Food is not very great but great atmosphere. Study rooms are helpful and useful. Southgate is by far one of the most fun dorms in Tallahassee.

Southgate has been an amazing experience for my freshman year. The RA's are super helpful with anything we ask. The food is great, and the study rooms are beyond convenient. The gym on my floor is also great. I love it here

Everyone is really nice and I feel safe. They have any activities and cery good food. I would like the dinner to be open later because I had late classes and missed it a lot.

I think living here has been a wonderful experience. However, it is quite annoying sometimes with kids screaming in the halls in the middle of the night. I do love all the events here though

Southgate campus center has everything I could wish to need! I️t is super comfortable and all the RAs are super nice. The food is pretty decent too.

Rooms are very clean and furnished well. The bathrooms are cleaned once a week which is a bonus. Key cards are effective. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

Southgate has been an awesome experience. I would definitely recommend other people to stay here. If I ever have a problem, it is addressed right away! Love it here

I absolutely love living at southgate! I’ve met so many people who are now like best friends to me and I have so much fun all the time here.

I have had a great experience at Southgate. I Have met some of my closest friends and have gotten off to a great start in college thanks to Southgate. Many of my other friends regret not choosing to live at Southgate because of the food, the gym, and the study rooms. Choosing to live at Southgate was a great decision for me.

Southgate is honestly a really fun environment! Ever since I moved in, I made so many new friends, and the feeling of having a community between everybody is really something I enjoy.

I thoroughly enjoy the people, meals, events, and opportunities that have been presented to me as a result of living at Southgate.

Southgate is a great place to socialize, has a very friendly staff, and is very fun to live in. I would highly recommend living here to friends and people coming to Tallahassee.

South Gate is awesome. All the other residents are cool and we get along great. The halls are clean and there's always room to workout which is good.

It’s something you need to experience in college. I enjoy being able to live in southgate And it’s something I don’t regret doing. I’m happy I like it here

I think that the experience has overall been good but so much focus is put on change that we occasionally lose things I enjoyed such as certain menu items

It’s a great experience to be able to live here and have the dorm experience. I enjoy how active the dorm is and the events that are taken. It’s something I don’t regret.

I love living at South Gate. They have awesome opportunities for students to get involved. With all the socials, it is an awesome opportunity to make new friends and meet new people.

Southgate is awesome and extremely social. It’s so different from dormitories that my friends live in. I love the dining hall and the study rooms a lot.

Southgate is a great place to live. It is so much nicer than the regular dorms and is in the perfect location! I have really enjoyed living here!

Love it at southgate! All the people that work there are positive and know how to have fun! Would not of wanted to live anywhere else if I'm being honest!

Since I have lived here since the summer, I have had a great experience. I have made so many great friends and it has been so fun meeting new people throughout this whole process.

I love staying here because of the socials and rewards they are fun to get engaged with fellow residents. I recommend sought to anyone who wants a dorm style living off campus.

Wow South Gate really sucks I'm doing this for money the food is ok but everything else sucks the place reminds me of a run down Disney hotel

Its a fun environment, theres always something to do, the food could be a little better though. The staff is nice. And the parking garage is really close which is a plus

Southgate is a great community to be a part of. The food is great, the room sizes are great, not having suitemates is a plus!! The amenities such as the gym, ballroom, and everything else offered provides for an awesome living experience!