be able to live here. I resigned on my lease. The coffee machine is such an added plus. The new company runs the building extremely well.

Great place to live super spacious! The only down fall is the parking lot doesn’t have enough spots and they are not big enough if you have a larger car

Nice place to live, right on the green belt and close to campus. They use to do free food fridays but don’t anymore. Pool table and hottub are nice to have

It's been ok, I haven't had a screen in my window since I moved in and I've been requesting it for months but have not received one. That is my only real issue.

It’s been alright, those who work at the front desk are friendly, but they can take forever to get back to you, and the hallways and stairs are always dirty and don’t get cleaned regularly. Love the location and the amenities, there are current changes so I’m hoping that these current problems will be resolved.

I understand that living in downtown Boise that rent can be high and ridiculous. Parking here is the worst, if you don’t get a permit for $50 you get to park far away and sometimes worry if you will get a parking ticket. My favorite is when the fire alarms go off quite often whether you are sleeping or just taking a shower. The fun part is you get to race out of the building and wait a half hour and can go back in.

I like the amenities that this complex offers, however it has been really difficult to get any of the staff to answer questions in a timely manner since I moved in. I also believe the rent is really high for just a bedroom and bathroom with a shared living space... bummer. I won’t be renewing. Especially since parking is crazy expensive.

It is nice living at river edge. I like that it is a fairly safe living space and that utilities are included in rent. However, I will not be living here the rest of my college career.

These apartments have been amazing! The staff is always friendly and helpful, work orders are fixed immediately, and the apartments are in great shape!

River Edge has been pretty great. The staff, gym, tanning, coffee, tv's, computers/printers, cable, and location are amazing!! I love having covered, safe parking too. Thank you!

Overall was a pretty good experience. Expensive and sometimes charged for electricity without really knowing why. A lot of different communication from people depending on who you talked to

It is pretty solid, sometimes the trash pickups are really loud in the morning or the water isn’t always hot however. I enjoy the space and the kitchen.

Great location near Boise´s downtown as well as next to Boise State University campus. The facilities are in a good shape and the rooms are confortable and spacious.

I love living at RiverEdge in Boise, ID. My roommate and I have a great apartment, a lot of my friends live at RE, the front desk attendants are ALWAYS so positive, fun, and helpful, and maintenance is timely. I feel like rent is fairly priced since it's so close to campus, downtown, the freeway, etc. I would recommend anyone to live at RiverEdge if you want a fun, interactive college living experience.

Livable at worst. Cleaning doesn't seem to be done on a regular basis, so stairways are dirty. Could be as simple as just having someone walk through daily to check and remove stains when necessary. Great position near campus is convenient. Just a bit more presence from maintenance would make River Edge much better.

I have had a great experience here at Riveredge. everyone including the staff and maintenance is so willing to help me when I need it. I really am looking forward to living here next year.

I feel like River Edge is such a good place to live. I love my room and the layout, as well as, the amenities. Sometimes the staff aren't overly helpful, but they are always nice.

I went in the other day and everyone was just so nice. Very friendly and inviting front desk. The lobby was clean and kept up! I would definitely recommend to any college students!

free food friday’s is nice and i won $300 for releasing. feels like i’m living the suite life of zach and cody, i need to get to 140 characters ah there we go