1. Make keyfobs are available prior to move-in 2. Ensure that cabinets, etc are installed and the apartment is fully ready on day of move-in 3. Ensure that the apartment is cleaned prior to move-in and all trash and removed materials are disposed 4. Person in charge of responding to emergencies lives an hour away, that's too long in case of an actual emergency.

I was looking forward to getting my first apartment in a new city and the unit that was given to us was obviously not previously cleaned and there were so many issues that it is shocking that they were not fixed before we moved in. For the price that we are paying, we definitely deserve a better place. We have submitted requests for the unit to be cleaned because as a new resident, we should not have to spend an entire week cleaning the unit we just received. We were hoping to stay here for a couple years but now we cannot wait to find something else when our lease isn’t over.

A lot of problems with apartment. When moving in we noticed poop carpet stains. Paint job is horrible, wood flooring is lifting, cracks on the wallS ALOT OF STUFF!

All in all depending on who you deal with depends on experience parking is bad someday you have to park way down on the street almost near traders joe there no point on parking passes they did not think of resident to car ratio at ALL some staff is pretty cool took us forever to get keys for our apartment had to leave door unlocked for a bit till maintenance figured it out what sucked the most is my other half has had a horrible experience from random people banging on the door yelling threats when I’m at work so yea crazy place to live wouldn’t recommend honestly

breezeways are filthy with trash and trails of trash juice from bags being dragged. mosquitos swarm your doorway as soon as you open the door. management did a poor job of explaining electricity procedures and charged extra fees for not switching bill name. I was not told I needed to call and switch the names.

I debated leaving a comment or review at all. I'm really not a confrontational person and try to make the best of any situation, but you since the complex seemed genuinely curious, I want to help out and give a unbiased review....to document my experience here. I have lived in 5 states and 7 cities in the last 15 years. Many of these were living in condos and apartments. I can honestly say this has been the worst experience I have ever had. The only thing that has kept me here for the length of time that I have is the price for rent. Since living here, I have seen management change hands numerous times, the complex change names and yet the quality has not. I've had 2 vehicle break ins (one involving a firearm of mine being stolen), I've had my mail stolen, and did my best to help alert the management to gates that were constantly left wide open for weeks at a time...allowing anyone to enter our complex. At one point, I had multiple (back to back floods) that left standing water in my apartment for 30 days. Not an exaggeration, 30 days. The response from management was "there's nothing we can do". Additionally, I also became informed about multiple other apartments that experienced floods and after doing some research, learned that the renovations to fix them properly to ensure no mold would grow, were not done. After living in the flooded apartment, I was moved to a "renovated" apartment. The new unit has unfinished floors, disgustingly unfinished drywall and baseboards in the bathroom, unfinished counter tops, paint scrapes, etc. Additionally, due to poor workmanship in the bathroom and holes in the walls that were not completely sealed, there was a roach infestation (again, not an exaggeration. I had to kill 8, 3 inch long roaches at once). Up until recently, there was no enforcement of parking passes, so I was forced to park in the street on numerous occasions which I found upsetting. Also, at one point in time, my apartment was entered to make repairs without contacting me. This was to do a repair of some sort, but I was told by the office that I would be contacted prior to...this did not happen. Lastly, the breezeway in my building constantly has loose trash and there is no enforcement of pet clean up which simply makes the areas surrounding the buildings very uninviting. Hope this review is insightful and helps to increase the quality of living at Sonterra Heights. It is such a great location and has so much potential to be one of the better complexes, but unless there are some pretty drastic changes, I will likely not renew my lease. All the best.

I have struggled with living here. The staff doesn't seem to always care much about the residents. Probably because there are new staff in the office every month. Also, some of the workout equipment has been out of commission for a year. The units are nice at first glance but after living here awbile you start to notice how poorly they have been built. We have had drawers come off the hinges as well as cabinets. It's just not worth it for the price we pay for rent.

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I always read the comments of social networks, especially to inform me about the place where I'm going to rent. I have been a resident for almost a year and a half and this is important information that you have to know about the parking problems on this property. The size of the parking lots is quite narrow and at first, I never considered it a problem until I suffered the consequences. I consider it important to inform future residents that my car received a key from side to side once. Almost 7 months later, my car suffered another insident, a big dent again. And to summarize the story every time my car suffered from vandalism I got in the office to file a complaint with the property manager, and unfortunately in a very disrespectful and mocking way she told me that it was not an issue that bothered her and he pulled me out of his office with a burlesque smile on his face.

Nice apartments , but not nice enough for the cost. Management is terrible. They will penny and dime you for everything they can even when it is their fault. The parking is not enforced so it’s nearly impossible to find a spot at night. And they still have yet to fix the equipment in the gym which has been broken since January.

The dog waste situation is the worst it's been in the 3 years I have lived here. It's beyond disgusting. Three times my husband and I have complained, and three times we've been promised that at least an email or a flyer would be sent out reminding residents to clean up after their pets.

The maintenance staff are wonderful and responsive. Many sprinklers are not functioning properly and spray water into the road, leaving large areas as big patches of dirt. There is a lack of responsibility to "clean up" after pets and many walk their pets off leash. The keypad for the mailbox area is broken and anyone can walk in (safety issue).

Few to many problems that it’s become hard to want to stay here. To many times going back and forth with the office. We shouldn’t have to contact the manager to get things done.

It’s the luck of the draw I guess. The people above us really like the patio at 2am. And they throw cigarette butts everywhere when they smoke outside.

A lot of break-in’s here.... and loud neighbors. Overall, the employees are very nice and don’t bother you often! This apartment barely does things for the residents... but it’s a good price for what you get.

Off to a slow start. Had mold growing under kitchen sink. Constantly have mosquitos in my apartment. Parking is extremely limited. Brother just signed his lease here and received a welcome packet with gate codes; I didn’t receive this information in a packet or otherwise.

The interior of the apartment is beautiful, but I still have a pest problem even after moving in in august and having the pest control come out several times. I’ve complained to the office several times about the apt in front of me being really dirty, and they still haven’t done anything. Every apt I’ve ever lived in takes this serious, and will issue a fine after the 2nd warning.

Community is pretty calm and quiet. Parking is a little tough. Activities are planned, for the residents, never attended. Response time on maintenance issue is slow.

Amenities are good. Staff is attentive and friendly. maintenance turn around is prompt. Love the location as is centrally located to 1604 and 281, shopping, restaurants

Sometimes the guy that pick up the trash don’t come and also a lot of neighbors did not pick up the poop that their dogs do the person that is in charge of the apartments should send a note.

It is a quiet neighborhood and very family oriented. The apartments are renovated and have all new appliances. The only down fall is no security or police that keep watch weekly. I have heard of neighbors having their cars broken into but I’ve been lucky.

it was okay the staff was always changing which made it really hard to get familiar with people but other than that it was a nice place to live

Lots of work orders needed since my move in. However, everything else has been great, including the environment. Also, a really quiet area to enjoy !!!

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The neighborhood and outside apartment complex itself is very nice. Had some issues in my apartment when I first moved in and they were taken care of quickly, however I’ve slowly encountered more small problems as you would with an older apartment. So far I’ve enjoyed living here, the only thing I really dislike is parking for guests.

Was enjoying, currently nervous to go out at night because of the raccoons. Hoping managing is going to get this taken care of before someone get hurt.

Place is great, but having to live with a rusty falling apart tub lessened the experience. I tried multiple time from day one. And was always given the run around. Besides that i love the apartments . Hate the carpet choice. Great management.

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