Riverpark sucks. It was the worst leasing office I have ever had to deal with. 0/10 would not reccomend. Unorganized. Impossible to get answers from anyone in the office.

the finish work in my apartment is just terrible, there are paint globs, leftover tape, waterspots on ceiling, holes in the corners in the trim, parts that were never painted

When I first moved in I really loved it here. They drew me in with all of the money they activities, free candy, coffee creamer etc. but after a couple of months of living here all of those things disappeared. Also maintenance doesn’t always complete the tasks my roommates and I ask them to do and it can become very frustrating. We have had blinds that need re hung for over a month now because they weren’t hung right the last time and the time after that they gave us too short of blinds. The rent is also way too high. They are making a killing off of us! And I really dislike that is is not pet friendly.

We've had some maintenance issues. We've had problems with our plumbing and air conditioning and are frustrated with the large wait times. In addition we're frustrated that we pay for so many amenities and they are either broken or unavailable. For example every time I go to use the printer it's out of toner.

Nice location & rooms are big! However, they gave me the WRONG room. Staff mixed up the last names and gave my room to another girl with the same first name. Very frustrating!!!

I enjoy the community rewards site, however i prefer the old site. I thought the old site not only had a better look but was much more user friendly

While the apartments look very nice, they are very deceiving. A lot of the cabinets are already starting to apart. The air filters are not regularly replaced. But still fair for price, but not in a year or two

great place to live with many amenities. staff is rude sometimes and sont know hwat they are talking about. pool, gym, studyroom, tanning bed, all are great

Staff is friendly and usually helpful but apartments are outdated and missing some general upkeep. Would be nice if heat and cooling were not turned on and off at random and water was consistant

The process of getting done with the paper work and moving in lacks communication and it is confusing. Staff is very friendly and personable

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Overall the complex is great. There are a few issues I've had lately with the upstairs neighbors. These walls are pretty thin, but when it was brought to the office's attention, it has been taken care of.

Apartment community seems friendly . the apartment complex hosted a party that gave us free food. can’t go wrong with that. the lounge is also welcoming and inviting

It was great jere, love the pool and the staff wish I was staying another year here at rivergate I'm going to miss it so much, love this place to death!

The water pressure is not very high. I have put in workorders to have it addressed and it has never been. The noise levels are okay on the floor; however, I can hear everything above me.

Very nice well kept apartments with a good location. I love the amenities and all the little extra things that come with living at rivergate

Good so far. I am confused about my gift card, and no one has completely explained it to me. I am not sure what this points are for. Being told what this points go for would be helpful.

Very nice and high class place to live with great service and environment to leave in. Great decor and living area. Nice residents and community.

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I am going to live with rivergate next fall and i cant wait. I have been dying to have my own place and out of the dorms. These apartments are so nice i cant wait to spoil myself by living here. Great experiences!

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Living at river gate had its ups and downs. It definitely got better when there was a bus stop added to give rides to and from class. Walking uptown gets old from RG

I'm very excited to live at RG - I can't wait for move in day! However, there seem to be some incorrect charges on my account that are making me and my parents a little nervous. I would love to have an option on the passport or portal thing that allows us to see how much we owe RG, with payments deducted so we constantly know where we stand, financially.

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Lovely place, great friendly staff. One thing I would like to do to improve would be to make sure the coffee machine is never out of coffee- it has been out fairly frequently over the past few days. And I would like to see some healthier options (fruit) in the residents life section.

Very nice apartments. Walls are a little thin. Fully furnished living areas give Rivergate an advantage few apts on campus can offer. The pool is nice.

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Very nice apartments, staff is always friendly and willing to help me when I have a question. The tanning is great. Only complaint is that there isn't enough hot water to last a whole shower sometimes

The apartments are very clean and modern but it is a very low quality structure. The pool has leaked a hand full of times, the parking lot has had moisture issues making those who paid $350 for covered parking to park out in the snow contradicting the reason we paid for the covered parking. The other complaint is some rooms (like mine) have the air conditioning unit closet in their room resulting in unnecessary dust and loud machine noise throughout the night and can definitely affect someone with allergies. Athens has very few modern apartments to choose from which makes RiverGate a pretty good deal even with these issues.

Great staff and amenities! Love the friendly and helpful community! Living at RiverGate was the best decision I ever made and I am so happy I have another year here!!!!