Our experience has been excellent! We have had no problems arise in the four months my wife and I have lived here. We are very happy and would definitely recommend this complex!

They called me to ask that I come in to resign my lease when switching over from crowne. I gave them the date that I would be available to do so. When I came in on that day everything with my file seemed very unorganized, they didn't have anything prepared and I ended up waiting 45 minutes

No follow ups from management is disappointing when they say they will get back to me. Have been told by Sullivan that he would contact his manager and let me know what she says at least 3 times and have heard nothing from him

So far the spectrum has been a great place to live. I'm close enough to the track that I can walk to and from practice. I'm also able to get to class on time with the buses dropping off and picking up right outside of my apartment

I believe spectrum is a nice convenient place to live with a good solid location, close to the highway and the baseball field. Also a few good restaurants as well. Not to mention the interior of the homes are nice.

I really enjoy the upgraded unit that I moved into, however this has been somewhat of a disaster as far organization goes. My roommate's lease got lost and had to be put in an unfurnished unit with me when she requested a furnished apartment. They did agree to furnish her room for a price, but we still have yet to get all the furniture to her room. Lots of room for improvement as far as management goes.

Not very satisfied with the parking. Sometimes I have to park on the other side of the apartment complex and walk all the way to my building and this usually happens at night. I would prefer for visitor parking and parking tags to be enforced again.

Please get more organized, my check kept getting lost from the first months rent. However I do like the apartment itself. It is a lot nicer than the last apartment I lived in

Sometimes a little delayed in communication and very unorganized. There are times when I have called and been told three different things by the same person at some times.

Very spacious apartments! Maintenance is always super nice and helpful and always gets to our maintenance requests. I would recommend living here.

Neighbors have black mold. Trash is never picked up. Doggy bags are never replaced. I feel like the main office is not organized at all and that makes it difficult to take care of residents.

The "updated" apartment has yet to be fully updated and I've been paying the premium for over a month now. Not to mention the fan doesn't work, one of the light fixtures doesn't work, the dishwasher has a huge dent, the microwave is cracked, the "new" wood floors have gaps and holes larger than my fist, multiple electrical outlets have no electricity running to them, there's paint and puke stains on the carpet in the bedrooms that are impossible to remove (and they refuse to replace the carpet since they "cleaned" it), the sink is not the updated one we were shown and told was included in the update, one of the windows won't open (fire hazard?), the fireplace is cracked in multiple places, and the last thing I'll mention, although far from the last issue, one of the blinds in the bedroom was covered in puke and/or blood when I moved in and maintenance never came to replace it (I removed it and took it to the office after a couple weeks but never received a blind to replace it). Of all those issues, the one thing they fixed was the broken water hose on the back of the washer (they didn't realize it was broken before I moved in because they failed to clean anything or check to see if anything worked).

The staff is extremely nice and helpful. Maintenance is quick to respond to requests. I love how homey the apartment feels. Love the community.

I like my apartment, office staff is nice, but for some reason my my maintenance reports are rarely completed--if at all. Also my apartment wasn't in working condition when I moved in. That was inconvenient.

you are the best complex i have see yet and i would like to keep my lease with you for ever and i am going to tell all the people i know , to come and contract with you

Horrible move-in experience. They blamed all of the move-in problems on the past management. The problem is the new management they are very unorganized! They didn't even have a key for me on my move-in day. Now that I'm moved in I love it that's the only reason I'm giving 2.5 stars. Great apartments!

The facilities have been wonderful so far and everyone working for the spectrum have been nothing but helpful! but I do wish the tanning room was available!

The spectrum has been a great place to live! I love the open floor plans and having a courtyard right outside my room to look at. I would definitely recommend living here.

I've really enjoyed living at the spectrum. It's a very nice safe area. I have meant some pretty cool people here. Also I enjoy the quiet area rather there being parties everyday

Like the apartment and the complex a lot - but I've had a few maintenance issues and it takes weeks and weeks to get anything done. Also - not enough parking.

Spectrum is amazing apartments. I love the furniture, rooms and kitchen... the ubication is useful for students at the University of Arkansas.

Love the apartment I'm in! Very spacious, walls are nice and thick so I'm not hearing my neighbors at all. Staff is very friendly and eager to help. However, sometimes they're not all on the same page and you'll be given different answers on the same questions. Overall, very glad I moved here.

Little bit of communication problems. Moving in in a month see how that improves. Just wish we had more information before signing and stuff

Beautiful apartments; all I would change is keeping carpet in the living room and dining room. Staff is very nice and helpful, and maintenance is on point.

It's close to campus. I've never had problems with neighbors or any issues with utilities. Overall, it's been my favorite place to live so far.