Could be better, a hot tub would be awesome, maybe a lazy river. A better community hub would be cool, maybe put a pool table in there. The coffee machine could be upgraded to dispense liquor

I live in Rivers Edge in a one bedroom. I really enjoy the apartment and location. My toilet broke and my apartment flooded a couple days ago which was really scary. Maintenance and staff are usually helpful. What I really don't like is that residents throw their cigarette butts on the ground or the stairs so there is always a bunch of cigarettes lying around the staircase to my complex. The issue of residents not cleaning up after their dogs poop has seemed to improve a bit.

Overall I have had a great experience living at river park. However, there are a ton of flies and wasps that come through my bed room windows that even with what maintenance does doesn't help.

The community is really great for college students, especially being so close to campus. The amenities are good: printing, gym, coffee machine, pool, etc. As a pet owner, I'm also super happy with the free poop bags and poop bins everywhere. However, most people seem to not use them, so be careful walking in the grass! Maintenance is also good, they've always been pretty prompt with sending someone to check. Only complaint is that there's a constant and overwhelming weed smell on our floor, which gives me horrible migraines. Not much to do about that though!

We've had some issues from our move-in date, but the office was always willing to help. Maintenance is always willing to fix something that is broken.

It is a nice apartment, but the walls are so thin, I hear my neighbors music constantly blaring. The workout room and tanning area are nice, but you can tell they do not get cleaned regularly.

None of the washers and dryers work in Building 38. My neighbor trespassed into my apartment. Slowest elevator on campus. Tried to make me pay 25 dollars for a weekend pass for Palmer Fest.

Staff often grumpy, printer in the lobby never worked. Often the hallways and parking lot would have garbage, washer and dryers rarely work.

I don't hate living in River Park by any means. I just have encountered some very small issues that can never seemed to be fixed. Our microwave doesn't spin and maintenance has come to fix it 3 times with no luck. Cold showers are a constant thing here too. Our neighbors might be the loudest, most annoying humans. The location is amazing though and utilities are never incredibly expensive either.

The community up at River's Edge is great. It's removed enough from campus to be nice and quiet, while still being within walking distance to most things around town. I've always loved South Green, so being able to remain close has been really enjoyable.

Cannot wait to live here in the fall! Love what I saw during the tour and have heard nothing but great things about the community and amenities

The pool and tanning are nice, not a horrible price. However, I’m not a fan of cold showers and broken closet doors. Other than that, it’s been a really nice place to live.

Overall this wasn't a bad experience. Someone tried to come into my apartment once while drunk and the washing machines are almost always out of order, but it's in a convenient location.

I really enjoy living at river park but my one issue is the laundry room situation in building 34. There is only one washer and dryer from floor 2 and up and none on the bottom floor. Also, it's quite expensive for how small the washer and dryer are. I use an actual laundromat instead because the ones in my building are always being used or are too expensive.

I like the location and amenities, but the maintenance staff kind of sucks and my neighbors can be really noisy sometimes. But overall I really enjoy my apartment.

I love River Park so much. It's so close to campus and all the places I need and want to be. I also love how it's pet friendly. Definitely a great choice to live my senior year.

I’m going to miss living here after graduation! While nothing can ever be perfect, I’ve been pretty satisfied with my living accommodations at Riverpark over the past two years.

I love living in River Park. Very friendly atmosphere and staff. The only critique I have is that the printer is always jammed/hardly works.

My experience with Riverpark has been great. They are quick to respond when needing assistance! The apartments are clean and very nice. It is typically quiet in my building which I like as well.

Amenities are nice-pool, coffee, gym, tanning, computers, printing. Fulfillment of maintenance requests are slow. Promotions are a trap and hard to claim.

They’re overall nice. They are a bit too expensive, though, and there’s a lot of variation between apartments making some better values than others.

Great Overall...Just slow on maintenance calls and doesn’t always fulfill them. This is my second time living in river park and I honestly cannot complain about noise and such

Close to campus, clean facilities, amazing pool, Free coffee, printing and tanning is a lifesaver. maintenance staff is super helpful, and quick. office is helpful and parking for guests is very helpful

Great experience overall! This is my first time living off of campus and River Park is a nice place to start out. The apartments are clean and updated.

Living in river park is a mixed experience. The area and facilities are nice. The events they put on for residents are great. The price is okay. The walls are incredibly thin. I can hear my upstairs neighbor going to the bathroom, which is unpleasant.