It’s a wonderful experience to be a part of and somewhere I would suggest to be in Tallahassee. It’s a safe environment. It’s also very opening and warming to students

Not a fan, rooms are good size but elevators are garbage, food gets monotonous but is getting better. I will miss living at southgate but that's because it's a interesting place. Socials are top notch

South Gate has been a good living experience. The food started out rough but the dining hall stepped it up. The dorms are nice and the location is perfect.

I like living here, but I think it is a bit overpriced for its amenities offered. It is just as expensive as an apartment without as much privacy. Having ready food downstairs is a nice perk, but I wish we could tell what was being served without going downstairs because the majority of the time the food is not prepared very well/the options are quite unhealthy. I also think it is silly that we are not allowed to bring our food outside of the cafeteria, if we are paying for it at such a high price, we should be able to eat it from the comfort of our rooms. Overall, living here isn't too bad- there is just a lot of room for improvement on the little things.

Living at SouthGate had been a good experience. The location is great because it's basically in the center of campus. It is convienant that the food is right downstairs

So for my stay he has been like a roller coaster, it's has it ups and many downs but over all can't complain about my first experience, which put me into perspective.

It's been pretty good so far. The food is really good. Sometimes it is a little noisy at night but you expect that coming in. All in all its been good.

I like it! The only things that I don't like are the little things such as the air not being consistent and the fact that you can't take food out of the cafeteria or bring people in to eat with you even if they pay.

i like living here because of SouthGate's proximity to campus. also because I have met some great great friends and the Resident Assistants are cool

The rooms are very nice. Beds are slightly larger than Fsu dorms with much nicer bathrooms...not very good at keeping the noise and crazy activity down late at night during the school week..drugs and alcohol everywhere

I wish there was more options of healthier food, like quinoa and brown rice. I wish the dorms had wood or tile floor because carpet is harder to clean. The AC units are moldy and smelly. However, I appreciate and love how social the environment is. I have met so many people here. The Facebook matching system was great; my roommate and I are like best friends! We have many advantages and amenities compared to students on FSU's actual campus.

Love the location and all my friends I have made living here but the food in the dining hall sucks. Half the time theres no food out other than the grill and the employees just complain about their jobs.

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Southgate is okay if you're into the whole dorm thing. I mean occasionally you'll find a used condom on your doorknob or wake up to the screaming of blacked out sorority girls but overall, everything's just great.

I think this is a great location for freshman to live and have entertainment. The conscience of the cafeteria and gym and study room is the same building is a plus. There are only some bathroom issues, as well as issues with key fobs and not opening doors. The other down side is there are no lights.

Good people, good food, nice rooms plus you get your own bathroom. The RA's are nice and friendly. The best food on campus and the workers are great

Food can be improved by a lot and the staff could do more a lot of the kitchen staff sits around. Living in the dorm room is good. The RA are all very nice.

I liked the friends I have gained from living here and the rooms were not bad but I think the food could be better and I don't like how I paid for the expensive meal plan when they don't swipe the card.

The food could be better, maybe more variety, but other than that, can't complain about much. Love the social events and the atmosphere. I've met some really amazing friends here and i'm having a lot of fun!

The food has not been wonderful, hoping it gets better for the spring semester. It’s been downhill since changing food vendors in October. Hoping for big changes.

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This page seems really cool but kinda confusing and nothing is explained very well. But I think it is awesome that you can win prizes and you can see how many points other southgate people have received.

So far the experience has been good! Some times the halls are a little noisy at night. Laundry is always hard to do because it's always full.

The foods not too bad, the kitchen and maintenance staff are great, the building smells pretty weird sometimes, and some of the RAs are pretty cool.

without southgate i wouldn’t have the friend group i currently have so i’m really grateful southgate has brought me that. ceiling has a wet spot (room 561),

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I really enjoy my time at southgate. The rooms are excellent, the garage, and amenities are extremely nice. The only problem I have is the staff in the cafeteria. But other than that the food is great!

It’s a great experience to be able to live here and have the dorm experience. I enjoy how active the dorm is and the events that are taken. It’s something I don’t regret.