Southgate is a great community to be a part of. The food is great, the room sizes are great, not having suitemates is a plus!! The amenities such as the gym, ballroom, and everything else offered provides for an awesome living experience!

this place is amazing i love it wish food was a bit different some days but other than that i love it here it's absolutely amazing. Fantastic all around

I’ve heard a lot of positive things about southgate so I had high expectations coming here my freshman year. Southgate definitely did not disappoint! The staff is nice and welcoming. You can see they put their best effort to make southgate a clean, welcoming, and safe environment. I will definitely recommend future friends and family members to stay here.

absolutely love the atmosphere here I have a lot of fun even when not in class and I really enjoy the food and that I can eat downstairs anytime

I love living at Southgate. The socials are fun and a great way to meet new people. The food is alright and the people who work here are nice as well.

I have been very please with my living expirence.all around great place! Quality of materials used in building is great and amazing rooms and activities. All the staff and residents have been friendly, helpful, and courteous.

Living at southgate is a great experience. I love the food and being right across the street from FSU is an even bigger plus. I wish the dining hall stayed open later though.

Terrific atmosphere, always something to do! Staff is very friendly and highly recommend to anyone searching. Convenient location and always adding new things

My resident experience has been amazing! They truly care about how your time is at southgate and work hard to make sure you're always having a good time!!

I am having a great time here at southgate. I wish we had more floor meetings, so we could all get closer but for the most part the RAs are great at having plenty of activities to meet people.

Food could be better, but love the people and the environment!!! I've had an amazing experience thus far and I can't wait to experience so much more!

Living here is great, the food is good, most of the time, but this is way better than the the actual dorms. I'm have made some great friends and I really like the socials that have happened so far.

I love it here! Everything from the way that the staff acts to the many different functions they put on, there really couldn’t be a better freshman experience then here at Southgate!

SouthGate has great rooms. The beds could be nicer as I sleep on a mattress thats placed on what is literally a slab of wood. Not a genuine bed fram. The food could be better, too. I appreciate the veggie burgers but theres many things with meat in them that really dont need meat.

Southgate has great amenities with delicious food. Southgate introduced me to what now is considered a close friend to me through the roommate matching group. I'm glad I chose it for my Freshman living expierence.

Living at Southgate is awesome! It feels like a small community within a community, meeting people is easy and fun too. It is easy to get involved with socials and intermurial sports

Amazing location basically on the FSU campud and less than a block to the bus stop to get to TCC. Good food, lots of ways to get involved with others.

I love southgate, it is truly giving me such an awesome experience of living in a dorm. I love the dinning hall, the smoothie station is my favorite part about it!

So far everything has been super good! The 4th floor gym still remains very cold and makes t hard to work out. Some nights the hallways are very loud but there is no way for you to control that. The food has been pretty good so far!

The RA's are very helpful and the rooms are nice and they get cleaned every Tuesday by a staff member which is very helpful and nice! Also there is a meal plan with great food down stairs and there is always coffee which is nice for when your trying to study! There are also 2 gyms so you don't have to drive somewhere to workout which is awesome!

The dinning hall right downstairs makes it super convenient and they have a lot of healthy choices and the BEST smoothies!! Staff is friendly and very helpful!

great, i love it here. the lunch room could be better. Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas. It depicts the adventures of various characters "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away". The franchise began in 1977 with the release of the film Star Wars (later subtitled Episode IV: A New Hope in 1981),[2][3] which became a worldwide pop culture phenomenon. It was followed by the successful sequels The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983); these three films constitute the original Star Wars trilogy.

Very clean and RAs and super helpful with info and conflict solving. Food is also amazing. Very nice gym facilities as well as game room and IM sports

South Gate is a great living experience. The food is surprisingly delicious and the staff is very hard working, the events they create are very fun.

SouthGate is an amazing facility, the staff, RA's and residents are all great. Their resources and activities make the freshman transition into college much easier