Food is great. I love how there is something new to eat almost every single day, and not the same meals every week. the social was a lot of fun and all the RA's seem really nice and cool.

The food is excellent, the people are alway welcoming, it is close to everything, you always feel safe, the parking garage is the greatest thing! theres so many activities to do!

SouthGate is a great place to live. I love the location & the RAs are very friendly. Only a few things I would change if I could.. I don't have class on Thursdays so it would be nice if the cleaning lady came later than 10 AM, because I can never get my room cleaned since I enjoy sleeping in while I don't have classes. Also I wish the cafeteria was open later on the weekends, it doesn't make sense to me that it's open later on the weekdays than the weekends. Other than that I love it.

I like that the staff is really chill here, but I hate that my floor constantly smells like weed and people are allowed to run around screaming at 3 am on a Wednesday. People are trying to do other things besides just party.

I really like the environment of the place. And the fact that the dining hall is right downstairs? Awesome. Not to mention the food, that salad bar is amazing!

Southgate has been an extremely pleasant experience so far. The rooms and spacious and having your own bathroom is a huge plus. It's also very convenient having the dining hall right downstairs. The only downsides I have experienced are how the halls echo.

Everything at southgate is running smoothly. I have been able to make friends. The only part that I am not liking so much is the food. Over all it has been good so far

We love Southgate! It's not your average dorm! Southgate has very nice clean rooms,, delish on site dining room, gym, awesome RA's, excellent security and even housekeeping! YES! housekeeping! What mother doesn't love that!

I have met a lot of new friends here and love the location of SouthGate. The rooms are a great size and my roommate is good too. So glad I picked to live in SouthGate this year!!

South gate has done an awesome job making sure residents have opportunities to connect with eachother. The only thing that needs improvement is the AC systems not being so loud and possibly a pool

So far living at southgate has been a great experience. The food is really good and my roommate and I get along perfectly. The ballroom is great.

Great place to live. I love having food downstairs whenever I'm hungry. I also love having a convenient gym downstairs too. All the other residents are cool and nice. Definitely recommended.

I love that my room looks straight out over campus, so on really nice days, its a gorgeous view while i do homework! The staff is really nice :) Its also really nice not having to share a bathroom with more than one person!

i like living here because of SouthGate's proximity to campus. also because I have met some great great friends and the Resident Assistants are cool

It's a great place to live. Social get togethers and great food. Don't like how there's never any goldfish or powerade or waffles when I'm craving them.

Good people, good food, nice rooms plus you get your own bathroom. The RA's are nice and friendly. The best food on campus and the workers are great

I love all the great food and being able to meet so many people. I like how close it is to everything on campus I also like how TCC students can live here too.

I do love living at SouthGate its so much nicer than all the other dorms I just wish they would stop turning the water off. But the food is great and its nice having it right down stairs and a gym.

I love living here because it is such a loving environment. The ballroom is where I spend most of my time playing video games with my friends or doing homework. Another awesome thing about living here is the delicious food they serve in the dining hall.

I have loved staying here. The normal dorms were nice but small

Southgate is one of the best places to live on campus! i couldnt be happier!!! great RA's wonderful staff in general. simply awesome! i love it here!

I love southgate. It is a great place to live, the rooms are nice and the cafeteria has really good food. The ballroom is great with all of the choices for games that you have and the friends you can make here are amazing.

Southgate is a really cool place to live. It's awesome that the dining hall is so close, and the gym is open all the time!

Living here and everything is cool. The room is nice, bigger than the on campus dorms. The private bathroom is good. Housekeeping is good. The dining hall right downstairs is convenient except they're kinda stingy with the food and the operating hours.

Southgate is a good place to live. The halls are a bit noisy though. The food is good but it would be nice to have fresh vegetables not frozen. The staff is extremely friendly. The rooms are a nice size and the AC is always cold.