I liked the friends I have gained from living here and the rooms were not bad but I think the food could be better and I don't like how I paid for the expensive meal plan when they don't swipe the card.

Food can be improved by a lot and the staff could do more a lot of the kitchen staff sits around. Living in the dorm room is good. The RA are all very nice.

Provides interactive socials and IM sports that are a great way to make new friends. Not only is the building in a great location but the rooms are clean and spacious and the food served in the cafeteria is good and contains a lot of variety.

Southgate is an awesome place to live for your first or second year (living in the lofts). It is so close to campus and everything else that Tallahassee has to offer.

Living there my freshman year was a great experience, the food is awesome and they have a lot of socials so you can meet other people that live fhere

Everyone is so nice and helpful. I believe I am going to fall in love with SouthGate Campus Centre. Also the prices are so affordable and worth it!

Southgate has been the best living experience. I have met all of my best friends by living in southgate. The food is also decent and all the staff is so nice. They make living in a dorm extremely comfortable. They also have super fun party’s! All of my friends living in the FSU dorms wish they where living in southgate.

I’ve really liked living here and I will definitely recommend people to stay here. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. I love being so close to my friends and campus.

This has been great. I have met a lot of people while doing the process between TCC and fsu. They have gave me a great opportunity to put myself in the best situation.

I am currently in my second semester living at SouthGate and I love it so much. The ra’s get you really involved with sports and social events. I think southgate is the best dorm

the food is good. the rooms are nice. i like the sports that is included with the dorm. everyone is respectful. the gym has everything you need.

the southgate community is fun to live in. the activities that are done by the RA's are fun, and help everyone meet new people. I also enjoy the food they have at southgate.

South Gate Campus center has given me an unforgettable freshman experience, this staff is friendly and will help you with anything you need.

I like the food and all the staff here at Southgate. My one complaint is that it is a bit cliquey with the people that live here. Lots of drama

My resident experience her so far has been a very good one! I have met very good friends that I know I will always keep. Southgate has been a good home for my first yer in college

I really enjoy southgate the RAs do not really bother anyone and its easy to get away with shenanigans. The food is also amazing and the staff is nice

I'm happy I choose Southgate to live in my freshmen year but I wish the dinning hall was open later and had different options of food. Also, the elevators are scary and my roommate was stuck in one for an hour until someone found her.

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My experience has been very good overall. Southgate has great meal plans with a variety of food and announcements are always made when Important events are coming up.

Southgate had been a very good place to give and always responds to maintence requests very quickly. I have made some very good friends that I will kee for a life time.

What I love most about southgate is how much the residents are involved! I have met so many friends and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else my freshman year!

It’s a wonderful experience to be a part of and somewhere I would suggest to be in Tallahassee. It’s a safe environment. It’s also very opening and warming to students

It’s been a great experience so far. Everyone that I have met has been really nice and fun to hangout with. Really enjoy living at southgate and can’t wait to finish up the spring semester

Southgate is great! Having our own parking garage and dining hall is super convenient and the staff does a great job with the socials and interacting with residents!

Southgate is so much fun! I love that I live so close to all my friends and we can hang out, eat together, listen to music, etc. I also love the activities that the RA's plan almost every day!