I put down a security deposit to reserve a whole house and when I found people to live their they put down their own security deposits. I told RU living that my security deposit check should be used for rent because my parents are not giving me any more rent money until that is used up. They charged me for rent and did not give me back my security deposit in time so my bank charged me $35 fee that I have not been reimbursed yet.

Reply from RU Living


The RU Living staff is doing a good job. Whenever I receive a call from RU Living, the staff I speak with are always friendly and willing to help. The community as well is good natured too.

Doing great, could not be better. For the most part a great experience, friendly and helpful landlords and almost any problem that we have encountered was solved quickly.

RU Living is always friendly. My only issue is that the maintenance requests are not always consistent. Sometimes we have to put a request in multiple times before someone comes to fix something.

I appreciate the on-the-go breakfasts and the occasional free Cookie Rush cookies. The staff has also been nothing but helpful in any problem I have encountered this year so far. RU Living shows that they care about their residents and I am very grateful to be a part of this community.

Great place to live since its apartment style for me so it is pretty comfortable and convenient. Located just 5 mins from Scott hall, made everything easy. There are many food places around here too.

Very cool features online, making it easier for the residents to request help and give other sorts of feedback. Very smooth transition to living!

good experience so far with some issues in the beginning that were taken care of. maintenance responds very quickly for requests and ensures garbage is taken out when necessary

The house is very nice but it is hard to get in touch with the staff of RU Living when you contact them in any form. We've emailed them multiple times with problems in the house, whether it be safety concerns or maintenance in the house, and they don't respond. Other than that my experience with RU Living and the house are very good.