Think you're doing pretty well so far. Communication with residents and maintenance follow through could improve though. I think you guys are doing a decent job though!

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Just recently turned over to this new property management. They seem to be trying to clean things up and make the community nicer. I am looking forward to all the new improvements.

The apartment community is overall friendly and very much welcoming. One issue I'm having is the speed that a lot of the cars driving by at.

Maintenance work could be better. Quicker response to questions would be nice too. System to conveniently utilize the clubhouse also appreciated

Love my apartment layout, very spacious and love that I can make it my own. The staff in the front office are also very helpful and it's always easy to ask them any question.

It's a great location right at the corner of Murray and Scholl's Ferry, with shops right across the street. Excellent amenities. The staff are friendly and helpful. The apartments are well-designed and kept up. I only gave it four stars because the people above us are often tromping around in the middle of the night like they're rehearsing Riverdance. That and some of my maintenance requests seem to get lost in the shuffle. I am too introverted to pester the staff about those things, so it's mostly on me.

I'm satisfied with this apartment. Rich in nature, clean public space, free wifi at leasing office and swimming pool. I want to recommend this apartment to my friends.

We love it here the apartment is just the right size it's only 4 blocks to my work are not far for our daughters school I love that there are so meny stores and places to eat just across the street.

Slow response time on service/maintenance requests. Poor service. They were trying to fix a bathroom outlet and had to mess up the other outlets particularly the masters bedroom. Now the on/off switch no longer works. Also nonaction when reported to security a stalled vehicle in the middle of the road.

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We enjoy the responsive and nice staff at seven west. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Our calls, concerns, and requests are answered quickly and professionally.

When's the last time the sauna and hot tub were open? Isn't it about time to play "where's the leasing office" again? 20% rent hikes every year add excitement to the boring task of finding housing. My washer leaks water on the floor half the time, my maintenance request was ignored. Property has had something like five owners in less than four years.

Very friendly staff. Not super efficient at following through. For example I was told 5 different times that I would be put on a wait list for parking spot... and then one day happen to ask again and magically a spot was available. Otherwise they are nice.

Love the apartment and complex, but it takes forever to get ahold of maintenance and to get them to come fox problems. Once they do come though they are usually really nice.

Everyone at Seven West has been so nice and helpful ! They are always polite and honest, any question I have has been answered. They keep the grounds nice &clean.I am so happy to be part of Seven West Community 😊

The apartments are good size. The people are friendly. The grounds are kept well. The website is very easy to use. The price is fair. I really don't know what more to say

I wish I had better things to say but still being new to this community and not being here so much I'm quite disappointed at how many issues I'm having with management and my supposed "newly renovated" apartment an have yet to really settle in and be able to call it "home". I'm hoping this experience will better.

Wish I got some sort of notification when packages arrive. I get them from Fedex/UPS/USPS if I am expecting something but if it's a gift I have no idea. I got a xmas gift from the office at the end of Jan. when I went to pick something else up...had no idea about the other package.

I enjoy the atmosphere here and I love our apartment! The only feedback I would give is maybe having more people available to answer questions or concerns by phone or email as my partner and I both work outside of the office hours.

It's getting better. With all the changes going on to combine the two community's most of the time it felt like the concerns of the residents were met with resistance. But now thing's for sure have come around. It seems like the people who live here matter again.

We have had nothing but a good experience living here. The office staff is friendly and helpful. Our neighbors are very friendly as well. We also love that it's smoke free.

As a whole the property is a good location and kept up beautifully!! Maintenance is fast and efficient! Staff is friendly, and easy to talk to. The only thing i would like to see is more discipline when it comes noisy neighbors!

Staff is friendly, but we need some upgrades to the property & website does not always work. Timely snow removal, pressure-washing decks, lights by the mailbox area and enforcement of dog waste clean-up would be great.

Lived here for about a year and have loved it here so far. Maintenance is always kept up to date, the staff is always friendly. Can't say I have had any complaints here!

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Toilet hasn't gotten fixed correctly, ceiling fan leaks water, website is hard to navigate, management is unorganzied, management is very friendly, neighbors are friendly

The apartments are nice and clean, the community is sage ad very family and pet friendly. The only issue was that the front office lacks some coordination. you have a 50/50 chance of being notified if you have a package in the office so it's best to keep track of your own orders. It is also difficult to get a parking spot, we had to go into the office several times to request one and were frequently told they would put our name on the list to give us a call, but as we never got a call and one day walked in to find out 3 spots were available it was clear that was no list. Overall it's a nice place you just need to keep track of your own things and not rely on the front office.