We love living at River's Edge, it is close to campus without living on campus. The walk home always feels safe and yet far enough away from the craziness of downtown. The community is quiet and friendly.

I like River Park because of its location and proximity to campus. I have had a few problems with the management and miscommunication a few times but they were all cleared up.

Riverpark is definitely a good place to live. It's conveniently located on campus and the people in the complex are very nice and respectable.

Great pool, and staff. Always willing to work with you to help figure out any problems. Overall great service and is a good place to live while at Ohio university

The laundry broke down and was pretty annoying for about 3 weeks. It was free for the next month but then was reverted back to being paid for.

Elevator could use modernization update very slow service love the coffe machine workout room very good landscaping very nice maintenance very responsive to calls

I love the RiverPark community! There are so many amenities for us as residents. I love the free coffee and the awesome times I have sitting by the pool. I love that improvements are always being made around the apartments and it shows you care for your residents!

Overall good place to live. No big problems or concerns. Nice lobby area, great pool, and good gym. Compared to other places in Athens, it's a pretty good value.

super close to campus and has amenities. The floor plans are nice and even though the apartments aren't huge, they're big enough to live comfortably in.

The maintence staff are wonderful people and Rp is conviently located on campus for a short commute. It's not luxurious, but it works for the college life.

Solid. Price point is decent for the location. Walls are thin. Love the balcony and the lounge areas. Dog poop in common areas is a problem that needs to be addressed.

The neighbors are very loud and they smoke a lot so it often smells bad around my apartment. The laundry is free right now which is great and I think we should just have a laundry fee as part of our rent instead of having to put money on those special cards. Its awesome to have a pool and an exercise room on site, although it would be cool to have some free weight/dumbbells in there. Our apartment feels crowded for two people, but we like the lay out. Love that it's pet-friendly.

I am excited to be living at Riverpark for my second year, The pool is already open which is great! The staff has been really helpful in helping me resolve issues with billing and maintenance is reliable as always.

I like it here. It is safe and secure and I like that there is a pet option. I haven't had any problems in my apartment and when I needed a new toilet seat my request to repair was addressed very fast by management.

Great, I love it here. It's a second home away from home. I like the fact that I am given special privileges such as access to gym, pool, and has a convenient location.

It's convienent and relatively cheap. Lots of issues with structure of building. Extremely upset they cut water without notice for no reason

I've only lived in Athens for the past 5 months almost and I never felt more comfortable, staff is great and the neighborhood is amicable. I don't regret choosing River Park, is awesome and the apartments are gorgeous.

Pretty well. The free laundry for the time being is nice. Also the switch from Simple Bills to AEP has been pretty easy. Could turn on the A/C a little sooner though.

Pretty nice place to live as long as your neighbors are cool too. Come to any of the events and you're guaranteed to leave with free stuff!!!

Like the place. Affordable and lots of amenities. I wish there was a garbage chute though. Coffee machine is great. Location is great. woo hoo.

I like living here and the extra amenities such as the pool and computer lab are awesome! Although I sometimes feel like the management could do a better job at making people want to stay.

The community is pleasant and makes for a great college experience. The residents are friendly and the staff is too. River Park is an ideal living location for students

River Park is a nice and affordable way to spend your years at Ohio University. They try their best to ensure that every tenant is happy and comfortable

I really like the apartment in riverpark because it is very close and safe. Although there will be parties during weekend, generally it is not noisy.

Workers and maintenance team are very nice, friendly and helpful! Buildings are always clean, well maintained, and easy to navigate. Would recommend!