I love living here because it is such a loving environment. The ballroom is where I spend most of my time playing video games with my friends or doing homework. Another awesome thing about living here is the delicious food they serve in the dining hall.

I have loved staying here. The normal dorms were nice but small

Southgate is one of the best places to live on campus! i couldnt be happier!!! great RA's wonderful staff in general. simply awesome! i love it here!

I love southgate. It is a great place to live, the rooms are nice and the cafeteria has really good food. The ballroom is great with all of the choices for games that you have and the friends you can make here are amazing.

Southgate is a really cool place to live. It's awesome that the dining hall is so close, and the gym is open all the time!

Living here and everything is cool. The room is nice, bigger than the on campus dorms. The private bathroom is good. Housekeeping is good. The dining hall right downstairs is convenient except they're kinda stingy with the food and the operating hours.

Southgate is a good place to live. The halls are a bit noisy though. The food is good but it would be nice to have fresh vegetables not frozen. The staff is extremely friendly. The rooms are a nice size and the AC is always cold.

South Gate provides a choice and variety of food, location right by campus, and whatever other service you could possibly need is provided, plus the staff is always ready to help

It's a great experience living here and i love being able to meet so many people. The food in the cafeterias is even good! You're not going to find that many places. They even have a salad bar so that your able to eat healthy.

I love how it's coed and you can be close to all your friends. I also love all the activities put on here so we can meet new people. I do wish there was healthier food at the cafeteria though, like wraps and soup and stuff. Also when I go to do laundry they are always used up so maybe getting more washer and dryers would help out. I don't like how the elevators shut down sometimes either, I have a bad knee and it really hurts to walk up the stairs.

The food could be better, maybe more variety, but other than that, can't complain about much. Love the social events and the atmosphere. I've met some really amazing friends here and i'm having a lot of fun!

The leak problem that has been going on is a little inconvenient. The food needs to vary more

This property is very cool. It's very inviting and has lots of activities to do for free merchandise which is great when you are a college freshman.

This page seems really cool but kinda confusing and nothing is explained very well. But I think it is awesome that you can win prizes and you can see how many points other southgate people have received.

It's so fun here! Everyone is so nice and the food is great! Southgate offers parents a complete student living package giving students everything they need to be successful for their first year of college. Focusing on school and doing well freshman year, students have everything provided for

I love this place! It's super friendly and well kept! It has a great vibe! The people are great! The bathroom is much nicer than any other dorm

I like it! The only things that I don't like are the little things such as the air not being consistent and the fact that you can't take food out of the cafeteria or bring people in to eat with you even if they pay.

I got stuck in the parking garage elevator twice, kinda scary. BUt the food is really good, i love that we have egg whites in the morning. The fact the there is a cleaning person is awesome! I really like south gate!