Everyone in he community is great. The social that we had last week was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to be having a blast. The dorm rooms at southgate are super nice.

I love Southgate! The location makes me feel like I'm living on campus and the RAs are super nice! I have my own parking spot here which is super helpful because parking in Tally is impossible

So far my I feel that i am living in a very healthy and safe environment. I believe that not having to share a bathroom with suit mates is a huge bonus as well as a dinning hall downstairs.

Everything is close ad walking distance. The food is amazing and he people are all very nice. So much rather be here than a on campus dorm. The RA's are all so nice.

I’ve lived in southgate now since the summer and i’ve honestly loved it. Now in the Fall there is obviously many more kids so it’s harder to maneuver the dining hall and gym but it’s doable. it is much better than regular fsu dorms and since i’m in tcc and my family didn’t want an apartment this was a great option

It's great and I love where the location is because it's right near everything. Not only that but the feeling inside the dorm is a safe feeling that is really home like.

Very good living, very good food. The staff is very nice and the activities provided are a lot of fun and engaging. I would recommend living here

My stay here so far has been awesome. The RA’s are really chill and the food is great. I would definitely recommend staying here. The service is great and everyone is really nice

Everything is great so far, except for the loud noises at night. The food at the dining hall needs to be changed up a bit and have more valuable options.

The dorm atmosphere is great, socially because it allowed you to talk to new students. The dining hall is a great social experience. Overall I enjoy the dorm.

Reply from Southgate Campus Centre


Staying here was very pleasant. I met a lot of new friends and enjoyed the weekly/monthly events that South Gate had to offer. It was also very convenient to go eat food throughout the day whenever I was hungry.

he RA's are very helpful and the rooms are nice and they get cleaned every Tuesday by a staff member which is very helpful and nice! Also there is a meal plan with great food down stairs and there is always coffee which is nice for when your trying to study! There are also 2 gyms so you don't have to drive somewhere to workout which is awesome!

It was a great experience living here. After staying here for two semesters I will definitely recommend this place to family members and friends

This place has been a great experience and I have made so many new friends and gained so many memories! Recommend this place to anyone looking to have a great year

overall I had a very positive experience staying here. I loved being a hallway away from all my friends and was excited to make new friends. I would definitely recommend living here to family members and friends.

What I love most about southgate is how much the residents are involved! I have met so many friends and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else my freshman year!

Living at Southgate was great! Having a dining hall right beneath the rooms was super convenient, as well as having 2 gyms in the same building as well.

Southgate was a good experience, it was very clean and up to date. The events hosted were a good way to get involved. The only complaint that I have is that the food was not always the best, a lot of the choices that were served for dinner were just not things I liked and they weren’t that good. The grill was excellent and the smoothie station was awesome. I also enjoyed the the breakfast that was served, that was always the best meal I believe at southgate.

Great place to live as a freshman! Met tons of new people who are now my best friends just from living here! Everyone here is nice and friendly

I did like my stay at Southgate and I wouldn’t take it back for any other place. Very nice workers but a little cliquey amongst the residents.

My residence experience was excellent. Mike kept the place in amazing shape and was a great role model for the students housed here. The RAs were kind and relatable and the food was above average.

The food and service by the food staff was amazing! The dorms are super nice! I wish there was another chance to switch roommates though! It's a great dorm though!

This has been a very good place for me to live other than the smells in the room sometimes and the air being so moist I have made so many friends and so glad I decided to live here for my freshman year

I liked the friends I have gained from living here and the rooms were not bad but I think the food could be better and I don't like how I paid for the expensive meal plan when they don't swipe the card.

Food can be improved by a lot and the staff could do more a lot of the kitchen staff sits around. Living in the dorm room is good. The RA are all very nice.