River park is awesome, so much comes with rent, including the resident life center, the gym, pool, even free coffee/hot chocolate. I also like that everything is included except for WiFi and electric which are both very affordable. This is my second year at RP and I resigned for next year as well!

I love being so close to campus! Staff is always very friendly. There is a coffee machine so it is very convenient. Plus the apartments are so close to uptown!

I have enjoyed my experience at RP so far. The gym and lobby area are convenient. The staff is friendly! I think the laundry situation is frustrating. I was also extremely disappointed by the cleanliness of my apartment upon moving in.

Great overall experience! Rent and utilities payments are super easy, and the location on campus makes RiverPark so convenient. Love the gym and coffee bar, too!

Chill environment, would live here again, fix the washers and dryers or buy new ones, laundry facilities always breaking. Add the ability to add money to laundry card without machine on wall

I love living here! The staff is super helpful and if there’s an issue they’re quick to assist! I haven’t had issues with noise since I’ve lived here. The apartments are extremely nice too!

The location is so nice. Maintenance takes awhile to come fix anything and they don't even fix it sometimes. The gym and computerlab/lobby is nice to study in.

We have had many problems with our drainage system which has made my roommate and I call maintenance at least 5 times. Including the drainage problems we have also had an issue with the drain flies which was quickly taken care of. Other then those issues river park has been a great place to live.

It has been a nice community to live in. The pool is nice, along with the gym and the tanning beds. I enjoy not paying for tanning anymore. I hate struggling to find a parking spot though

This is a great place to live. Everything you need and even more then you ask for. I wish there was free wifi but over all I am Very pleased.

It is a nice apartment complex to live in but there are things that need to be improved. I feel that there are issues that the office should help with and not sweep under the rug.

Basic college apartment, but has great additions like coffee bar, pool, tanning and a fitness center! The people are very nice and helpful, and the rooms are big!

It is very nice. The people really cared when they were trying to get me to live there. Sometimes the people would take awhile to respond but other than that it was an easy experience

I will be a resident next school year. The apartment and entire complex seem very nice and the location is the best part. So close to campus! However, I've had many issues trying to get a hold of the office and communication is sometimes poor. We thought we had completed everything needed to secure the apartment until we had gotten an email saying we were in jeopardy of losing it. They never told us what we had to complete next in order to guarantee a spot until it was almost too late.

River Park is a good location but needs to work on having better facilities. Washers and dryers are always broken, water is shut off in my building frequently for maintenance work, and maintenance requests can take up to 3 weeks to be completed.

Things started off rocky, but have been getting better as time goes on. People can be loud all night at times. Maintenance takes time to fix the issues.

Great location on campus. Only negative is being down the hill and having the walk up Jeff sometimes. Have had no problems with my neighbors or maintenance.

I don't live at riverpark yet, but it seems like an awesome community that I will love. I'm excited to finally move out of the dorms and get my own place.

The best thing about RiverPark is it’s cheap price. But as usual, you get what you pay for. Some qualities of the apartment are bad, considering the heat and the closet doors that always fall off, but overall it’s well worth it.

Great place to live. Highly recommend. It offers a friendly environment along with a great living space and community. Not to mention it’s only walk from Court st.

washer and dryers dont work right on most floors jn building 1. hallway and floor residents are quiet and respectful at night, havent met many people though, staff sometimes arent all on the same page with what they tell me, but overall they are nice and helpful

Not bad, the staff id active and the location is nice a bit pricey and they will almost deffiently change your layout and cost before move in but I guess thats to be expected pet friendly and clean building

I have lived at RP the past 2 years and have never had any huge issues. It is your basic college town apartment complex. Most the staff is nice and helpful. Plus I get to have my pups :)

I really enjoy living here and I love my apartment, however it has its pros and cons. The maintenance is really efficient and fast but the main office doesn't do well with communicating with us about certain issues.

Since moving in the people of River Park have been very helpful. Unfortunately, we have experienced a lot of miscommunication between the office and us as residents. The apartment is nice though, and it is a great place on campus. Just need to work on the communication with residents, because I know it has happened with others as well.