I've been having trouble with the AC since I moved in. Its in the process of being fixed now, but its taking forever and its getting hot in here. Other than that, all is good.

Pros: Move in was smooth. Love all the different events they have planned. Staff really seems to care about the social aspect of living here at RiverPark. Cons: Rent is a bit high, though. Some damages to the apartment before I moved were present. Contacted the office three times about them and have not had any one come to my apartment to address the damages. Still rate them a 4/5 because of the connivence to campus.

I think that for the most part river park is a very nice place to live. However, like most places, there are issues that arise, but it's the way they get handled that determines whether a place is worth living there

RP is close to main campus, which is so convenient for my life and study. However, RP is a little bit expensive and does not have any discounts or special activities to keep their residents

Great place to live. Nice neighborhood and very pet friendly. Angie and CJ are very nice and helpful. My apartment had mostly brand new appliances which was nice. The walls are kinda thin and you can here the neighbors sometimes.

I am having a great experience so far here at River Park. The staff is friendly, the amenities are great, and I overall have had no problems here

Great building, nice rooms. One of the washers in the laundry room was broken for a few days, which didn't make laundry any more convenient. Overall good place to live.

Staff is really nice, helpful and caring. Knowledgable about problems. Just from the social events, I can tell that the staff want residents to enjoy their time at RP.

Very well, if you have a prolbem they are quick to fix it, and its quiet here. Also allowing you to have pets is a great thing. Parking is the only prolbem, there isnt enough parking, sometimes i have to park uo the hill a way

Even though some things in my apartment still need repair, like the refrigerator and the bathroom's door, I'm feeling good and comfortable at home.

I love my apartment! It's my own, personal, perfect space! Sometimes the office staff doesn't seem to be trained well, but they ARE friendly!

So far living here has been great. This is my second year and we have new management. They are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely refer RP to someone.

Great! We've enjoyed our time here. We especially like our building because it's next to the dog park which is very convenient. Maintaince has been very easy to work with.

River park has a lot of pluses! ... and minuses! Lately the hot water was not working for 4 days, there was mold on my bathroom ceiling and the thermostat was hard to control. However the pool is very nice, my apartment is large, open, and clean, plus the proximity to campus is great!

Very clean apartments and nice staff. It is nice to finally find a landlord in athens that takes care of its residents. If i stay, i will be renewing

River park is a great location being on South Green and I love all the storage space my apartment has. I love living here and it's pretty quiet for being an apartment complex for mostly college students. Peter is very friendly and helpful. My water pressure sucks though.

Apartment is kinda falling apart, not nearly as nice as the showroom apartment, but still good bang for your buck. Pool is great, always stuff going on down there.

After being assigned to a new apartment, I have nothing bad to say...yet. Only because it's still early in the game, I hope everything stays okay.

Looking forward to son's move-in next week. Facility tour was very nice. Excellent communication with staff. Thanks for your assistance with questions and concerns!

I really enjoyed River Park and River's Edge! The staff was always quick and willing to help and they really made you feel like a community with thing like taco Tuesday and grocery bingo

Thank you all for the great and exciting experience with off campus housing. I loved being here for two years and if I could stay another year I would! I really enjoyed Thirsty Thursdays and Grocery Bingo, have some more of those for the new residence coming in :) See you all someday! Thank you again!!

I think this is a great idea! It's easy, simple, and seems well done. I've only just started, so I haven't exercised all that it can do, but I can't wait to rack up more points!

I think living here is pretty good, but their policy for old residents is not fancy at all, which make a lot of people move out. Moreover, during summer, so much annoying bugs here. Although I love their social events, they really need to pay attention to carter for old residents and renovation.

I'm super excited to be living at River Park in the fall. I had great service when I went in for a tour and I got all of my questions answered. Emails have been answered promptly, but I've been surprised with some information, and don't think all the communication I've gotten has been super clear. Other than that, going great so far.

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I love living at riverpark---Maintenance is amazing and my apartment is exactly what I wanted. Every time I need something, they are so willing to help!

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