It's a lot of fun, it's probably the best place to live at your freshman year. A lot of fun activities and you meet a bunch of new people and make a lot of friends

You guys are doing Great! It's nice to have a cafeteria and a gym right downstairs. The parties are always fun especially with the mechanical bull!

Southgate is by far my favorite dorm I've been to! Always a ton of fun and fun get togethers with awesome prizes! I highly recommend it to any new students at FSU or TCC!

Absolutely a very friendly environment. The best place to live on campus for freshmen. Everything is very convenient and if it is not, then they will find a way to make it convenient.

you guys are doing great i love living here and i also love the food here! The social atomsphere is great and i would not want to live anywhere other than southgate it rocks here

i love it here its awesome and the food is good and the gym is really convenient and its extremely close to the bus stop as well as to campus

Southgater has been nice but someone took a flask out of my room and i think it was a cleaning lady. everything else has been nice though and good food

south gate is really cool and i love living there because it smells so good all the time and the food is always so good. mike is so nice and its the best place to live

Southgatw has done a great job with welcoming everyone here and has helped without complaining. It is a really fun place to live freshman year especially with all the socials that are going on with the prizes!

The food is really good, and the cleaning service is also good. The only problem I have is the bathroom downstairs kind of stinks. I think they should clean it more often.

Southgate campus centre has been leagues beyond what I could find on campus. I know I made the right decision my freshman year by deciding to come here.

Southgate is great! I am so happy I live here. It's really close to everything and the bus stop for TCC is very close too. The food in Southgate is really good too.

I do not like how there is no wifi. A building like Southgate should be able to let us use our computers in any part of our room, not just where our Ethernet cord is.

everything is awesome here at southgate no complaints except for wishing the dining hall stayed open later (mid night snacks would be nice)

Southgate is a great living environment, it is helpful that our room Is cleaned once a week and also our bathroom is cleaned. All the RA's are nice too.

You guys are doing great. Keep up the good work. I love the staff here & wouldn't want to love anywhere else. Perfect location for every activity

Everything at Southgate has exceeded my expectations of what living in a dorm would be like. It's awesome that only my roommate and I have to share a bathroom. The food situation is way better than a huge on campus dining hall. The atmosphere at Southgate is really relaxed.

I like south gate a lot. very glad i chose to live here. very happy the cafeteria got televisions. just waiting on the tile to be installed. other than that southgate seems fine

Fist time using this system. It is ok, but It is kind of annoying how you can not save your progress and you have to re-type some paragraphs. All in all, I would recommend to friends.

I really enjoy living at Southgate. As a freshman, it has a very welcoming atmosphere and the Staff and Resident Advisers are always helpful whenever we need them.

I love southgate! It's much better than living on campus. The food is great, the staff is friendly and it's right next to campus. I'm glad i picked southgate.

Great great great great. I like be this place so much. This place has helped me in the transistion from life at home to life in college. Thank you

Southgate is a good envirnment for freshman students to live in. I think that everyone is friendly and accommodating to the students needs, and the food is really good.. Even though I wish it was 24/7

SouthGate camus centre is a great alternative to living in the FSU dorms. Its dorm style but has the benefits of living off campus. It stays pretty clean due to the weekly cleaning service and has great food.

Great love it here!! It has been a great experience so far. The only complaint i have is that the tables are all out together in the cafeteria and that makes it hard for everybody to have a seat