Southgate is the best dorm on campus! You meet lifelong friends here and there is always something to do. Best location with easy access to FSU, sorority and fraternity houses and much more!

Soooo happy I choose to live at southgate for my freshman year. I made so many new friends and memories that I will never forget. Go State! Go Noles!

This is place is great for the transition into college and you get to meet new people In a " easier way " and you basically have everything you need to make a smooth transition

Not a fan, rooms are good size but elevators are garbage, food gets monotonous but is getting better. I will miss living at southgate but that's because it's a interesting place. Socials are top notch

Great! I love how you give away free things! That's always cool especially for a college student who could use the extra cash! Y'all are dope for this!

Sure I'm not really sure what is going on here but living in Southgate was fine yeah I'd recommend people to live here their freshman year. I'm doing this for the giftcard tho.

I have truly enjoyed living at southgate my freshmen year! It was such a great place to meet people and it is close to campus which is so great. All of the staff, whether it is the RA's or the dining hall staff, were so extremely friendly and have made living at southgate so enjoyable!!

Y'all have done a great job. It has been a pleasure to have been involved in this process. I love earning rewards and this website proves to be quite successful!

Great activities and staff that gets involved makes a big difference. Large activity room with fun convenient hours. Right across from campus so you can't beat the location either.

Very friendly community to live in. Great place to live Freshman year. Highly recommend to incoming students looking for a place to live. Location is amazing

You are doing great because there is no other dorm like this, but I don't like having the same thing for lunch and dinner out everyday. Also th weight room is actually pretty good, maybe a dip machine?

Southgate is a good place to live your freshman year of college because it's a good way to meet people and better than a regular dorm setting but there are things that could improve. For example, the wifi was much easier to use the first semester before they changed it. Now my wifi rarely works and when it does, it's very slow. The food has improved though in the second semester. The smoothie bar is a huge plus.

Southgate is a great place to meet new people and get Involved. The meal plan is pretty good, and the smoothies are the best!! I love my room and never have many complaints about living here.

The hallways carry voices through the entire building so it gets noisy at times. The dining hall has had it's up and downs. Smoothies are awesome but the food lacks sometimes.

Fun and clean. Need new Elevators. Tired of fearing for my life when I get in them. Food is nice. Bring back sandwich station! Stir fry is good but it's getting old.

I think everything has been awesome so far and I've loved living at South Gate both semesters. I think they continue to find ways to make it better. One of my favorite additions is the smoothie station

Pretty cool place definitely acheives what is advertised. Good in mix of dorm and apartment living but mostly dorm life. The lofts are real nice

So for my stay he has been like a roller coaster, it's has it ups and many downs but over all can't complain about my first experience, which put me into perspective.

I moved into southgate for the spring semester and was initially worried about finding friends since everyone had already established them. Southgate gave a sense of community that made it easy to make friends and enjoyable to live here.

That's too much salt on food, I need to drink lots of water during meal. And maybe Southgate should provide breakfast as weekday on weekends, because I'm too hungry when I wake up on those days.

Staying at southgate for my freshman year has helped me make the absolute best out of my first year in FSU! The socials, gameroom, weekly activities and even cafeteria have made it so easy to make new friends! the food is great and staff is so nice and funny! There would be no better way to start off my college experience then living in southgate as a freshman.

So glad I'm living at southgate, I have made so many of my best friends here. Southgate is the best place to live during your freshmen year.

I love community rewards! The prizes are amazing and very easy to win. I hope that my next complex I am living on has this so I can keep playing!

So far after a little over one semester, my overall experience has been pretty good. I like the food, the game room, and the maintenance and staff is friendly.

I absolutely love living st southgate!! The staff is all so friendly and I love being here! It's so close to campus and centrally located close to everything!!