I like the gym and the movie room, both of these make southgate different from a regular dorm or apartment. The food is inconsistent, which is annoying

I love southgate. I've made a bunch of friends. The food is great. RA's are attractive. The social's are lit. I'm gonna live here forever ayeeee.

the food isnt very good. the dinning hall closes too early. there are always things broken in the dinning hall. the overall experience is great and i would stay here again but i hate the dinning hall.

Everything is great except the wifi is slow. It says it has strong signal, the the speed is low. The food is great and the staff are always friendly and ready to help.

I love it here at Southgate Campus Center! Everyone is so friendly, the food is good, and I love going to the fun events downstairs! Defiantly the place to live if you're looking for the best dorm experience.

I love southgate experience, right on campus and next to fsu so its perfect. also all the amenities they have built into the place makes it so convienent.

Southgate has been a farly good freshman living experience for me. I really enjoy the proximity to campus, and the numerous amenities offered.

Over all southgate has been a good experience for me. I like the amenities that it has (the gym, the cardio room, the TV room) and being able to eat downstairs has been convenient.

Everything is fantastic love the food have good parking dorm is nice and clean everyone is very nice and helpful the maintanence is good no problems

I really enjoy my time at southgate. The rooms are excellent, the garage, and amenities are extremely nice. The only problem I have is the staff in the cafeteria. But other than that the food is great!

Very happy with the service and accommodations; very fortunate. I appreciate all the effort that goes into trying to make living here pleasurable and eventful.

Love everything except the dining hall. Seems like the workers close when they want to and are not always attentive to kids. 9 times out of 10 when I go down there, I find no food in the hot serving area with no one around. The hall always closes earlier than what was advertised to us as well. The new options we were shown the other day with all the vendors seemed great!

I love southgate! They have everything I could need, and, its not so bad that the dining hall is right down the stairs!!! The food is good, the people are great!!

Southgate is better than the regular dorms- no doubt. But because we are paying so much, we expect THE BEST. We want better internet and services than the regular dorms.

Overall south gate is very clean and a very nice living experience but as of late the wifi has been terrible. The staff are very kind and the cooks do an amazing job

Great experience, the facilities are nice and the food is incredible. Staff gets to know you and they are extremely helpful. Rooms are very nice and people love coming over to Southgate because it is so nice!

This place is awesome! Has some problems sometimes but is usually fixed within the day. The cafeteria always has a good selection of food and the entertainment room has all the latest games.

Fantastic place to live~~~~~~~ I really enjoy this first month spent in Southgate, wonderful foods, relaxing environment, friendly staff, and etc.

Southgate was an amazing place to live at Freshman year and I reccommend any incoming Freshman to live there because the dorms are perfect size with a nice bathroom and the food is awesome!

Mike is easy to deal with and helps the process of finding a place for your new high school graduate painless! Should be a wonderful transition into independent living.

Very nice people and the dorm is much better than most on campus dorms at FSU. Having our own personal dining hall, gym, and bathroom is very convenient.

Staff is doing great but the fish is always disgustingly dry. RAs are very friendly and helpful. Gym is starting to look better but the equipment shouldn't have rust.

I love southgate and I would recommend it to any in coming freshman especially those who are transferring from tcc to fsu in the spring! the new renovations are great!

So far so good. I like living here a lot, there is a lot to do plus so many people to meet. I have met a lot of people and have been making friends and enjoying my experience.

Love it here! I have made so many friends and the experience is great. I have recommended Southgate to all of my upcoming freshman friends for next year!