It is very nice. The people really cared when they were trying to get me to live there. Sometimes the people would take awhile to respond but other than that it was an easy experience

I will be a resident next school year. The apartment and entire complex seem very nice and the location is the best part. So close to campus! However, I've had many issues trying to get a hold of the office and communication is sometimes poor. We thought we had completed everything needed to secure the apartment until we had gotten an email saying we were in jeopardy of losing it. They never told us what we had to complete next in order to guarantee a spot until it was almost too late.

River Park is a good location but needs to work on having better facilities. Washers and dryers are always broken, water is shut off in my building frequently for maintenance work, and maintenance requests can take up to 3 weeks to be completed.

Things started off rocky, but have been getting better as time goes on. People can be loud all night at times. Maintenance takes time to fix the issues.

Great location on campus. Only negative is being down the hill and having the walk up Jeff sometimes. Have had no problems with my neighbors or maintenance.

I don't live at riverpark yet, but it seems like an awesome community that I will love. I'm excited to finally move out of the dorms and get my own place.

The best thing about RiverPark is it’s cheap price. But as usual, you get what you pay for. Some qualities of the apartment are bad, considering the heat and the closet doors that always fall off, but overall it’s well worth it.

Great place to live. Highly recommend. It offers a friendly environment along with a great living space and community. Not to mention it’s only walk from Court st.

washer and dryers dont work right on most floors jn building 1. hallway and floor residents are quiet and respectful at night, havent met many people though, staff sometimes arent all on the same page with what they tell me, but overall they are nice and helpful

Not bad, the staff id active and the location is nice a bit pricey and they will almost deffiently change your layout and cost before move in but I guess thats to be expected pet friendly and clean building

I have lived at RP the past 2 years and have never had any huge issues. It is your basic college town apartment complex. Most the staff is nice and helpful. Plus I get to have my pups :)

I really enjoy living here and I love my apartment, however it has its pros and cons. The maintenance is really efficient and fast but the main office doesn't do well with communicating with us about certain issues.

Since moving in the people of River Park have been very helpful. Unfortunately, we have experienced a lot of miscommunication between the office and us as residents. The apartment is nice though, and it is a great place on campus. Just need to work on the communication with residents, because I know it has happened with others as well.

The community here at river park has been great. The overall apartment complex and apartment could use some work. Our toilets, dishwasher and the oven doesn't work and also the temperature is never good. I's currently sweating writing it. All of which we have put work orders in. Otherwise my roommates and I enjoy it here with the nice sized rooms.

I love living at river park. Only downside is the distance from uptown and the laundry is expensive and many of the dryers don’t work. Other han that the pool, balconies, and apartments are awesome!

This is the closest community living to the centre. Great staff, awesome maintanance, always clean and nice :) huge field for sports, river and bike/running path just outside of your window :) love it :)

The apartment complex is generally very loud. The community events are a lot of fun. The gym and free coffee are great amenities! Generally pleased

Amazing staff, beautiful apartments. I already have a year living here and don't regret it at all. Staff is also very quick to respond whenever you have an incident in your apt and fix it right away!

Great staff. Nice building. So easy to use the app to pay rent and put in a maintenance report. Great community . Easy way to classes and to up town

Very updated, friendly staff, but the maintence staff was a little unhelpful from my experience. Didn’t do much to help and worked on other things instead of what I asked to be fixed

Complex is nice. Don't sign without initially viewing your appt (duh). Our unit had no living area and did not reflect the layouts on the website. Leasing staff is either incompetent or deceptive. Took wayy too much personal time to settle on an overpriced lease. Additionally, the software used to view and sign leases prevents saving or printing until the lease is signed. 5 stars for visibility.

The leasing office was extremely helpful when we were in the beginning stages of renting our apartment at River Park. Very happy with our choice and can't wait to move in

So far the experience has been pretty good! I'm excited to live with River Park and be so close to campus. They have a ton to offer for a low price. The only downside was that signing a lease took forever and I wish the process was a little smoother.

I live in a three bed one bath rehab with a balcony and it is beautiful. It is super nice having a pool and 24 hours gym although I do think both are quite small considering the number of residents that all share it, especially the pool. The lobby area is super nice. The maintenance takes a long time to get back to you and management in general is very unorganized. Other than that I enjoy where I live.

Really big place with spacious area and pet friendly along with nice people. Having work around the corner and school up the road is a big plus.