maintenance is not very good at responding to service requests. but i like the upgraded apartments. they still have not fixed the gutter outside my apartment which floods every time it rains.

Pretty good complex. Clean, quiet. No issues with weird occurances or odd people lingering around the apartment. Staff is nice and helpful. Very good.

The Spectrum has awesome customer service. They are always ready to help. I have never had a problem with the staff at all. The only issue ever is the maintenance of the grounds and parking.

I live in a three bedroom and love it! The upgraded apartments are so nice! I love the faux wood floors and faux granite counter tops. The updated look makes the apartments so nice. I love it here but my one complaint is parking. I hardly ever get to park in front of or close to my building. I have to park in a visitor spot almost on a weekly basis.

First time being apart of an app like and it's really cool. I really like how you do the reward thing and able to get prizes for just small little task.

I really love living at Spectrum. Our apartment is very homey and spacious, and the maintenance men always come to solve our maintenance issues in a timely manner!

I love it here. The apartments are super spacious, we're on a bus route, close enough to all the campus action yet far enough away that you can escape... I've been here over a year now. Great place to call home away from home.

I am about to be transferring to a one bedroom from a two bedroom here in the next couple days at the Spectrum apartments. That can obviously be quite stressful but they are doing a pretty good job handling it and making it a smooth transition for me.

It's been alright I liked how low my rent was but that's about it. I never really used the pool or the tanning bed and I only used the weight room twice.

Have had problems with appliances w/o much help. Also sounds like the people living above are having step practice 24/7. So bad it has knocked hanging pictures off our walls.

I love living here! Apartments are way prettier than anywhere else I've lived in Fayetteville arkansas, and the people who work here are nice!

They are nice apartments with nice upgrades. I just wish I didn't live next to so many young college kids. Also management could be a little better.

I love my apartment internally, but am disappointed with how the exterior is kept. This is a strange green mold on our pavement that smells when it rains. It is completely disgusting.

Wonderful living area, management is a little confusing But it works. Love the area we are located in and look forward to another year here!

Bread. Brad the assistant general manager takes care of any issues promptly. They have wonderful customer service and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else

Spectrum has been great. I lived at the Vue last year and had so many problems but have hardly had any negatives to share about this place. Parking gets a little tight at times but that happens everywhere in Fayetteville!

The spectrum is great love living! No noise nor tons of party it really diverse only thing that's a struggle is parking but hopefully that'll get better. Can't wait to see what a upgraded pool brings us this summer :)

It's a good place to live. I like my apartment size and furniture a lot. However, I think that the fitness center needs more machines. Also, the community needs and more social events.

It's been a good experience living here. Comfortable environment. I deducted a star for the maintenance issues I've had. The management behind fully completing jobs is lacking.

I had some issues moving in. I had to move in a few days late because they weren't done updating/cleaning my unit. Also, it takes a lot of pushing and time to get the maintenance requests to get looked at and closed. Other than that, I love my apartment, the location, and the amenities.

The apartments are fantastic. My only problem would be with the way my billing keeps getting messed up and it takes 2 phone calls before any action to help me is taken. But everyone is so polite and very nice and genuinely look like they are there to help.

Didn't have the best experience at the beginning... Was not able to move in on time, didn't receive the apartment I was told, and many things were wrong with the apartment. Just finished up with all the things they needed to fix. But the new management has been helpful and accommodating.

I love living at the spectrum but I must say that parking here sucks. This is because I believe that there are people parking here that do not live here

Parking lot can be over crowded at times and I put in a maintenance request that claimed to be filled but never was. Plus, still waiting on my move in package but besides that good.

Great environment! There are a lot of improvements that have been made to the complex! In addition to that the rates are amazing and the new management staff really tries to work with the residents. This new complex will be a success because it has such future potential.