This place is awesome! Has some problems sometimes but is usually fixed within the day. The cafeteria always has a good selection of food and the entertainment room has all the latest games.

Fantastic place to live~~~~~~~ I really enjoy this first month spent in Southgate, wonderful foods, relaxing environment, friendly staff, and etc.

Southgate was an amazing place to live at Freshman year and I reccommend any incoming Freshman to live there because the dorms are perfect size with a nice bathroom and the food is awesome!

Mike is easy to deal with and helps the process of finding a place for your new high school graduate painless! Should be a wonderful transition into independent living.

Very nice people and the dorm is much better than most on campus dorms at FSU. Having our own personal dining hall, gym, and bathroom is very convenient.

Staff is doing great but the fish is always disgustingly dry. RAs are very friendly and helpful. Gym is starting to look better but the equipment shouldn't have rust.

I love southgate and I would recommend it to any in coming freshman especially those who are transferring from tcc to fsu in the spring! the new renovations are great!

So far so good. I like living here a lot, there is a lot to do plus so many people to meet. I have met a lot of people and have been making friends and enjoying my experience.

Love it here! I have made so many friends and the experience is great. I have recommended Southgate to all of my upcoming freshman friends for next year!

RAs are fun to be around. Chill environment. Food could be better at times but the options really help. Weight room is good but could use more equipment. Overall been a fun semester.

The rooms are very nice. Beds are slightly larger than Fsu dorms with much nicer bathrooms...not very good at keeping the noise and crazy activity down late at night during the school week..drugs and alcohol everywhere

Love the food and the entertainment in the ballroom. Very easy to study as they have many different study rooms and the actual dorm room is very comfy.

Everyone is very friendly, especially the people in the dining hall. All of the RA's are awesome! Mike is really on top of everything, and if you need anything at all he really does try his best to make it happen!

This place is kept clean and I'm having no issues.i have no problems with anything. All the workers are nice to talk to. And the food is decent.

SouthGate is defintley the best place to live, it is so close to campus, has the best food and the rooms are great as well as the people!!:)

Living in Southgate has definitely given me the ability to start my freshman year right! I love how friendly and accommodating the staff is.

living at south gate has it's benefits. south gate is very close to everything on campus and around campus. it is also very nice for meeting new people.

Nice, smart, funny, brave, outgoing, friendly, pleasant, confident, beautiful, cheerful, intelligent, gracious, kind, honest, trustworthy, helpful, creative, musical, generous, grateful, entertaining. no such thing. • 6 years

Everyone is so nice here at Southgate! Having gyms, study rooms, lounge areas, and a dining hall in the building is so convenient and perfect

Southgate has been a wonderful experience all around. They make it very easy to get involved and meet other people. The socials are fun ways to get to know other people

Good. Maybe some new food choices. Love the events because it keeps everybody entertained. Definitely getting to know more people. SG is definitely the place to be!

Overall, great experience. SouthGate provides us with great food and many awesome opportunities! Great place to live! I would definitely recommend it to my peers.

Very nice place to live since it is close to campus, the staff is friendly and the private bathrooms are a big plus when comparing to a regular dorm. Great value for money, I only wish the cafeteria was open a little later!

Southgate has great people and a great atmosphere. Plenty of socials and activities that give residents the opportunity to earn prizes and gifts.

SouthGate is a great environment for college freshmen. I like living here because you are given a lot of opportunity to meet new people, and make new friends. I would highly recommend SouthGate to any upcoming college freshmen.